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inputAction doesn't detect RMB click
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The inputAction command doesn't detect the secondary mouse button. My joystick also has a secondary mouse button which isn't detected by the command. However, they do detect a RMB hold.


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Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Bind right mouse to "Use Action 1" in "Custom controls", or test the following:

(input actions bound to RMB click: "optics", "opticsTemp", "menuBack")

  1. Run code in console:

hint "";

  • spawn {waitUntil {inputAction "user1" != 0}; hint "detected"}
  1. press the button ingame
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The RMB mouse button works with inputAction just fine:

oneachframe {hintsilent str [inputAction "holdbreath"]}

However if bound to user action, inputAction fails to detect mouse button input:

  1. bind sec mouse button to User Action 1
  2. execute

oneachframe {hintsilent str [inputAction "user1"]}

  1. no effect

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"holdbreath" is detected for me, but only because its bound to RMB hold. Even when using your code, binding RMB click to holdBreath, or any other action is still undetected.

That's true, I just tested. So the issue is with mouse button hold.

  1. open User Action 1 bindings
  2. press and hold RMB to add mouse button binding
  3. execute

oneachframe {hintsilent str [inputAction "user1"]}

  1. it Works

do the same as above but add normal button press instead of hold
it doesnt work.

Not sure if this is related, but I've noticed when binding RMB to a control it detects it as Hold Sec. Mouse Button for a half-second then switching to normal Sec. Mouse Button. Issue does not occur when binding Sec. Mouse button with a modifier (Ctrl, Shift, Alt).

Tested on stable branch with two different mice and no addons.

I've also noticed this behavior, Tholozor.

running the following code

		systemChat str (inputAction 'optics');
		systemChat str (inputAction 'opticsTemp');
		systemChat str (inputAction 'opticsMode');

will always print 0 for all 3, when the bind is RMB (right mouse button).
However, when binding to keyboard, like "H", inputAction works and prints 1

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Looks very much like a "won't fix"
always handling mouse clicks as mouse hold's was done intentionally because that makes more sense to the average player

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