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Triggers not working after update
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It is not possible to choose the trigger activation type if trigger type is selected as "None".
Existing radio triggers in missions are also not working anymore...


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

put a trigger and try to choose activation type

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this is not affecting only triggers.
It looks like combo boxes are broken for a specific position, for example Firewill's F-16 mod loadout module has same issue for Hardpoint 2. It is not possible to open that combo box to load a weapon

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It's probably also a duplicate of T122322 which was reported 3 months ago. :)

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I have the same issue but if you move the window a little and click on the arrow of the combo box it works. Try this and let me know

I found the same thing. If you scroll down to the bottom of thr trigger menu a bit, it will let you choose.