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No API supported way to create directional lights
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The current lighting mechanisms enable globe lights, with no supported method to create directional / spot lights. This has resulted in 1.60 and 1.62 mod / other content creators are creating linkages based on undocumented class functionality to circumvent gaps in the ARMA 3 API.

Request is to expose the existing class capabilities to establish a spotlight through ARMA scripting commands.

Tilion confirmed the functionality exists in the engine in July 2013:

Example community requests for this functionality:

This has been raised as a feature with no BI response for literally years:

March 2013

June 2013

June 2014

June 2014


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Directional lights also need to create a small amount of off-axis illumination based on reflections and the light sourcing:

May 2014

May also wish to apply volumetric effects to directional lights that are spawned in this way (such as flashlights) or enable the API support to drive them "on" or "off".

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At the request of a community member, adding prior establishment that the ability to do these directional lights is already in the engine.

"Tilion" established that "reflector" lights are in the engine with directional lightings as opposed to a "MarkerLight" which is an "orb" or "all-direction" light. At present, reflector lights have several properties which are attached via modification objects but are not yet available in scripting commands:

Quoting Tilion's post from 2013:

The memory point you assign to position parameter is where the light source itself will be. The one you put to direction is the way your light will shine. The cone itself is set using innerAngle, outerAngle and coneFadeCoef.

innerAngle sets the cone in which the light has it's full intensity.
outerAngle sets the cone outside of which the light has zero intensity.

coneFadeCoef is a coefficient that describes attenuation of the light between innerAngle and outerAngle. 1 equals linear attenuation, higher or lower value changes it, meaning how sharp/blurred will the edge of the lightcone as a whole be.
Note that both the angles represent full angle of the cone, not just "angular offset" from direction of the light. If you set it to 90 degrees, it means the cone is 45 degrees to the "left" and 45 to the "right" of the direction specified by your memory points.

In your case, having the direction memory point directly above the position means your light is pointed up in the sky. If you want an "all-direction" light, you might want to use MarkerLights instead of Reflectors (Reflectors are spotlights) that are configured somewhat similarly.

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