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Warm/cold check of player corpse
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I thought that it might be interesting if you were able to check a player corpse to see how warm or cold it is. Often times I stumble upon a player's corpse and wonder how long it has been there. It would be helpful if I could determine about how long the copse has been there by feeling its temperature. This information could be included in the "examine body" option.

I don't want to be able to determine the exact number of minutes a player has been dead. But if you check a corpse and it feels "warm", that should tip you off that bandits may be near. (useful info IMO)


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Also checking for cause of death like "It seems he was hit by a blunt object" or "She appears to have been shot" Kind of like in Trouble in terrorist town in G-mod.

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I agree, it would be very useful. Vote up(+)

+1 great idea

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Very good Idea

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It's bug reporting site, not wish list.

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no, it's a feedback tracker, this include bugs but also suggestions to make the game better

+1 Good Idea

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Great idea man I really hope they add that.

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+1 great idea

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Exactly Solo, I was about to say the same

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+1 great idea to "read" the area.

A brilliant idea. I hope this is not overlooked.

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Doesn't the "check pulse" option tell you that the corpse for example "feels warm to the touch and has no pulse"? If not then this would be a nice feature.

If you can edit category you should change it from general to feature request so this doesn't get overlooked.

Well, we have a thermometer in-game. If I remember my autopsy correctly a body lose about 0,55 C every hour during normal circumstances.

If you check pulse on a corpse, it says how warm it is.