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Suggestion to add Moveable searchlights to choppers and vehicles
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I have suggestion to add moveable searchlights to vehicles (i.e. gunner will operate them, search and resque missions will be then a waaay cooler ;])


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Had the exact same thought when I sat into the KA-60. The spotlight is hardly any use in the current state, as it points to the ground directly below the helicopter.
I guess it is possible to implement without major changes, as far as I'm concerned.

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would be something that the copilot, or pilot could do. Could be put in the mouse down menue and the light points where the player looks.

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

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I like this idea. It not only makes the helicopter more functional in general, but it also gives the co pilot more to do.

I enjoy working as co-pilot and giving the pilot instructions or notifications of "good hits" and stating "secondary explosions (sighted)".

I'm also able to make map modifications also much easier than the pilot.

However, co-pilots should have some added features over the pilot such as this movable search lights or targeting features such as Bug #7502.

Up voted -> Give the copilot something more useful to perform!

I've quickly added a likely more quickly fixable bug within my bug report, Bug #9701, "Copilot Cannot See Radar!" Hopefully all bugs listed will make it into the final release, or at the least, the needed scripts exported for mods. ;-)

I'd imagine this could be implemented in the same fashion a gunner in an attack helo operates the main gun. Co-pilot operation would be nice.

I'd like some movable searchlights too :)

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The WY-55 Hellcat Helicopter does currently have a movable search light via the co-pilot seat.

However, rarely does anybody use the search light except to move it to an awkward position after briefly playing with it, requiring the pilot to refocus the light to the twelve o'clock position.

But then again, everybody has feared sitting in the co-pilot seat for such a long time, that nobody will venture to sit in the co-pilot seat out of fear of being cussed at. (ie. There's a de-sync bug within the game with sitting in the co-pilot seat, where the character repeatedly unintentionally jumps breaking the rotor.)

Ah I didn't know that, and yes that co-pilot fear is starting to mess up how people think about helicopters, it's broken in-game and it might be broken for a while longer in people's minds even if it gets fixed :S

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If I'm not mistaken, it's due to improper C++ variables or usage of variables, causing the bug. (ie. Lackadaisical written code. ;-) Public modifications appear to exaggerate this bug. From what I understand, it's common with C++ programming and why I (and most Linux users) stick with C. However, it's more tedious and time consuming to use variables and functions compared to C++. So reason why corporate users usually use C++.

Tilion confirmed the functionality exists in the engine in July 2013:

rogerx added a comment.Jul 8 2016, 1:48 AM

I scanned the post by Tillion, but could not distinguish the sentence he specifically states lights can be controlled by other vehicle slots. The post mainly detailed size and shape of lighting diameter.

If you do find the exact sentence, might want to copy the a short quoted sentence, especially for those that cannot follow URLS or if the URL becomes unavailable.

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