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Female soldiers models should be available in the game
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There are no female models in ARMA 3.

Community asks for female soldiers, we are aware of this but ARMA 3 developer team does not have time and human resources for making them at the moment as this means recreating all body worn gear models to fit for female body model and adjust animations or even do a new motion capturing session.
Please avoid making any hate/flame comments, please be constructive and also please keep in mind that this is ARMA 3 feedback tracker, not a forum for ideological discussion.


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These are a few of related comments from the original ticket. Feel free to add or copy related comments but please keep the discussion related to the topic and the game itself.

Ghostile: Having female models will most likely cause more harm than good.
Okay, few hundred female players get a correct model.
tens of thousands of morons get a chance to ruin every Wasteland etc. game by trying to RP a prostitute.

cheeseburger: Apart from that, women dont belong on the Battlefield. I dont want to shoot at females, even if its just a game.
Fuse: I'd like to see women on the battlefield, but it would require new versions of all the clothing models. I feel there are more important things, but as a luxury this is a great idea.

Bashkire: While I agree with the idea I think that the priority of this feature is somewhat over estimated. This is not "high" priority, this is a feature request that will take less precedence to other fixes and features. If I might, I would recommend setting this to "low" to allow the devs to work on more important game play fixes, before working on requested features.
On a related note, I can see the worries of those above, but who's to say that females will not be in front-line units in the future setting of this game? The British Army currently doesn't allow females to serve in front-line combat, but I understand that the American armed forces are currently in the process of implementing it.

TL;DR: A good idea, that would be nice to see implemented, but it is currently rated at FAR too high a priority.

Revage: (...) Based on the assertion that this game is intended to immerse the player in ‘true combat’, and that the experience will be authentic, there absolutely must be female models included in the game because they are a reality of true combat; women also pick up guns when they see their brothers, fathers, sons, sisters and mothers dying at the hands of an invading force, they do enlist in the military and do periodically become engaged in firefights, and they do, from time to time, die in combat. If you cannot accept the idea of firing upon a female, then you may fail the game mission when you’re confronted with a collection of feminine pixels, but if you never have to face that situation because you’re shielded from it by design, then it is just a lie to call the game authentic or to claim it gives you ‘true combat’ gameplay. Several U.S. females have been involved in live combat during the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, I’ve known a few, and a whole hell of a lot more female indigenous persons have died during these conflicts. Women are a reality in war. (...)

J2ackson: @Revage - you seem to be quoteing some sort of hollywood type of evil genocideing invadeing force killing civilians, which in this setting, is not so. Realistically they would join the military and be restricted to non direct combat roles as per most militaries in the world includeing the 2 currently in the game, US and Iran. The instances of women in combat in iraq were not them being sent into a fire fight in most cases were a ambush in rear lines. as for indigoues women that is an insurgency as aposed to a proper military which is the only combat force currently in the game. The orignial poster placed this as high prority making it clear that they believe that this is something that needs to be quickly be "fixed" on the same leval as glitchs and game breaking bugs. In ending US and Iran do not emply women in the front line and a few circumstantial fire fights should not be used to trump realism over peoples personal wants for the game and i feel dirty even commenting on something that looks like it belongs on Stormfront

rogerx: We definitely need some Female medics.

SGTIce: Worlds not complete without female soldiers, god wills it.

Corona2172: (...) I see your point about "if you don't like female characters, don't play them". True. All I am saying is that, in the campaign, I do not wish to see female characters in an infantry squad. Let them be support. You wonder why this bothers so many people? Because, we feel like female characters are being forced into the roles currently held by male characters (yes, this was meant to have a comic tone to it). Seriously though, I do not want it as it is something of an immersion breaker if I see a female in an infantry squad. Plus, I know it was put there to appease a group of people who are only now asking for female models. Why do so many downvote? Because not everyone sees things the same obviously. This is not a problem. See? We are not equal in thinking either.

rogerx: I could care less if men who wear make-up (or transvestites) blow terrorists away. Just as long as we have fun in the game, or the job gets done.
I find it extremely humorous during game play, watching some idiot strip and run around naked. Can't wait to see the mods allowing completely naked people!

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Finally somebody posts some sound evidence for the issue!

Up until vertebrate's posts, all I heard was whining for girls with no rational basis.

-POET- added a subscriber: -POET-.May 7 2016, 5:17 PM

WOW! This feedback thread has gone way to far and incredibly stupid! I voted YES for female soldiers to be included, but I'd actually like to see female civilians first! I do believe that there are more important things that BI needs to work on right now besides character models and gear to fit those models, but I would like to see female soldiers and civilians in the game. I have NO idea why there are not at least female civilians to begin with....we got them in A2 and OA. I think we can all agree that BI left a lot to be wanted upon the release of A3. There was and still is a lack of weapons, vehicles, etc... Now, I am totally grateful for A3 and all the hard work that BI put into it. There is NO other game that we get this type of freedom. On that note I do think that BI has created a pretty decent foundation, but is totally relying on usermade content to progress this title.

-POET-: You need to watch the video from the international Game Developers Conference in San Francisco containing Project Lead Joris-Jan van't Land's lecture at a panel titled, Gaming the Laws of War.

There are good reasons why babies are not simulated within the game.

Unknown Object (User) added a comment.Apr 22 2015, 3:12 AM

Sorry roger, but i have yet to hear why you are so much against womans in the game

This issue has been discussed to its end already and BIS made clear why there are no female models in the game, which doesnt mean that they wont be there for ever. So as this is said I suggest that the discussion about sense and senselessness about having female models or not should be continued in the guys are turning in circles here

I don't like want it. Why? Because if this happens. Every guy would be choosing the girl model. Just like in DayZ Mod and DayZ SA.

Dude, what you're saying makes no sense and sounds like: "Let's not make an assault class, otherwise every guy would be using it!"

Unknown Object (User) added a comment.May 5 2015, 9:34 PM

i dont think the arma 3 community is so fucking immature everyone would be playing as a girl, and i dont find the problem in everyone playing as a female character.

As I stated in my past comments, I'm a guy and definitely would play as a girl.

It's better than watching some other guy's butt in third person view all the time.

And with all the other supposed whining Army guys around, my character would likely socialize better.

Females are substantially weaker than males.

I think it would be in keeping with the milsim style of gameplay that if females are added to the game their stats should be correct. Whatever load makes a male soldier tire should make the females tire twice as easily. The female "max load" should also be reduced so that they cannot carry the heavier equipment, like the GMG tripod. Females should also suffer fatigue twice as fast when sprinting unarmed and unarmored, and their sprint speed should also be reduced.


Unknown Object (User) added a comment.May 8 2015, 5:03 PM

If it would be a milsim then the reduction should be between 5% to 15%. Then again, this is not about simulating the weaker muscular bodycomplex of the females, but about just giving an option without any gameplay changes.

5-15%? Sure, fine. Although I would argue that 15% would be more reasonable, seeing that the USMC physical fitness scores on the 3 mile run for a 21:00 minute completion as 82 points for males but 100 points for females, an 18% difference. a 24:00 minute 3 mile run has a 22% difference, 82 points versus 64 points.

In a recent experiment at Marine SOI (School of Infantry) 40% of females graduated as compared to 95% of males, a difference of 55%.

In the US Army females are given 100 points for 42 push ups, while males must complete 71 push ups for 100 points. That's a 41% difference.

Syn added a subscriber: Syn.May 7 2016, 5:17 PM
Syn added a comment.Jun 14 2015, 1:44 AM

+1! There should be a few female playable models.

I would be satisfied with just a splendid female face and voice, but of cause wouldn't I complain if more where implemented.

Aazu added a subscriber: Aazu.May 7 2016, 5:17 PM
Aazu added a comment.Jun 22 2015, 3:17 PM

Female soldiers would be nice in future (tbh, dont really care), but now I _really_ hope they will focus on something more important, like optimizing game to run better FPS.

Arkhir added a subscriber: Arkhir.May 7 2016, 5:17 PM
Arkhir added a comment.Aug 3 2015, 6:36 PM

As long as they're portrayed in non-combat roles, I don't care. But I think there are other priorities than that.

It would be nice to have some in-engine support for female models, though, even only for civilians.

Reapzer added a subscriber: Reapzer.May 7 2016, 5:17 PM

I don't think being discriminatory on what roles they have seeing as there are woman who serve in combat roles, even if it isn't the first role to which they preform.

Plus it doesn't even matter if they're in a military role or not, I think having the support for females would be good.

I only want a playable head for all the strong female Arma-worriors! I don't really care about if the hole population of Altis and Straits is 100% male, as long as players are able to play as females.

I agree that females play important unique roles related to combat and should be incorporated for those special roles.

For example, the enemy is often highly motivated to gain access the conquerored female civilians. This is an important aspect of war.

Females also cause a lot of infighting and backstabbing among male war fighters because females are favored by SNCOs and their peers and will often sleep around and cause a drop in morale. This is an important aspect of war.

Females also famously need to be rescued from behind enemy lines when they crash their planes or their APC breaks down and they surrender without a fight.

Females are also able to fulfill certain non combat roles in war, such as nurses and "entertainers" which would be nice to incorporate into the next single-player campaign story.

It is also only equal that females be able to command enemy troops and thus become eligible as HVTs for my troops to assassinate and defile their bodies.
It is very important we incorporate female roles in combat games.

Unknown Object (User) added a comment.Aug 3 2015, 9:41 PM

"Females are also able to fulfill certain non combat roles in war, such as nurses and "entertainers" which would be nice to incorporate into the next single-player campaign story."

Dont forget the girls that suck dicks to rank up, complain to the COs when someone says a bad word, gets pregnant and takes a paid leave and stays home bragging about how strong she is for joining the army

Echo added a comment.Aug 3 2015, 10:34 PM

You guys are not even trying anymore. That is just straight up trolling.

Echo: Agree. I was before thinking about telling BI to remove this tread, they have surly got the message by now.

Unknown Object (User) added a comment.Aug 3 2015, 11:14 PM

oh no, i was joking with my comment, but i still agree that the game should have females. OFP had them, ArmA 1 had them, ArmA 2 had them, why not this?

First of all, vertebrate.

That last line isn't needed, and as for the women do this and that to get ranks, isn't the guys fault for being easy to bribe. If a favor is all it takes I'm surprised there is any armies to begin with.....

Woman will always have roles in war, where you like it or not. They should be added not for stupid reasons but because it adds diversity to the game, I'd also suggest keeping comments aimed towards the request and not throwing out remarks about women because your bored.

Syn added a comment.Aug 4 2015, 4:46 AM

A bit off topic, but, mods, can we please remove the trolls out of this? It's polluting the discussion.

To everyone else, please don't feed the troll(s).

Honestly I love women and think they should be in the game! Why are you abusing me? I have to admit that after I kill another person in the game and I go over to their body to defile them, to tea-bag their face, I feel kinda gay. I wish it was a woman so I could tea bag her.

Tea bag enemy? Play Battlefield or Call of duty, this meant to be simulation. Women in arma series appear only in Arma (Operation Flashpoint) Cold war Crisis and i remember she had good voice cover for cutscenes, but in game she was talking men sound, what was stupid and was verry bad immersion. If someone want women in game please call the modders, its not Charlie Angels.... Its it possible to vreate their model, but in this case voice cover specially for them is needed which mean other DLC propably, as this require loooooooooot of work as scripting for this voice, record new animations (maybe), and record this voice cover......

Unknown Object (User) added a comment.Aug 4 2015, 4:50 PM

Your sarcasm detector is broken, power.

Really? This could be done by DLC in my opinion - who wants it - buy it, who dont want to - tea bagging men enemies....

This is very important to me that I don't play a game that sits on stereotips!

Ok Us Army may not have tons of female shooters, but on the other side not making advertisment of What women can do won't make the future change. Arma 3 seems to be set in future...
It's not obvious from itself why "women" should be fighting as men in Arma 3.
When you have friends that works on gender equality, you do understand that most of our present understanding of gender is due to our education and mostly "conditionnement". Ie what leads to stereotips.
Arma can be a modern game.
During 40's there were few women that were able to pilot the Spitfire. Those women were only allowed to convoy the plane from factories to airstrips. Even if Britain was running low on pilots in good state.
Women are not weaker than men, women can have bigger experience of pain than men, also they can behave differently (for our century) and tend to be wiser manager than men... It's just like any hypocrit racial argument, how can you behave the same when your cultural background is different. It sounds like someone says women have less iq because they are less often high graduated than men. Depending on which side of the atlantic you're from, this is freespeech or sexism comment (not to mention trolling on such a subject is clearly disrespect) Assuming this I won't blame you. Sry for politic being off topic.

In fact, as in august 2015 it is critical to avoid gender issues because it is actually discussed over public debates. (speaking about northern/western countries prob not Russia idk) So BIS is making a light antipolitical mistake by gaining time over this feature. Then BIS only decide when it should be economicaly ok for adding(as if only money matters). As mentioned above Devs won't start from scratch as they can use voice and basic face skin from previous Arma iteration. Nobody wants a bad game without gender issue. Hopefuly Arma 3, even if not a strong as Arma 2, is far from a bad game! (:
Except epoch I've never played a female toon in 1200h gametime.
Vanilla Rpg is totally unrealistic, does 2035 the year of female mass extinction.

Why women don't fight? Because they cook!!! "We can do it"...

It's very good, but it would be better if BIS would implement it by default in their game :)

Tanoa can be a good "cue" for that :)

PS: There's also this one

BI finally acknowledged this post! Could it mean something?

Please no. Its gonna be stupid playing online and everyone is a female solder. Look at the other games. They most guys choose females characters....

Unknown Object (User) added a comment.Aug 7 2015, 7:54 PM

i am pretty sure no one is gonna want to be a female all the time, xavier. People always pick female characters because they play MMORPGs

Oh really? Look at AW and Ghost. Those games are not MMORPGs or even a like. Yet they still choose female characters.

Echo added a comment.Aug 10 2015, 9:26 AM

Freexavier, since there are script commands that can set a certain identity, face, voice and such on characters, I'm sure you'll be fine.

Unknown Object (User) added a comment.Aug 10 2015, 11:14 PM

xavier, i dont play COD, but ive never seen any server 100% filled with female characters only, maybe, because unlike MMORPGS, COD doesn't has to oversexualize their own characters.

Also I forgot to mention DayZ SA. They should make this low prioritized. They better work on newer content and fixing bugs than adding useless female models.

X39 added a subscriber: X39.May 7 2016, 5:17 PM
X39 added a comment.Aug 12 2015, 1:51 AM

My 50ct

  1. cant believe how many retarded SJWs are here blowing this tracker with their bullshit without knowing anything about the actual game ...
  1. (the actual useful thing) I do not think Female soldiers should be added to the game because of the following quite simple arguments:
  2. Requires duplicates for pretty much all models + a way to detect the gender (more scripting stuff needed)
  3. Pretty much all mods which bring in new content would be broken as soon as female soldiers wear that stuff
  4. Keeps away personell from the actually important stuff: <fill in here your desired vehicle/weapon/expansion>

and btw. thats the reason why pretty much ALL games just use the gender of their main audience which is for ArmA (and most shooters) the male part of humans
it is simply expensive to create extra everything for both genders (in both: time and money)

so i please BI to not do it unless they really got nothing else to do as there is like a ton of other stuff to do in ArmA 3 before we even can spend time on wasting ressources to duplicate everything for just little changes like tits ...

if the "request" would just "need" faces & voices then well ... do it
but that would also just cause a shitstorm of SJWs and a new ticket to give the tits to the people ...

to conclude this post (AKA TL;DR)
<Dont do it as there is pretty much no female ArmA player and the ressource need for this task would be way too high>

Echo added a comment.Aug 12 2015, 8:13 AM

X39: You're a good lesson on how to not get your point across, calling people in this thread retarded SJWs, and then proceed to teach them an alleged lesson about game design.

Yes. There would be a lot of work required. I like how you made a list of three points that say the exact same thing, just using different words to pad that list.

There are female arma players. I can't phantom the cave you must live in. It must be nice. Oh, wait. You meant that you don't know any female arma players, therefore there are no arma players?

Your only real argument is valid, that it would eat resources, sure. If you think about it, consider this feature-request as just that. A request if Bohemia has time. In the end, it's up to them.

Unknown Object (User) added a comment.Aug 12 2015, 9:23 AM

well, its not like if girls NEED to have a female playermodel, but the feature would be nice, since the army is known to have a bigger female base than the marines, and since this is not middle east, having female civilians would fit the game pretty well. The problem is that some people in this ticket either says that woman playermodels are REQUIRED, wich is bullshit, and others think that having woman playermodels will somehow ruin the entire game, the playerbase, the mods, bohemia forums, the developers, the physics, the universe, your computer, and steam.

I'd like to invite X39 to our server and play with our CO, who happens to be female. And I know a couple more ladies who actually play Arma 2 and Arma 3, so all this mumbo jumbo about women not playing the Arma series of games - I call your bluff.

As for the models, I believe I never said anything about it being required, it would be nice though to accomodate the female audience playing this game.

I can add two more to your list! As I'm sure a lot of peoples that have upvoted this feature also can do.

Syn added a comment.Aug 12 2015, 5:14 PM

Ok, we really need a cleanup here now. Don't feed the trolls, people.

X39 added a comment.Aug 12 2015, 7:48 PM


good you just read quickly over my post and took whats most important for you
SJWs are definitly in this threads which every non-retarded can see just by reading through the notes above (just like stupids are in between there too ... but thats a different story)

also it is not like i say three times the same with different words
its three different aspects of the same underlaying basic argument
people usually call that "explaination"
if i would just have said "it costs ressources" (which i also did for people like you in the very end at the TL;DR section) there would have been questions like "ye? so wher zis taks rez?!"
to avoid them i simply show them where the work will happen

in regards of the unrpooven facts ...
head over to here:

and now imagine you would make a special model just for you instead of spreading it all over the world (as theese here are not made specially for somebody and instead sold to multiple individuals or companies)

this still not includes the employee costs which can vary (dont know the ammount of money for BI employees but still we can assume they are in averange at least)
according to this fancy thingy
93.251$ for the programmer, which is needed to implement a way to differ between gender & the different models (one person + a week should be enough for this thus 23.312$)
54.833$ for the QA, so we dont get totally bugged shit (depending on the QA team size can vary, should require at least 2 weeks to test enough with at least 4 people thus 109.666$)
74.349$ for the actual artists which change the different models needed for the secondary sexual characteristics of the female body (AKA tits + in theory shoulders and hips too due to different average) (let it be 3 people working there, per model one man day + an additional day fixing stuff caused by the new model for each available animation/model which hopefully gets done after a month making additional 223.047$)
95.682$ for different audio set caused by females (for simplicity we take the same ammount due to me having no idea how to get this at least in a realistic ammount ... so 95.682$)
73.864$ for the game designers which alter ALL configs and scripts of the vanilla game which should also take another month and make 5 people busy for the lil ammount of 369.320$

so lets add up:






nearly onemillion fucking dollars for a minority of people in ArmA 3 and pretty much all mods which provide new content being broken to unusability (and yes ... believe it or not! i KNOW there are female ArmA players and those 4 i met out of a few thousand male ArmA players have been mostly just playing the game because their boyfriend does (3 of those 4))

great deal if you want to cause heavy rage at every modders "workplace"

also this assumption not even took in account all those other fancy costs which would be caused due to this and assumes that everything works fine instantly without any thinking time or whatsoever
thus youre more realistic if you assume 2.000.000$ for that change

i hope i could show you something out from my "cave" why i fucking said in the end (which you most likely did not read just like the other idiots who just answered to my note)
new models? no fucking way
just face models and voices? spent the money

but i think it was easier to ignore what i actually said and just rage about my comment

if you dont want to get insulted then why you did that with me!? so go **** yourself

Unknown Object (User) added a comment.Aug 12 2015, 8:09 PM

well, i am pretty sure developers are paid regardless of wether or not they work on female playermodel

X39 added a comment.Aug 12 2015, 8:15 PM

For sure they get
but they get paid for different stuff

its not like when they do not work on this they are just idling around doing something

in arma is a ton of stuff still to be added and researched fe. how to improove the performance on multi-core systems

the question is thus not if you want to tell the idle developers to do something for their money, the question is do you want to invest that much of money for a full implementation of the female gender
i say no simply because its too much work to do it proper
thus either dont do it at all in this arma generation or JUST add the voices and faces ignoring everything else
problem here: due to the fact that it is already implemented by a mod, why should BI care then?
more or less wasting money to implement the same a mod already did? the community would rage just like it always does

Just my 2 cent,
You forgot price of free press add in pcgamer and Frankie's vid

Echo added a comment.Aug 13 2015, 8:28 AM


A lot of assumptions in those money calculations.

I doubt that it would take a programmer (or whoever manages the configs), who has worked on ArmA every workday for many years, to implement another 3D-model into the game. I'd guess there would be a lot of copy-pasting and switching out different lines here and there to reference different models, rigs, animations and textures.

The artist would not change the male models. They would make new models from scratch (Believe me or not, it would be easier). An artist would be needed for the 3D model itself, probably another for the textures, and a third (and probably fourth depending on how they work), for a animation rig + animations.

Keep in mind that Bohemia use motion capture, so they don't sit and hand animate everything for a million of hours.
Bohemia did a lot of motion capture for DayZ Standalone earlier as well. I doubt the don't know how to do it efficiently by now.
This is where the heavy work is required.

Voice actors would have to record a whole soundboard ( "Enemy" "At" "8 o'clock" ) and so on.

That config and script-part... What? Keep 5 people busy for a month? Are you real?
It takes minutes to reconfigure items in arma for new additions to a mod. Even if you have to go around the, actually not so large, assortment of items and equipment in ArmA, it would not take 5 people a month.

As for QA, they would check for animation bugs. It's a new model, not a entirely new character code.

Game development is expensive, but I think that you are imagining the most expensive possible case.


Keep in mind that this is for a new graphical asset. Doing this will not take time away from making the game more stable at it's core.
Sure, there are a lot of extra work to adapt all the gear for the new female model, but that would apply to a mod anyway. They could start with a basic set of gear, and expand on it as they go.
Now that Tanoa is about to be released, I'm sure there are a lot of available graphics artist anyway.


"due to the fact that it is already implemented by a mod, why should BI care then?"

You can say that about everything in ArmA. Mods fill the game to the brim with content. Bohemia can implement things that mods can't though. Like the weapon resting system and sling loading (sure, those were in mods too, but they looked horrible).
But Bohemia also has artists that do assets. So it's mostly a question of what asset prioritize, not if you're going to make something or not.

Why should they make campaigns or missions if there is an editor available? The people who make those are getting payed too! There are even voice acting, and A TON of custom animations for the campaign, and most people doesn't even bother with it at all! (I did, and I actually liked it). What an outrage!

"more or less wasting money to implement the same a mod already did?"

Again, bipods and sling loading. They just made it look prettier. It's the same thing. They even borrowed a programmer from VBS, if I recall correctly, to do the code for the sling loading. Something which wouldn't be required for just adding new 3D-models for a character. They are not exploring new ground by implementing a new 3D-character model like they did with bipods and sling loading, or even the fire from vehicles function.

What should they else be doing? The most important thing would be new terrains. Imagine how much stuff there is on Tanoa that is new? Do you really think that making a female playable model would be such a big deal amongst that ton of fully textured 3D-models that they just made for the expansion?

"in arma is a ton of stuff still to be added and researched fe. how to improove the performance on multi-core systems"

How would making 3D-models and implementing them even slow down the improvement of game perfomance? Game engine programmers do not (necessarily) implement assets into the game.

I'm not putting a gun towards the heads of Bohemia and telling them to make female models. I asking them if they can, and have time for it.

Again, yes, there are a lot of resources required to make a female playable model, but not in the entire scope of the whole ArmA project.
Bohemia has no publisher, and as such, they get to keep all that sweet money they make.

Also, keep in mind that 9 women do not create a baby in 1 month. Just because they "sacrifice" one 3D artist to do a new human model, doesn't neccesarily mean that <Insert thing you think is more important> gets done in a less timely fashion.

Edit: I should really stop feeding the trolls though, as someone above mentioned. Wasting my time here.

"Also, keep in mind that 9 women do not create a baby in 1 month." - Echo
Sorry, but best comeback ever!

Syn added a comment.Aug 13 2015, 2:32 PM

yeah, the million dollar calculation was absolutely hilarious, par for the course of his argument.Don't engage. Sealions just can't stop. It's not in their nature.

X39 added a comment.Aug 13 2015, 3:07 PM

Je we all laughed
As i see you dudes can do it for way less i and hell lot faster
Give you a week
Then show me your mod

Bi already said they do not have the ressources and i showed you why
Ignoring the fucking reality is easy but being that dump?

Im out
Go hate some more

Lukio added a subscriber: Lukio.May 7 2016, 5:17 PM
Lukio added a comment.Aug 13 2015, 7:28 PM

How difficult would it be to just make a male model look a bit more feminin? Without all new animation sets etc.? Sure - she would walk like a grunt, but hey female soldiers don't walk like they are walking on a catwalk. Maybe a compromise would be a good first step. Maybe it is time to get an outside opinion on the best way to approach this controversial issue - if done right Bohemia and Arma could get quite a lot of positive attention.

With female models, i could build nightclub tycoon in arma :D

Echo added a comment.Aug 13 2015, 9:56 PM

If we assume the adapted male to female model would have full combat gear on, I'd reckon that you'd get away with it.
Women do move in a different way than men due to slightly different bone structure (and probably other physical reasons too), but as a compromise, I guess that you could get away with that too.

The problems start appearing if the model is wearing lighter gear or common clothes (as civilians). It would be quite noticable.

Dardo added a subscriber: Dardo.May 7 2016, 5:17 PM
Dardo added a comment.Oct 4 2015, 2:08 PM

It would be nice for game modes like Altis Life(Role Play)

So that what it is... Just for Altis Life.....

Dardo added a comment.Oct 4 2015, 10:18 PM

Yep,not useful for anything else,in my opinion.

Exactly! Not worth putting the money and the effort of the devs to make them. Their better off trying to fix the game instead.

rogerx added a comment.Oct 6 2015, 2:28 AM

Just wait for when female AI are implemented.

As usual, we'll have server administrators bumping the female AI skill level above all reasonable human intelligence. Then the server administrators will then again start complaining the game is no longer using maximum CPU/GPU resources along with complaining of frame rate stuttering, and will not give much thought for the remote possibility that the female AI have been given too much power.

Forgive me if it hasn't already been mentioned, but wouldn't an ideal solution to prevent the issue of female units wearing male uniforms be solvable simply by adding new parameters to the UniformItem class?

Right now modelSides can be used to restrict uniforms to being worn by specific sides only (i.e. a uniform with modelSides[] = {0, 3}; can only be worn by OPFOR units and civilians).

Add a new parameter called modelGender (and move modelSides from the Man class to UniformItem instead) that accepts an array of integers like modelSides but only accepts three values; 0, 1 and 2, with each value representing:
0 = male-exclusive uniform
1 = female-exclusive uniform
2 = unisex uniform (does the same thing as a 6 value for modelSides)

modelGender can accept either '0' or '1', or can be combined with '2' like this: modelGender[] = {0, 1, 2}; to create a unisex uniform.

However, '2' overrides all the other values so even if you put modelGender[] = {0, 2};, then the uniform will still be unisex regardless. When attempting to wear a uniform, modelSides will still be used to validate whether a uniform can be worn or not by the unit (so OPFOR females cannot wear BLUFOR female uniforms for example, but female civilians can still wear any side's clothing for females but NOT wear male outfits).

So with this new parameter, uniform configs will look like these examples:

  • Combat Fatigues (MTP) - wearable only by BLUFOR male units

class U_B_CombatUniform_mcam: Uniform_Base

class ItemInfo: UniformItem
      modelSides[] = {3, 1};
      modelGender[] = {0};


  • Fatigues (Hex) - wearable by OPFOR male and female units

class U_O_CombatUniform_ocam: Uniform_Base

class ItemInfo: UniformItem
      modelSides[] = {3, 0};
      modelGender[] = {2};


modelGender could also theoretically be applied for use on other equipment like vests and helmets if needed to prevent clipping issues with certain models.

As for scripting commands, forceAddUniform would still be usable to make a male unit wear a female uniform (even if it would look strange). isUniformAllowed should be changed to check not only modelSides but also modelGender.

I don't think the technical implementation is the problem. I think the problem is whether or not BI is willing to put in the time and money to make female assets with radio protocol and everything. Female models isn't a game-breaking issue. At the end of the day, it's another low-priority feature request. I wouldn't expect women to return to ARMA until ARMA 4.

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OK. I give-up.

I want a female model in the game to have similar big breasts as the girl in the Movie Airplane. I want them to jiggle like they did in the Movie.

Downvoted. This is obviously a very low priority issue since the game has thousands of issues which seriously hurt gameplay. A cosmetic thing like this doesn't deserve any attention just to please some social justice warriors.

But on the flip, I do sort of enjoy the prospect of ARMA Life substituting for "the Sims" virtual world game.

Imagine one day having almost real civilians within your ARMA 3 battlefield.

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It would actually be a better experience, forcing players to identify civilians, since the island of altis and stratis are *SUPPOSED* to have cities filled with civilians.

And what really bugs me, you can likely dress as a civilian and still automatically (within less than one second) be assumed as enemy and be shot by the enemy AI!.

I can't believe that this issue is the second most voted issue in the top vote list, "Low CPU/GPU Utilization" being the first...

Arma 3 suffers from many issues and the players are concern of adding female characters in to Arma? This issue should be one of the last things the devs should do and least of what the players should be concerned with.

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Freexavier, 3D artists do not fix many of the issues that ArmA 3 suffers from.

X39 added a comment.Feb 8 2016, 10:59 PM

@drebin052 how would that solve the problem?
for now: all uniforms would be male
not female
also, the female average in ArmA is about how high? 1%? 5% if we take life mod into account?

in general: this is a feature request for a non-priority group
there is more reason behind when asking for good PC ports then asking for female player soldiers (ask for world peace, more likey to happen w/o budget) +1 low prio "issue"
rogerx: tard ... your "argument" is not helping the "discussion" about wehter or not it is useful
Dr_Death: regardless of if you play ArmA life or non-life modes ... in the end: the modder behind would mostl ikely skip AI entirely as thats just a hell of a shitty work to do behind it ...

just imagine a math exam with the importance of the last 10 you wrote
it is at the same work load then what "you would expect" :)
rogerx: BS! civilian AI is always set to non-enemy unless you explicitly set em to non-friendly or non-civilian!
freexavier: its a SJW stupidity issue ... that BS is like asking why more ppl are for women rights then for human rihghts .. whilst in those countries where the human rights are not rly something to ask for anymore are those which already conclude women righst (you might now ... most man are having less rights in this world then women have))

so ... in the end: never ask why this is second highest! ask why ppl are willed to vote for this bullshit

greetings X39

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As we are approaching the coming release of Apex, I now ask if there is a near future possibility of implementing women or even to be considered?

Oh Wow Wee! You mean this issue is still open??

I thought all the players playing this game were already all girls. And that they enjoyed playing as a 3D modeled guy, since I never heard any specific complaining about this issue from within the game.

FYI: There really needs to be better sorting or filter options when selecting equipment. (ie. Categories or filters for each faction, etc.) The list is just so long, and inevitable going to get longer. Matter of fact, I'll open a separate bug now, if one isn't opened already.

Could we all agree that female civilians would improve the realism of Arma3. Just ignore the female soldier argument. They only need a few different body shapes and a couple more faces - some faces are already in the game. Maybe an old woman or two and some clothes. Not a lot of work. Would make civilian environments much more real.

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The problem with this ticket is that it's no longer a development issue. It's a political issue. Here's how the ticket should've went:

  1. Users XYZ want female models.
  2. Are female models within project scope?
  3. How important are female models?
  4. Are we able to do female models?

Instead it went like this:

  1. Users XYZ want female models.
  2. Female models must not be implemented because people will be offended.
  3. Female models must be implemented otherwise people will be offended.
  4. XYZ is part of an international SJW conspiracy.
  5. DEF is misogynist.
  6. How do we justify doing female models at all costs?

The motivations of the people in this ticket can be deduced from just two quotations.

Within the US, it is quite common people make fun of the female population, due to their overwhelming wealth gained from men, and everything that is given to them freely just because they're female and good looking.


this is essentially a gamer equality issue, this should be some motivation for BI to move into the 21st Century


Another pointless, polarized, gender politics "debate." I think the "duelling health bar" back when the Feedback Tracker was on Mantis gave it away.

The devs have already made their decision internally. What's happening here is just a shitshow that Mantis and now Phabricator drops off in my inbox every now and again.

For the love of life, God, and all that is holy, please stop replying to this ticket.

Yeah, I figured Bohemia would have closed this ticket already because some people just don't know when it's obvious their comments no longer serve any purpose, or completely derail the discussion going on.