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overviewPicture given in description.ext not found
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The new mission presentation page on the wiki states that overviewText and overviewPicture can be used instead of the old overview.html.

While the text is displayed, the image is not.


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Ingame UI
Steps To Reproduce
  • Create a new mission
  • save an appropriate overview picture in the mission folder
  • create a description.ext referencing the overview picture in overviewPicture
  • export to single player
  • go to scenarios and select the mission. An error window is shown
Additional Information

When editing a multiplayer mission with an overview picture, the picture is not shown when starting the server and selecting the mission. When clicking on edit and immediately exiting, the picture is shown. If two missions are referencing the same name, all of those missions use the same picture.

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Please add support for loading images from the local directory.

Varanon added a subscriber: Varanon.May 7 2016, 2:19 PM

This seems to be fixed now ?

It seems this still doesn't work for images contained in pbo's that are not local, i.e. only a server has the mission .pbo. Clients connecting to this server won't see the overview image

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Pictures are not loaded in the mission selection screen on dedicated servers. However, they are shown once you have actually played/loaded the mission, but the missing picture error will be back once you reconnect to the server.

Still present in version 1.02.110424

i can confirm this issue, bug happens on dedicated server, please fix it!

L3TUC3 added a subscriber: L3TUC3.May 7 2016, 2:19 PM

Still an issue with 1.24 on dedicated servers.

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R3vo added a comment.Sep 10 2014, 7:12 PM

This is STILL an issue in 1.28. The great thing is, I've just tried to fix that issue for over an hours, because I thought the reason for it is on my end. God Dammit. Not even the simlest things are working as they are supposed to.

overviewPicture is not working in MP (dedicated). Arma3 v1.28 Hotfix 2:

  • Create a new mission
  • save a 1024 x 512 PAA overview picture in the mission folder: overview.paa
  • create a description.ext, include: overviewPicture = "overview.paa";
  • Save as multiplayer
  • Start dedicated server
  • From client, Log in as server admin.
  • Select mission. Error: overviewpicture not found
alef added a comment.Feb 21 2015, 7:04 PM

Same for 1.38. It works for hosted, but not for dedicated.

For dedicated servers, the picture seems not to be shown at all. For local multiplayer (subscribed scenario) it shows the Workshop-image (1920x1080) and not the overviewPicture. When hosting a scenario locally (export to multiplayer) is the only time the overviewPicture is shown correctly.

1.46 This is still not fixed.

R3vo added a comment.Jun 12 2015, 6:27 PM

In SITREP 108 they stated how important a good mission presentation is - with pictures and proper description - yet, overview pictures do not show on servers, instead they produce an error message.

I always use them and i'm always disappointed because the work i put in doesn't show up in the mission selection lobby.
How can something so evident stay unsolved for so long?

and still not fixed

ivosh_cz added a comment.EditedOct 23 2017, 10:52 AM

version 1.76.143187 - Hotfix (23.10.2017)

place lobby.paa 1024 x 512 overview picture in the mission folder

1 - in description.ext: overviewPicture = "lobby.paa";
2 - mission attributes screen in the eden editor: write down "lobby.paa"

Save as multiplayer
Start dedicated server
Select mission in missions selection screen.
Error: overviewpicture not found.
(Doesn't work for admin and client too)