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Add support for scripted spotlights
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While scripting does allow us to place lights, we can only place pointlights (#lightpoint), spotlights are currently not available via scripting.

The engine does support elaborate spotlights with all sorts of settings. These spotlights are used on vehicles and defined in the config. It is also possible to create modded lights via addons but nothing that compares to the flexibility that "#lightpoint" offers.


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Either add a new object "#lightspot" or allow "#lightpoint" to be configured as spotlight.

Scripting commands to adjust "innerangle", "outerangle" and "conefadecoef" would also be required.

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The game really lacks flexible lighting options, we don't even have the old search light any more.

It really needs some editions or scripting options so we can make our own.

Would be nice to be able to create spotlight type lights through scripting.
Creating believable lighting can't be achieved in many circumstances with just point lights.

Many are relying on solutions like creating and hiding objects which contain these lights to achieve believable effects.

Tilion confirmed the functionality exists in the engine in July 2013: