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Feature Request: Driver and Gunner Position Vehicle Interiors for Armored Vehicles
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At the moment there is only a terrible 2D overlay for both the driver and gunner of the armored vehicles. Interiors for all positions I expect should have the same quality and detail as every other vehicle in the game. Also the driver should have a 3D viewport that he can look out of, which will give him greater visibility. {F20079}


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This is a must-have.

Seriously a must have. Right now, such a detail oversight is a legacy hold-over dating back to Arma II. I was surprised they released the beta without full 3D models for the interiors of these vehicles.

I don't understand why this was turned down.
Is it really that complex to model the inside of another few vehicles?


i guess, they don't think it is that important, because tank crew would look through their sights most of the time.

it shouldn't be that complex to model the interiors, because for tanks and APCs many assets could be reused - in the end most modern tanks look quite similar from the inside. on the other hand, bohemia interactive is still a small developer, so they have to think carefully how to use their rescources.

to clarify: at E3 the devs said, that there won't be modeled interiors for tanks and APCs.
let's vote this ticket anyway! vote it and spread the word. perhaps we can change the devs' minds!

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its a must have!
this or they remove all other interiors! (because NO ONE likes half implementations of a feature! you also dont build a house without a roof and walls!)

yes, i think this would be a very, very nice feature. currently the APCs are a bit of a disappointment in terms of immersion, authenticity and fun.

please note, that the devs already said, that we should not expect modeled interiors for tanks and APCs (same as in arma 2).
let's vote this up anyway! perhaps we can change their minds.

*edit* i uploaded a picture of how the current implementation feels.


maybe the community could help [create detailed interiors]?

And @cancerouspete (wtf@name)
What do you mean with help. I mean i know how to make mods but we need the vehicles or atleast the dimentions of the entiriors before we can even start doing. I mean i probably speak for most of us if i say I WANT TO HELP BIS! but how... its not like they're gona explain to 10000 people what they want. thats why the game is mod friendly. For modmakers to make they're own things based of what community wants.

modern tanks and apc tend to have very "clean" interiors. additional most analogue gauges and stuff could be replaced with digital MFD (which could all look the same) for armas 2035 scenario.
due to this building tank and apc interiors should be less work than building interiors for the light vehicles.

Indeed. I can understand why they didn't do it for "ArmA 1" and "ArmA 2", but B.I.S. says it wants to make "ArmA 3" the best it can be. If that's the case, then interiors for all vehicles are a must-have.


You are absolutely right, modern tanks and apc's tend to be very conservative with their space, so it would be even less real estate to have to work on, as compared to the roomier light vehicles.

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If we can't get fully modelled interiors, atleast change the optics. This is the future, I don't think that tank drivers will have new technology to drive the tank (cameras placed outside?)

humany, i assume that is a typo in your post? you wrote you "don't think", while you probably do indeed think that future tank drivers would have cameras?

Have a look here for a ticket about better optics, cameras and better tank GUI.


F*g stop spamming!

In almost every ticket I see at least one if not even more of your notes with a link to one of your tickets.

but i only link to another ticket (also to other people's ticket by the way), when i think that they are related somehow. i will be a bit more cautious in the future though!

LOWCZ added a subscriber: LOWCZ.May 7 2016, 2:45 PM

I love driving strider because of its interior. Can´t say same about other APC´s and new IFV´s. This is a MUST.

samogon added a subscriber: samogon.May 7 2016, 2:45 PM

bump and voteup.Looks like ticket is forbidden,but still need this feature.

what do you mean with forbidden, samogon?

nmdanny added a subscriber: nmdanny.May 7 2016, 2:45 PM

I agree, the current situation is worse than in A2, in A2, the AAV7 had and interior for the driver, looking through the hatch's windows, the new Panther APC has a similar hatch yet the crew can only look at the dull HUD. The A2 stryker had an interior for the gunner/commander, which had some monitors with static images. Such kind of interior would make perfect sense in A3 thanks to PiP.

Agreed, although when it comes between this and fixing the desync/multiplayer fps issues, I would go with the latter.

I've been waiting since OFP 12 years ago for this. That was the last BIS game where I liked using tanks.

THE DEVS HAVE ALREADY SAID: That their will be no 3d interiors for armored vehicles for Driver and Gunner positions. It would most likely take every single persons vote to convince them.

Well, let's upvote then. Who's the fagg*t that downvoted?

yes. come on every single person. upvote that thing!

when you watch videos about arma 3, it's funny that all the youtubers take it for granted, that the current implementation is only a placeholder for proper interiors or proper GUI to come at a later stage.
tragic, but true: it is not!

@twistking forbidden means nobody from devs looks or moderators didn't see this ticket.They still not assigned.

And situation isn't so much worse,that you think,regular to ArmA.Create interior for rare vehicles isn't so much easy job,cause lack of references,but IF it will be,will be great.

P.S AD2001 - comments bump this ticket,I'll prefer to much more talking in coments.

I would really like more authenticity for the members of a mechanized infantry team!! /upvoted

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Raahk added a comment.Jul 19 2013, 5:36 PM

I agree that there needs to be a real cockpit for the driver. However i can't really agree on having the posibility for the driver to turn out because thats what the commander is for. Isn't he?
the attached image is hilarious btw

Edit: @twistking: do you mean that in Arma 3 there wont be such epic interiors like in arma 2?

Upvoted. BIS, this is 2013, stop using 2D overlays.

@Raahk: At the moment interiors for APCs and Tanks are definitely <b>not planned</b>. That was stated at this years e3 by arma 3 project lead.

This ticket is our only hope!
Let's vote it up and spread the word!

There should be a realistic interior. And the driver should have a PiP screen showung where the gunner is aiming. A forward PiP screen for the driving it self. That's what I think

+1000, see tank inside, be able to embody the loader and while the gunner shoot see the incredible canon kick back inside the turret or even don't need the unrealistic interface that show speed on the top left corner but use real speed gauge, or even be able to use the side hatch and way more things like possibility to get clickable cabin for MORE REALISTIC possibility and less bench_of_keyboard_key_needed and including the possibility for the community to make mods it and give way more advanced functions.

Something like this with just a few gauges and stuff would be nice (for the driver):

Btw, the pic if from the Kamysh.

BI, you can just cheat, I assume one of the reasons is so that inside vehicles like tanks which have an inhouse loading system and it would require a lot of animations. Cheat just have the driver seperated from the gunner, vice versa for all the crew just so you would not have to model it all. As long as the driver has a 3d cockpit and the passengers in an APC have a 3d interior to look around in I am happy.

AD2001 added a comment.Aug 2 2013, 5:38 PM

What about the gunner?

Just add the ability to mod the interior in later...

I dont bother WHEN or HOW we get it at least give us the ability to get interiors SOME day!

You know your community would be glad to help you! It would be a shame if you wouldnt use that!

VBS2 Lite.Usage of "Fake PIP" is was there.Some vehicles have interior,even tank gunner.Yes they are crude,but they are exist.Imagine that you have such interior with PIP screens in ArmA3.Well guess to late,but anyway...

You also can open/close doors and ramps.

Jiiago added a subscriber: Jiiago.May 7 2016, 2:45 PM

Seeing as how most of the IFVs have multiple viewing ports for the driver on the exterior, the driver should also be able to use them to look at his surroundings from the interior. Even if full interiors aren't implemented, I would like to be able to see more than just straight ahead in 1st person. Anyways, Upvoted.

On top of this, armour piercing rounds could actually kill crew, making them infinitely more useful.

+1 to vehicle armor being penetrable.

You can already kill the crew with AP rounds, FYI.

But it's not affected by where you fire the rounds, is it? I don't want it to just blow up the vehicle, but actually have the ability to kill one crew member and not the others, etc. in a realistic way.

I think the devs said something like that is possible. Maybe it's only on the dev build.


Without third person being driver of an APC means spending hours looking at that narrow overlay and feels like you are completely out of the game.

Dritwox added a subscriber: Dritwox.May 7 2016, 2:45 PM

+1 Pls add this

I can't believe the interiors are missing! In OFP it really added to the immersion to be able to glance around the inside of the turret in a quiet moment.

I think there is a huge difference between a game where all vehicles have interiors or a game where some vehicles have interiors, only when they are functional or for infantry or whatever. For me the missing interiors break the suspension of disbelief!

Some people mention that you don't spend much time looking at the interiors of armor, so it isn't worth the dev. time. Well I say I don't spend much time looking under water, so I would gladly have sacrificed some nice underwater views for interior views of the armor.

Also, I believe that Arma could and should be a general mil. sim. Now it's said (and marketed?) as combined arms, leaning on infantry action. I feel that's a bit of an excuse for an imbalanced game. It feels weird that the infantry has dozens of postures and items of clothing, but the vehicles are 'unfinished' because of the missing interiors (and animated doors).

Some vehicles have these by the way (gorgon has interior, ifrit has animated doors), so it was originally planned or experimented with to include these.

ArmA3 doesn't have to be ultra-realistic, war is often boring and otherwise horrible, but please make ArmA a balanced experience where I can jump in my sandbox and play one day with infantry and another day with vehicles, with the full ArmA experience!

I'd love to be able to, say, press left ALT to look around the vehicle to see who's inside, etc. It'd be really nice to see the gunner/commander view for all applicable vehicles as a screen being mounted inside the cabin rather than being a full screen window as it currently is.


Openable doors on vehicles were removed because there were some issues which were difficult to solve. They will be added again after those issues are solved.

Bring the interiors, but first please fix this physx crash, i cant even play the game :(

Come on Vote for this! We must have it!

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Why hasn't this been reviewed yet?!

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I foresee a problem with this, and it's perhaps why they did it this way in the first place. When in a normal vehicle there is a fair amount of outside light let in. A tank, on the other, lives up to its name thus seals off all outer light. unfortunately, the engine doesn't create this very well. A totally sealed off internal volume still has day lighting in this game, such as tanks and buildings. Go into a closed room in one of the buildings and notice you can see without lights on.

So the work-around might be something like this: make the default lighting set as utter darkness, and let lights do the lighting (eg flashlights, headlights, etc). Make the SUN a very big, distant, bright light, and add a parameter within a volume (simulating the air) to brighten up the shadow areas. Then perhaps add extra volumes within a space, like a building, that supersede the parameters of the main air volume. As you open a door or hatch to the outside, the strength of the internal volume darkness becomes weaker.

For tanks, this is a simple solution to a problem, but for buildings with multiple rooms, this can get very complex. Let's say you had an unlit building with two big rooms. Room1 is accessed from a door that leads outside, and room2 is accessed from a door to room1, which is open. Main door is closed, and all is dark. Standing in room2 the main door is opened, and room1 becomes much brighter. Cool, but how do we keep room2 from getting flooded with all that light?

Figuring this all out sounds very taxing on processors. You might be able to make tank interiors which use much darker textures, but how would that look when the hatch is opened? To see the lighting problem, try downloading the Burnes Armory mod, which has tank interiors.

You forget/don't know one point. Operation Flashpoint (2001) had good looking interiors for armor and it's the base of the game engine of Arma III. You could even look from outside into the tank through an open hatch and it looked awesome!

These vehicles had their own lighting space which unfortunately isn't built in vehicles from later games but is possible. There are some problems with it, but you have other problems with current vehicles. Even current cargo positions in APC, if it's dusk outside, it's dusk in the vehicle. I was so disappointed when I saw that for the first time :.-(

In Tanks DLC may be...

@Wulf hi :)

May be will close this ticket cause it's fixed?

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