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[DEV] Module option-selection broken if a dropdown-box is used on the third or fourth "slot"
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One cannot select any different setting in a dropdown-box which is used on the 3rd or 4th option-position of a module!

Interface-size set to small: 3rd module option slot
Interface-size set to normal: 4th module option slot


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start vanilla A3 (Development branch)!
  2. Set Interface size to small in options and restart
  3. Open 3DEN after restart
  4. Place A3-module: Gamemodes/Support
  5. Try to change the 3rd option ("Resupply Tasks")
  6. Place another A3-module: Radio Chat
  7. Try to set any other value than "group" on the 3rd slot

Behaviour: No dropdown opens, and you cannot select any different setting than the default one
Expected behaviour: Setting of that dropdown can be selected and changed

Additional Information
  • This affects any module (vanilla and also modules created by other dev teams), that has a dropdown-box on the 3rd slot.
  • No workaround (you also cannot use keys to select any other setting in the affected dropdowns)
  • In DEV it affects 64bit and 32bit client
  • The behaviour isn't present in stable branch
  • Screen Res 1920x1080

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Issue still present in current perf binaries! But I found that the above specifically happens with interface-size set to "small"! With interface-size "normal" it breaks on the 4th option slot.....

highhead renamed this task from [DEV] Module option-selection broken if a dropdown-box is used on the third "slot" to [DEV] Module option-selection broken if a dropdown-box is used on the third or fourth "slot".Dec 22 2016, 6:08 PM
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Updated repro steps and description for clarity

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Added Screen Resolution

Can confirm. It seems like there's an invisible control blocking input in that specific region of the screen.

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Hi, @highhead

We know about this mess in Editor. It´s under investigation now. You can switch Interface Size to Very Small, Large or Very Large, for now. Drop down will be functional to all Game modules and Triggers.

I´ll close this ticket now.

Thank you for your report.

@Alwin the issue is still present in the dev build(s). It don't think this should've been marked as "resolved" to be honest.

Alwin reopened this task as Acknowledged.Feb 13 2017, 4:49 PM

Hi, sry for that. Missclick.

This bug has been cherry picked to RC and is now on way to LIVE...

Well, the bug made it in to 1.68.. :(

This is a very annoying UI issue and constantly causes me to misclick settings on modules. This issue is not resolved in 1.68.

This issue is not resolved. For example, using the ALiVE mod in 1.68, 64-bit, the Military Commander Military Objective module dropdowns for Objective Size Filter don't appear, and it's forever stuck on "Ignore Small Objectives." The other options, of which there are several, do not show up because the dropdown list can't open.

As expected we now have support calls incoming because of this issue! Please be aware, this also affects ZEUS:

Lovely! Sorry for being sarcastic! It's really a pity that this made it to LIVE even after it has been detected, reported and acknowledged in A3 DEV branch 3 months ago (!) already...