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please remove the part of the loading screen saying: "this is war".
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When starting the game there is a part in the loading proceedure that where "this is war" appears on the screen in big letters. I think you really should remove this because it sounds like the arma community would celebrate war or be war fanatics. what is clearly not the case I´m absolutely sure that 99% of the arma players are aware how cruel disgusting and horrible war is in reality.
Hence I think this it is not good having the loading screen saying THIS IS WAR


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This must be a troll....

My reason to agree with the OP has nothing to do with morale or ethics and I feel kind of silly to make such a big deal out of it, but the first time I saw it, it annoyed me, because it is such a random thing. It reminds me of a Tourette patient, who shouts out random things that seem out of place.
Sure, the term "war" relates to the games content, so does the term "fly" relate to a flight sim. Imagine a flight sim splash that said "We fly". I'd be like:
"Yeah, we do, so what? Whatcha wanna say? We fly, alright Cpt. Obvious, smart-azz, you do have a point, now get me to that menu so I can... "fly."

I know it's ridiculous, but I'm just ridiculously annoyed by this, for no particular and rational reason. Call it bad design, as if like a color doesn't fit the background and thus annoys an artist. Or so. *shrugs*

Just prove you are more eloquent than that BIS and put something better and more meaningful instead of this splash screen.

I strongly agree with Psychomorph.
btw I am not trolling, don´t know why some people don´t get this


I'm not saying anything like that, I'm just saying as long as there's life their will be war. It will not end.

Please remove the part of Fallout 3's intro, where the guy says war never changes.

Liking the game where intro says "war never changes" means you appreciate that even in the future there is still mass killing.

I also find the ability to shoot animals in the game offensive. This promotes the real life animal murder. Please remove the ability to pull the trigger when there's an animal down the sights or otherwise I will inform PETA!

Hmm I guess there are just to few idealists in this world. kind of sad

I once bought a racing sim and was utterly mortified when I found out it involves OVERTAKING! I mean think of the poor guy getting left behind, it broke my heart so I slowed down for him.

@Feral circus: why so cynical?

ignore me matey, I'm only having a laugh :-) didn't mean to offend you.

Ok, this is the most ridiculous thread i've seen to date. I can tell a majority of you have never been to war. This is war should stay. Im sick and tired of people crying for other peoples feelings if you dont like it ignore it or please just do as the command line says to get rid of it. Its just like taking in god we trust off of currency because 1 person got offended so hundreds of years of tradition is changed. We cant take care of EVERYONE's feelings people it just wont work and trying to censor a line in a video game because its about war? I personally know the horrors of war and believe you me if i got the opportunity to go back to Afghanistan id take it in less than a heartbeat! You want to speak on the horrors of war then serve and deploy if not you have no base understanding and thus should only have a limited opinion because it is uneducated and ignorant to form a vast opinion on something you know nothing about!!!

Not to split hairs but in god we trust was added in 1864 to the 2c coin, then up to 1938 for coins, paper money 1957. It was not always there, and it is against separation of state and religion. O well.

OP buys game based on realistic warfare.

complains about about text "This is War." on startup screen.

Is this still going? Certain people need to appreciate that there's a distinction between calling ARMA a "war simulation" or a "wargame" and proclaiming that "THIS IS WAR!" The first two are accurate statements while the latter is pretentious, embarassing hyperbole. Frankly, I think the point has been made and BIS has been informed that - judging by the current votes - a 1/3 of their fans think that the splash screen is somewhat over-the-top. Whether they chose to do anything about it is up to them, and, honestly, not a big deal either way. End of story. Now, can all the snake-eaters and assorted tough guys stop crying about how all those meddling flower children are trying to trample on their precious rights?

Plz gun control in America!

Everyone thinks you're trolling because this is silly. If you don't understand that this is a video game, maybe YOU shouldn't be playing them.

Hmm I feel missunderstood and I think a lot of the people posting here have not read my post diligent. But yeah I also see somehow the points of a lot of you.
I think an interesting discussion has developed here.

However one thing that really interrests me, because in fact I have never experiened war would be:

@Relovance: why would you go back to afghanistan? would be nice to know.

Yeah the critics have not understood what this is all about, it is not about morale here.

It is indeed somewhat silly to discuss, but I was surprised when I saw this report here, because I had the same thought. It's one of those things that don't make perfect sense, lol.

The addition "don't" usually reverses the meaning of "perfect sense", which is what I was getting at.

Still, this is not trolling and only few can understand that. All what matters is that the developers understand. Unless they don't... than it's a shame.

Look, frankly this is a ridiculous idea. I'm for removing the splash screen to allow you into the game quicker, but to remove it because it somehow glorifies war? That's just an incredible leap of logic right there.

Are you afraid someone is going to read "THIS IS WAR" and suddenly jump up and run to a recruiting station? Or a politician is going to see it and declare war? I don't understand what the issue of it is.

If you're looking at a game to be some kind of role model, then you're looking in the wrong places.

Troll at your service, Sir!

read post (0013528):
...and the post above that and you will see this is not about morale and ethics, it is far more twisted than that.

@pschomorph I think you are basicaly the only one who understood what I tried to say

"Just prove you are more eloquent than that BIS"
with this sentence you summed up beautifully what is my intention

Yet his posts before that were completely different including how he wanted the game to be anti-war and be a role model. Despite the fact that he says he agrees with your post, his previous posts had been entirely different. You're annoyed because "no s**t, it's a war game." He's annoyed because he sees it as glorifying war.

As per your post. The difference between this game and flight simulators, or other types of simulators, is there have been countless "war" games in the past. Save for possibly a few indie games unknown to me, no "war" game has ever been anywhere near realistic. The top game series are Call of Duty and Battlefield. "THIS IS WAR", in my opinion, is intended to reflect how the game is grounded to reality in it's simulation, as realism is what makes this game far better than the previously mentioned series, and what the developers take pride in. Also, it's a play on words from the saying of "This is war" which naturally means a type of rivalry, but in this case alludes to the World War that is taking place in this game.

@ExploitedYouth I very much agree on your last post. But I think you should agree on BIS beinge ineloquent with this sentence for real.

And just to make it clear: I don´t suggested to make arma an anti war game (I mean this would be rediculous) I just suggested that it wold be great if the load screens would have some notes to them being anti war. Doing this little thing this little gesture, arma would be a great role modle for real, because it would make cleat that although combat is exciting in arma, war in reality is horrible
I think it would be great (I know it sounds kind of weird)

" Frankly, I think the point has been made and BIS has been informed that - judging by the current votes - a 1/3 of their fans think that the splash screen is somewhat over-the-top."

Fans? You mean those people who read about ArmA3 in Gamespot & Co and bought it last week?

I think you shouldn't confuse a bunch of carebears who read the word "sandbox" in a promo (durr dat meanz it must be a Skyrim with gunz) and then got hit by a reality with actual fans.

I understand, but I still think that's pretty ridiculous. That would be like saying Grand Theft Auto would be a role model if they had a note on a splash screen saying they don't support criminal activity. I don't see how a note can make or break a "role model" when nothing in the game changes. I mean, it's a little naive to sit there and think that the developers like war, or that putting that the developers dislike war makes them a role model. I just find the entirety of this ticket to be ridiculous.

add -nogutsnoglory to your startup options

Mr Benedikt, i would go back because i spend my life in the corps training and training and training then some eating then more training for combat. I eat sleep and breath the idea of seeking out closing with and destroying an enemy so much so it gets sickening to not be able to do it. When i deploy im not training, im not practicing, it all comes to a point and i have a purpose and as a Marine that purpose is to provide the enemy a chance to die for their country. I love that job. Dont get me wrong i'm no baby killer, nor am i a war criminal by any means, and i would gun down one of my own brothers if i saw in any case him do the same to a child or any non combatant for that matter. But anyone who has the testicular fortitude to stand up and throw the gloves on id love to be the one to trade blows. We are bred for war and trained to win, its what im good it and its what i know. I have experienced some of the best men ive ever knowing dying and some of my best friends being maimed and if any of those men had to sacrifice it all over they wouldn't even blink. Id do the same for any of them. That is why id jump at the chance to go back, hell to any conflict my country needed my service in. Id go willingly. The whole point of it is if anyone should have any thing to say about this whole war being offensive or not thing in a damn game, a hypothetical creation of entertainment, it should be people like me who have actually experienced it.

And colinm478, 1864 yes 151 years ago the idea in god we trust being on currency (i.e. a 2c piece) im terribly sorry i didnt take the time to google it. And separation of church and state isnt an amendment to the constitution nor is it in the constitution. It was an idea, a piece of advice never formally accepted by the government as law.

Also Mr Benedikt, Saying war is evil and bad is a waste of time. The only people who will truly see the end of war are the dead. Long as it is so, that humans walk these lands, war will ravage them and peace shall not be plentiful.

Relovance: Think you're being biased. You even just stated, you're currently working within the military.

Putting incitations on civilian computer games inciting war probably isn't a good idea. People are provoked enough as it is, not to mention the war-addicts in the Middle East.

This is politics.

I think the original reporter is basically saying, placing "This is War" logos on computer games will incite children into believing war is a fun game. And you being Military and seeing the destruction of war, I'm amazed you're not a little more sensitized to this political issue. I would presume the pay is good then. Also Relovance, might want to research WW2. I think, like many, many only think the Jewish were exterminated. My personal thought, war is sickening, and it's not a job I would take lightly.

If it were just my simple opinion that was struck down by many, or even my life to save the life of another, so be it.

And furthermore, if only the Military were able to voice their supposed righteous opinion, this would institute a dictatorship - correct?

BTW, Relovance, "in god we trust" should likely be capitalized, "In God We Trust." ;-)

Good day.

Every time I launch the game and see "This is war" on my screen it sends me into a bloodthirsty rage and only the pure force of my incredible will stops me from murdering women and children outside!

Please BIS fix this because when I bought this game I thought it's going to be a dull shovelware where I will have no fun shooting at virtual people! But that intro flip flops it 180 degrees and I find shooting in the game fun!

Please you gotta cater to stupid insecure people like me

It IS pretentious and silly, but that's exactly why it made me chuckle. And laughter is good for health, they say.
PC (not Personal Computer, mind you) is the last thing you should care for when making a porno or a war game (or a joke, which may well be what "THIS IS WAR" is).

Also, everybody runs the game with "-nosplash -skipintro -world=empty" after first few runs, so I somewhat fail to see why it has to be removed.

I've already ate my own teeth and killed my entire family because of those three little words...
I'll skin my own face and smother it in sh1t too but There's no way I'm uninstalling ARMA 3

!!!!!!THIS IS WAR!!!!!!!

Someone mentioned the influence on children?!?
If your children are operating a war simulator well that's just bad parenting.


Downvoted im sorry. this is taking it to seriously. BUT

You have my repsect by holding youre words ...but..its a game and i dont think thats more behind these words m8!

@laywiin: thank you : ) and yeah I think should take this in acount

ffs is this the next "female character models" thread?????

where did this care-bear politically-correct hippy crowd come from? jeez go back to reddit

@naizara: who do you mean by hippy cround and what do mean by "hippy crowd"

Use @Hippy_Liberal_Politically_Correct ARMA mod.

@rogerx I dont take my job lightly and thanks for the capitalization corrections. Much obliged. Children do not relate video games to violence as much as you make it sound and they are not inciting war. Im not sensitized to war because to be honest im not a weak individual. People in world war 2 were kept in the dark and didnt know of alot of the atrocities and they supported the war wholeheartedly you look at today half the country doesnt remember we are at war. Why you want me to research WW2 is beyond me. But in my line of work i see the necessity of what we do and have first hand experience in what we are trying to create for the people of afghanistan who despite popular belief actually love us and want us to stay. So no im not sensitive to war and im not sensitive to these political views. Biased as it may be politics are retarded political correctness is just plain stupid and getting up in arms over 3 words regardless of what they may be or what they may represent is an idiotic venture.

And as you can tell i dont much care for grammatical correctness on an internet forum. Im not writing a naval letter or a formal letter to someone of importance!

Relovance: Thanks for not attacking my opinion. ;-) (And this stupid web page form dumped my original response due to a time-out while proof reading.)

The young and under educated are extremely easily influeced by anything, including simple words. Much unlike you and I, experienced and know name-calling and words mean nothing. And as such, we won't waste our time on stupid stuff.

Both WW1 and WW2 were started from tic-for-tat and political games. Similar to what I just previously mentioned about name-calling, etc.

Pick yourself up a copy of a very small book written by Christopher Browning's, Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101. (ISBN 0060995068) It can be bought for a little as $5-10 on It details some of this, including the massive slaughters that occurred prior to people being brought into the camps, of which were likely only than a majority Jewish ethnicity to meet their public political agenda. This book will also go along way with you on your career as well! (In other words, many slaughtered prior to be being brought into the camps, were likely Polish, Czech, and Jewish. Witness accounts stated they were just simply executed because it was easy or most efficient method. Then Poland was resettled with German immigrants. In other words, it wouldn't have looked politcally good to see camps with other ethnicities other than the Jewish!)

Now, we could also go as far as forgetting the little things such as due process when arresting people and just assume they're guilty.

In other words, every little effort in the right direction, is an effort to avert war or violence from occuring. This is why I also support such little things as "no blood" and "no abusive language" filters, even though the game likely has an age requirement when purchasing, not all countries include similar legal requisites. And those switches are likely ignored by most.

SharkBaztard: From what you'rer saying, you're stating yourself as an anarchist? (Freedom for killing, based on incorrect assumptions?)

(You've stated nothing informative or factual, except for what appears are derogative opinions.)

Did you even take time to comprehend my last post? To include, you're not making much sense with your response or questions. Your last statement appears completely contradictive and the majority of your post doesn't make sense.

Please note; I'm not trying to put you down, I'm just trying to comprehend what you apparently wrote.

Suggestions for good communication:

  1. Take a few slow deep breaths, especially when reading something that might look irrational, as it comprehend to something completely different from what you initially read.
  2. Reread what was written and do research before assuming what you're thinking is true. In my day, we had to likely go to a library to find dictionaries and encyclopedias. Nowadays, it's almost all free via a few clicks on the computer.
  3. Write in complete sentences with proper spelling and punctuation.
  4. Proof read your post before sending. Even I, myself, screw-up when typing. Make sure what you write can be easily comprehended, or makes sense.

Crap. Likely from what you just wrote and from my experience, I would easily assume you're a stalker.

I think I understand one statement you wrote, concerning deploying filters that do not work. I agree. The filter should be written so the administrator of the operating system only has access to modifying the blood and voilence language settings. I would imagine somebody already posted a bug here on the Arma 3 feedback.

In reference to your drugs and filters analogy; by the beliefs of the US, people should have a choice. Yes, some seem to exploit this, handing drugs to a child and then exploiting them, while thinking the child had a choice. Those people should be in jail. And than there are those that would actively try prosecuting somebody trying to avert such tragedies, such as the war on drugs. There's not much I can do about it, or anybody unless society gets a backbone and does a little work. One person alone can't do everything, we must work together or to an extent where we're living in a better society free of unruly extravagant drug use.

Quite simply SharkBaztard, people are inherently lazy! It's really easy to try to knock somebody down with a derogatory statement versus thinking and writing something proactively.

Since this is an International game developed within Europe, it's somewhat irrelavent of US law (except for import/export laws, etc) to the extent of (mine or yours) morals and ethical values.

In the meantime, feel free to repost your questions more clearly. I'd be glad to respond. (Wish this feedback forum server would utilize the in browser Mozilla/Seamonkey/Firefox spell checker!)

Madone added a subscriber: Madone.May 7 2016, 12:54 PM

"thousands of people killed for no use, all the pain all the destruction, children having to grow up without a father, because he was killed in a useless war which was mostly motivated by avarice for ressources"

Please ban this douchebag. I would smash your head into the soil for saying that in front of me. I don't even know why you play a military simulator.

@Madone, "thousands of people killed for no use, all the pain all the destruction, children having to grow up without a father, because he was killed in a useless war which was mostly motivated by avarice for ressources"

why so in rage? these words are just the truth.
And I play Arma because it is a game and not war itself or in my words it is a combat and not a war simulator

Dont worry about it Madone. It is his right to say that and his right to have that opinion. I support his opinion in an offset way because it is a right that many people including myself fight for. It is our right to choose to ignore it because unfortunately we cant just say hey you cant have that opinion but we can have this one. Thats the whole idea behind freedom. Your free to do as YOU please as long as it does not infringe on others freedoms or safety.

Madone: I think you are incorrectly interpretting benediktsapienti's intentions.

Let's go back and explain war. One country invades another country because their feelings gets hurt or some idea is frayed upon. Side two retaliates because their territory is infringed. All over a lack of communication skills for which many are obviously displaying here.

Now there are also wars that are just, and there are wars that were frivalace.

(Personally, I think some of you are playing games with words here.)

benediktsapienti: Madone is simply misinterpretting your comment. But that doesn't give him the right to threaten bodily injury.

I vote this thread closed, as the comments are not being proactive.

Relovance: FYI, some countries don't recognize a Freedom of Speech. :-/

I do like benediktsapienti's explanation, the game doesn't simulate the thousands of parents and children killed. As such, this game cannot properly define, "This is War" (Similar to giving candy to a child, without telling them it's bad for their health.)

@rogerx: finally someone understood what I was trying to say.

I don't give a damn. I know what I read and that's totally bullcrap. You're just playing with words and being hypocritical with yourself.
"it's a combat not a war simulator" guess what we do in a conflict? combat oh!

What I see is that you have no respect for peoples which gave their lives for freedom, if you have free speech it's because of them, stop using it to say crap. I like how you're comfortable in front of your PC desk and trying to change the world with peace messages, do you find yourself clever? Oh yeah you must be!

Get some maturity and learn about the world. War is sad and tough, that's why you must have some respect for the guys who fight for you when you're sitting in your comfortable house.

Madone: You're not making any sense.

Reading topics on arma 3 dev and i come across this one ...WTF %$%^
Thats why BIS don't really look here.

Listen , if ur mentally retarded or have a lack of friends to talk to the Salvation Army OK ?
or better get a DOCTOR !

This is a GAME feedback Tracker...
No wonder BIS don't really seem to frequent here much .... so much useless dribble ....
KIDS get a Life !
Stop polluting this feedback tracker with your retarded comments

rogerx : the one which is not making any sense is rather you and the author of this useless thread.

I don't think it glorify's war, I just think it makes a great game seem a bit...."Wank" to be brutally honest. "This is War" sounds like a Homage to that Homo-erotic Bum-fest that is "300".

I used to like the Quotes in Operation Flashpoint. I would love to see those type of Quotes return.

"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."

"A pint of sweat will save a gallon of blood." George Patton

Stuff like that is far more interesting and educational.

SharkBaztard: I was just trying to paraphrase what you were saying, "Anarchism is often defined as a political philosophy which holds the state to be undesirable, unnecessary, or harmful." In other words, free of laws and rules. Or, I guess you can go as far as a world without morals.

The reason I try to write with good spelling and grammar, for you to have an easier time reading. I was given free schooling for fifteen plus years on tax payers money, so think I should at least be somewhat respectful and try to write legibly. Hey, they now have in-browser spell checkers. When I was in school, we had to leaf through a book dictionary!

When programming a computer, one simple typing mistakes causes syntax errors or broken code. A misspelled word within the legal sector can cost somebody their life.

Just trying to point out, people are misconstruing what is written most of the time. I get embarrassed all the time. Two thoughts, you can either do something irrational and make things worse, or learn from one's mistakes. Shit happens, especially in war. I'm more worried about those trying to profit from others' misfortune. As such, go ahead do whatever, I'm only trying to help.

mwnciboo: "A pint of sweat will save a gallon of blood.", George Patton. Cheers. Think such phrases such as this would be extremely appropriate, of course omitting the overtones of any dictatorship. ;-)

SharkBaztard: Click "End Monitoring" button within the (very) upper left of this page.

is sounds like the worst slogan ever concocted by some hairbrained cod mental case.

this isn't war, this is a war simulator. get fucked.

Eh, noth'n like bending over backwards for a dildo.

Get real. Get a prostrate exam or two. ;-)

Cayman added a subscriber: Cayman.May 7 2016, 12:54 PM

You need to draw a pink pony kakayushuyu rainbow and flowers

What it should really say is "War Sells"

or Arma, everyone comes home....

If you don't like a war game, go play Hello Kitty Island Adventure

So you're ok with shooting people in the face and blowing them up with mines, but you are offended by a logo that depicts war. Brilliant logic.

"what is clearly not the case I´m absolutely sure that 99% of the arma players are aware how cruel disgusting and horrible war is in reality."

Clearly not if the 99% don't like this thread nor the message you try to bring. If you don't want it just look away 1 or 2 sec or just create an shortcut with the -nosplah thingy in it..

"dizz izz war derrr...war fighting cool...derrr"

it's not even about trivialization of war, but rather a bunch of retards consenting to the debasement of this game with snappy call of duty derived slogans.

it's like the stupid hbo slogan. it's not tv. of course it's tv you idiot. just like this isn't war but you're calling it war for some reason. get fucked.

You're probably 5 years old, and therefore, you should not be playing adult games anyway.

This is a thing I agree with! This is a game that simulates battle in a harmless way. War should not be taken so lightly. I'm all about peace, but apparently some people don't understand this, which is why society is screwed.

rogerx added a comment.Apr 5 2013, 7:48 PM

Relax Postman2112, don't go postal on the unexperienced or young who have never seen a girl's head blown off.

you're right haha, my bad

Ying-Yang. Bad and Good. Dark VS White. Hell VS Heaven. They both are needed. There can't be an good side if there isn't an bad side. Just stop this discussion and freaking add -nosplash to you're screen or something else.. It's just an freaking 2 sec picture were people are gonna freaking crazy about. This is just awfull! Guy's act like adults.. For god sake its just an 2 second screen stop this whole discussion this thread doesn't need all these response... If people won't wanna see it skip it or just take an drink when it starts up like I do.. Chill down its an PICTURE..

brians999: And, which came first, chicken or the egg problem.

The splash screen is viewed by every ordinary unknowledgeable young user, whilst those with experience can, and likely will, add "-nosplash" within the command line.

This chain of events is like giving a child a gun while thinking, the child won't shoot himself if he doesn't aim and pull the trigger at himself. But because us privileged already know this, guess he should have known better.

In other words, there should be a switch to "-showsplash" for those that want to see this splash screen. ;-)

Personally, it's not my game and I could care less. I'm just standing up for benediktsapienti, the person who filed this bug, as I understand what he's stating whilst everybody else ridicules him.


I don't care about this thing I like the screen even how its just a couple of seconds so an not necessary thread I think this thread can be closed or be in the trash. Just add -nosplash most people love the picture's or find this thread weird. Even how add -nosplash and done. Don't bother other people with just an small screen with a couple of seconds. It IS an WAR simulator. And believe it or not.. But the most people do play this to play tactical like in WAR and shoot like this that is the whole point of this game.. an WAR SIMULATOR.. Mods should close this thread because it has no point just add an -nosplash to the command line and leave the 3 part of the players alone with an nonsense thread. Thank you.

If those three little words offend you, then the actual simulation will positively destroy your life lol

Don't play it :-)

down voted, this is a military simulator not a kiddie game with fantasy powers or sparkles

if you dont like the idea of war simulator, dont play

(side note) - BIS you have out done yourself, i hope you have a huge party when official release comes! ;)

Poldi added a subscriber: Poldi.May 7 2016, 12:54 PM
Poldi added a comment.Apr 6 2013, 1:09 PM

I absolutely don't care about that loading screen, but I can follow the OPs arguments. If only 1 alpha-player does have those feelings, how many will have them at release? Lots! Things like that can lead to bad press if just the wrong editor is at it.
So if I was BIS I'd remove it just from marketing aspects - as it wouldn't hurt anyone to remove that, and for the sake of political correctness and whatever.

"If only 1 alpha-player does have those feelings, how many will have them at release?" Not a lot.. Look how many Alpha Player there are and only about those people there is still 46 people who give a crap about this lol.. And don't forget that ArmA3 Alpha already has been sold for a couple of thousand copy's so if from all those people 46 doesn't like it.. Lol Why does any one give a thing about then? Stop whining its an freaking War Simulator so yes they can say it if they want and still its hilarious why people want to remove this. That screen only takes 2 seconds of time.. Do you really think they will remove an code and an picture what they make for just 2 seconds? No.. I voted down as it doesn't make any sense and people who play it are adults so doesn't matter and if there don't be adults or don't like the screen. Why bought you it in the first place then?! Its simulating war so yes people gonna get killed. And its an slogan lol. Do you guys send an letter to HBO because there slogan shit is like: We're not TV we're HBO? Why you don't send a letter to them because they are like TV so that's shit to? So send an letter to HBO and all the other company's with that stuff.. Sure they won't will remove it so this is hopeless..

@Postman2112 I'm bored of seeing this kind of judgement showing how out of arguments you are, stop throwing petrol on the fire, get a life... funny guy.

agree with Madone here

Poldi added a comment.Apr 8 2013, 3:29 PM

@brians999 too bad you didn't get the point :(

@Poldi I do get it but it make's no sense this whole thread is nothing than waste of time for any one even the game Dev's there is no way they gonna edit and delete source for just 2 seconds of an freaking intro.. Its just freaking text who give's a crap about text? There's nothing wrong with it..

Khan added a subscriber: Khan.May 7 2016, 12:54 PM
Khan added a comment.Apr 16 2013, 12:32 PM

We are very sorry, this issue was closed as no-bug.

For future reporting please refer to "how to guide"