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May 11 2016

pokerino added a comment to T109457: Startup Error : 0x00540680 referenced memory 0x00000000.

I have the same problem. Using Dual AMD Radeon 6950 HD with Crossfire. It do not help at all to turn off Crossfire. Got the same problem at my laptop, but it only appear at my laptop as I quite the game, so it still work okay. At the desktop I can NEVER start a game.

May 11 2016, 4:46 AM · DayZ
pokerino added a comment to T109171: Memory read problem when starting the game.

I have the same problem too, but can't fix it with removing the Intel drive sadly. Using Dual AMD 6950 HD with Crossfire. Have tried both new and old drivers to run the game. But I use Windows 7.

May 11 2016, 4:36 AM · DayZ
pokerino added a comment to T108952: Error after maintenance!! Cant start dayz anymore.

I have the same error on a Windows 7 machine, after reading this link:
I have tried to move back to version 13.1 of Catalyst, but it do not seems to help. I also found this link:
And did a preinstallation with Intel drivers, but it did not solve the problem.
If I run it with -dologs the error message says: "Display adapater does not support format D24S8 for X8R8G8B8."

May 11 2016, 4:28 AM · DayZ

May 10 2016

pokerino added a comment to T92079: Warm/cold check of player corpse.

Well, we have a thermometer in-game. If I remember my autopsy correctly a body lose about 0,55 C every hour during normal circumstances.

May 10 2016, 6:28 PM · DayZ