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It's currenlty not possible via a script to switch the reflector light or headlight (searchlight) on - on a helicopter
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Simply putting the pilot or vehicle into safe or careless mode and using player action["lightOn",this] or any variation of this does not work. The running lights can be controlled via this method but not the reflector, headlight or searchlight. I think this has been implemented in Take on Helicopters but not in ARMA3 from what I can see.


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Create helicopter controlled by AI. Put AI into safe/careless mode and try to force the main light on via alternative methods. Only the running lights are turned on. No current method works. This option is required for helicopters doing a night time search or rescue mission. Player control allows this feature via the user action control menu. But there does not appear to be a script option to enable this capability.

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It would be great if this issue could be resolved - I have a few Workshop missions that are dependent on this scripted capability - i.e being able to force the AI pilot of a heli to switch the searchlight on - via 'player action'. Apparently this used to work about a year ago in Arma 3 - but it subsequently became broken.

For Hellcats, you can use "copilot action ["SearchlightOn", vehicle copilot];" and set the copilot's variable name as copilot.

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