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Add volumetric light
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With the new lighting system and visual enchancements, the lack of sunrays at morning or through the dust and smoke, or lack of headlight beams is apparent. I've noticed, that a lighthouse has some kind of lightray effect, but it appears to be made with a different technique.

I understand that this is still Alpha release and certain things aren't here yet, but this is a feature, I'd really like to be implemented sooner or later. {F18945}


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I've added an unmodified screenshot from Dev build 0.57.105210. The feature isn't completed yet, but nevertheless it looks very promising!

Example here with Crysis 1 :

Crysis 2 :
A good one here :
Sunset :

Far Cry 2 :

Far Cry 3 : (not sure if it is in game screenshot or art screenshot)

Skyrim :
(not sure if it is vanilla or mods light occlusion and other visual stuff)

Guild Wars 1 :

The Last of Us :

Real life :

In forest :

The famous horse sunray :

In city (sorry i don't find a lot if them) :
Not really a sunray from object but dirrectly form the sun :

Inside :
Sorry image under licence for full resolution :
Nice one but sadly a little too small :

From clouds : (a huge one)
Don't forget clouds shadow :

And finally important thing now that we have scuba, sunray underwater :
And the final best one (winner of a contest)

And a mountain one :

I really hope to see all effect, different kind of lightray and sunray.
The correct dark shadow and also the soft one perfect and beautiful example here :
And all other beautiful effect that the sun can do !

Sorry for the wall of link, but i hope you will really enjoy the images ! =)

Light shafts are very nice! I hope this technology will be applied to other light sources as well, f.e. flashlights.

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