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units above 100m autoactivates "halofreefall_non" animation
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When setting a unit above 100m Height, it can't placed standing on an object, it freefalls on it over and over again. {F23209}


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Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

place a playerunit in Editor

use the command (e.g. via Debug console):

player setpos (player modelToWorld [0,0,100])

Now the player get the animationstate "halofreefall_non".

If you also place an Objekt (like a static plane) able to walking on it in the height the unit freefall above it and the anim can't be ended.

Additional Information

If you use Z-Values below 100 the normal animationstate is "afalpercmstpsraswrfldnon"

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Seems to corresponding with issue #0012610 here are some kind of inverted problem !

Still in Version

Also in Version

A unit can walk via Roadway above the 100m barrier, but if it lose the contact to the objects roadway the freefall anim is executed and there is no way to leave this animation !

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This should be checked by developers ASAP

Still in Version 1.13.115833

Still in 1.13.116053

it's very annoying that nothing happens in all that weeks :(

In 1.15.116121 the unit can be ported above 100m via
player setpos (player modelToWorld [0,0,200])

But if there a object with a roadway the unit still neverending float above this instead of standing on this roadway.

Added a repro mission to see the difference between 200m and below 100m
below the unit stand on the Hescos, above the unit hovers in halo-anim

Problem still exists in stable 1.16.123633 !


thank you for submitting the ticket, it has been assigned to our animation department.

Still exist in 1.22.125300 !

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@Iceman: If this issue is 'assigned', why it is in 'acknowledged' state?

It's annoying ... killed in days ... wouldn't patched in month !

Still exists in 1.28.127008 !

... and it still exists 8 months later in
1.32.127785 !

Year later ticket still needs attention.

for the love of god fix this!

I don't care about Patching this or any other Issue now !

ArmA3 was deinstalled 1 minute ago!

Well, not sure if this is relevant, but somebody was able to avert the problem.

I haven't dug through the files to see how, but at least it's not impossible.

Nothing changed here, but why???

I do not know how it is coded but there needs to be some delay before the animation cuts in, or even an 'if on RoadwayLOD check'. I have a very long 'test' bridge made up of multiple 40m long platforms at absolute height of 700m; it spans a 2.5km canyon/gorge. I can walk my character (and drive vehicles) the full length without any issue and I can base jump off of it too. The issue arises for me when I attempt to disembark from whatever vehicle I am in. I have tried all vanilla vehicles and I always end up stuck in the Halo animation.

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By the way, this free fall doesn't end when player reaches the ground. If you make player allowdamage false, for mission tests, secured chutes or else, you can't exit of this anim once in ground. The only way i have found is to enter in arsenal view.

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Still existing in 1.54.

I remember posting an issue similar to this a long time ago too bad it got removed. I am glad someone else is still trying to fight this

2019... still having this issue... can you please, please address this? add a delay to it or something, please...

Here are two videos that demonstrate the problem:

The fix is probably simple. As far as I can see, the game uses the AGL height of the unit for triggering that animation. If you use AGLS height (getPos _unit select 2) , the problem should be solved.

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