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Memory read problem when starting the game
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The game crashes as soon as I try to start the game on Steam.
This is the error that's appearing:
"The instruction at 0x00540680 referenced memory at 0x00000000. The memory couldn't be read."

Things I've tried:

  • I've reinstalled the game twice.
  • I've verified the integrity of the game cache.
  • I've tried rebooting the system and restarting Steam.
  • I've deleted my custom config files in the Documents folder so that Dayz could generated default ones.
  • I've reinstalled the operating system.
  • I've tried to defrag my hard drive where the game was installed.
  • I've tried to increase my PC's virtual memory.
  • Clearing all launch parameters.

None of this helped in any way. It's been more than a week that this problem appeared and I still can't play. Before that I've played more than 200 hours with mostly no problems, or at least nothing so serious. {F31348}


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By the way, when I wrote "-dologs" in the launch parameters in order to get the crashdumps, the game gives me a different error when I start it.
"Display adapter does not support format D24S8 for X8R8G8B8"

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I have the same issue. Really looking forward to a permanent solution!

Are you forcing something over the standard video driver settings? Like forced anti-aliasing modes the game does not support?

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Gyro added a comment.Mar 17 2015, 12:59 PM

No, I'm not. All Catalyst settings - AA settings included - are in the "Use application settings" mode.

look what google has found maybe it helps:

"Display adapter does not support format D24S8 for X8R8G8B8"

Go to your display properties, open the troubleshooting tab, and set the Hardware acceleration to "Full".

Maybe your gfx drivers are outdated could be a cause, too.

I hope this helps!

Gyro added a comment.Mar 17 2015, 2:45 PM

I don't think that applies to me, because the Catalyst Control Center has a completely different look for me. That's the old version. There's no troubleshooting tab in my Catalyst Center or Display adapter, so I can't change that value.
Also I have the Catalyst Omega drivers, so I don't think they're outdated at all.

I have the exactly the same problem and i also use AMD
I have over 200 hours + i have the same problem with the Mod.
It's been 2 months for me and i haven't found a solution yet :/

I have the same issues in dayz-standalone. With dologs it appears with D24S8 ... and without it crashs only with 0x00540680. with experimental (0.55) the problems doesnt gone.. but new error 0x00548516. And it has to be anything with battleye, because the game starts with manualy started "dayz.exe" with parameter "-dologs". so, battleye seems to block anything nescessary of the driver and dayz.exe, witch is started from dayz_be.exe would to read something from the VRAM and boom.. Nothing there... Crash... i think..

hello ledies and gentlemen, i have got same problem but i know the solution.

Gyro added a comment.Mar 26 2015, 1:29 PM

Doesn't work. I changed drivers and both those problems remain.

game probably control the video card. why...

This problem appeared in the 0.54 version. not a problem in the previous version.

@orhangazi: do you have a switchable graphic-card? Intel HD 3000 & AMD 6770m? And you used only windows update to get driver for your gpu?! ok, but.. inefficient.. what driver version do you get form microsoft? do you already have the "fixed" Switchmode by rightclick on desktop, if you have a switchable gpu?


@orhangazi: u're right! i've deleted my unifL Driver-set and installed Intel HD via Windows Updates, but Windows Updates had no driver for my amd gpu. so, i downloaded the newest 14.12 Catalyst from AMD directly (earlier, it wasn't possible - no compatibility), rebooted and the fucking game starts without any problems...

thanks so much for this hint!

@nemesis_fs yes i have a switchable graphic card and it is intel hd 3000 & amd 6770m. No, i use both amd web site and windows update for get driver. windows update's driver version is 14.300 and it is dynamic.

but i rollback old version because 14.300 is dynamic (maybe rollback repeat 14.300 :)).

my current driver version is 14.100 and fixed switchmod by rightclick on desktop.

dayz work both 14.100 and 14.300, but not to recognize higher versions.

heey! one minute! @nemesis_fs

why dayz not work for 14.12 catalyst for me? I'm happy for you.

I tried everything but it doesn't work for me.


  1. I've used AMD and Intel drivers unifL (Leshcat) because the original AMD driver does not recognize my switchable graphics card. But now, battleye does not accept this drivers for now since 0.54 update. And if you want to use a newer driver version, the dynamic mode you will not be spared. After Catalyst 14.4, the fixed mode is no longer supported.
  1. I think the Intel Driver blocks the original AMD driver. so, try to deactivate installing drivers via Windows Updates and manually deinstall the intel display driver in device manager by rightclicking on it and "deinstall". than refresh the device manager to initialize looking for new devices. if your intel is already installed, deinstall it again till your intel is shown as "standard vga..." and than, deinstall AMD display drivers same way. after that reactivate installing driver via Windows update, let him search and install, and reboot. after that you have to download the cataslyst 14.13 for your 6770m with dropdown selection menu on AMD website.

No need to change bios settings about dynamic mode!

i'll hope i've help you.


@nemesis_fs heeeyyy you are very good man.

you are right! Intel Driver blocks the original AMD driver. I remove it and install with windows update, and install the latest version amd catalyst (14.12 Catalyst) thats it.

We must also inform the others.

Gyro added a comment.Mar 27 2015, 12:22 PM

The guide wrote by nemesis_fs works for me. Thanks a lot!
Now I can play the game again, but this is really stupid nonetheless. Bohemia screwed up something with their updates and hotfixes, because I haven't touched anything in my drivers in MONTHS, and that was before these problems appeared.

Anyway, I'm glad the problem is solved now, thanks to all you guys who helped me.

@nemesis_fs and @Gyro yeah i so dont thouched anything my drivers. this problem in the 0.54 version.

also, have you had the fps drop?

I tried nemesis_fs with no luck. I too have AMD-Intel Switchable Graphics, but I practically run everything off the AMD card. Gives me same errors! Please, I want to play so bad :C

@orhangazi, Im gonna assume massive fps drops for Gyro. The reason I installed Leashcat drivers was b/c DayZ had low framerates. Leashcat drivers basically fixed my fps problem and I was playing DayZ no problem solid 40+ fps. Before that, I was hitting 15-20 fps

@mahavb15, are you sweep your old driver residues? maybe cause.

@orhangazi, yep, sweeped em using DDU. I have tried everything, ever since yesterday, I can't get the darn game to work, (P.S. Im so confused, My game will sometimes get me to main screen and evrything renders fine, but kicks me out at random points with same error. I can never get into servers. But, if i start with -dologs command line it will give me unsupported graphics card error. FML)

@mahavb15 this problem is some complex. If you ask me you should open new report issue and devolopers care. I'm sory.

I think this errors appear in the 0.54 version.

I have the same problem too, but can't fix it with removing the Intel drive sadly. Using Dual AMD 6950 HD with Crossfire. Have tried both new and old drivers to run the game. But I use Windows 7.