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Jump/Jumping command
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I really love to see a "jumping" action.

In my opinion, the more logical should be to set the "jump" command combined with the "V"/"Step Over" command, after or when sprinting : "V" = Set Over, "Shift+V" = Jump.

  1. It's totally unrealistic to see a man suddenly stops and step over an obstacle. Try to run (Turbo: Shift+W) then, without releasing "Shift+W", press "V" : because the "V"/"Step Over" command overrides the run command (fortunately !), your man stop, do slowly his little "dance step" then continue to run... Weird !
  1. Jump could allow to cross a small gap, between roofs for example.

For years playing Arma/OFP games, the only way to "really" jump is the use of a script (like this one : for example, wich allow a "jump", certainly a little bit "exaggerated"). Why the "jump" command isn't implemented natively, like in many other games ? Some "reporters" could say that it's very difficult to jump with a heavy military equipment; difficult is not impossible and a little jump of 1m or 1.5m seems realistic to me, especially during a sprint.


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I still just want to get over a God damn wall fast as possible ass if i am being shot at... Not ass if i have all the time in the world.

An option to jump over obstacles that doesn't slow you down so much would be NICE.
@ ShotgunSheamuS : Indeed!
And, a soldier who can only jump over obstacles 5-10 times per minute should find another job. Maybe after som sprinting that would be tough.

OMG: "I'm not too crazy about this ideal of jumping in Arma, it's never been there, and doesn't belong there! For those that want the jump button, go play Battlefield 3, I think the Arma series has been fine without a bunch of jumping monkeys trying to avoid getting shot in multiplayer." - looking at life through a straw.

They could make it so that you can only jump over stuff not just jump like in bf. Go play tetris... Makes as much sense as your statement.

P66026 added a subscriber: P66026.May 7 2016, 12:47 PM

I think a horizontal jump is perfectly fine. It should have reduced height compared to normal vaulting( may be for obstacles of about knee hight). And if you try to jump over obstacles higher than that height, you will be tripped over and fall on the ground( but you are still able to cross the obstacles, just with your face hitting the ground afterwards). And if the obstacle is way too high, than you hit that obstacle,bonce back and fall on the ground. The animation of tripping over may be the same as being run over by vehicle, coupled with free falling and inertia. It is absolutely logical for people trying to jump over obstacles when bullets are incoming, it is better to get tripped over than shot.

up voted !
only for use to jump over obstacle , and not for used like bunny hopping

I think a high speed vault should be available though.

@ozdeadmeat, damn! Right words! :) as in FC3 and Crysis3 +1
Throw your body or "cat\tiger" jumps over objects

great idea,arma3 need jump

upvoted. as already pointed out, bunnyhopping can be easily prevented and there were some (few) situations where I would have needed that feature.
could also be combined with the feature to climb onto higher objects that has been upvoted to the top 10.

gonza added a comment.Jun 16 2013, 4:01 PM

They made it in DayZ

as you can see in this video
go to 2:00

bis, please add it in arma (key V when running)

I dont think Ive ever heard of a soldier jumping in full gear.

Boy that DayZ looks like a hack and looks like a meer console playing game similar to Mario.

Notice the kneeling at around two minutes only takes fractions of a second. Full speed running looks to be in effect all the time.

Granted, jumping as displayed within the Dayz game maybe possible without carrying any other gear including rifle! Completely unrealistic.

fbiss added a comment.Jun 18 2013, 1:48 AM

It's not that soldiers can't jump, it's that they wouldn't jump in real life. Yes there might be a few rare occasions when it has happened, but it's just not done in real life. You can't underestimate how heavy the gear is. Jumping with that much gear is more likely to cause a sprained ankle or something than it would be to actually achieve anything useful.

They don't jump across rooftops, it's not hollywood.

If you want to jump over stuff, play an action game. If you want to be like a soldier, play Arma3 and stop trying to change it in to something dumb.

Val added a comment.Jun 18 2013, 2:05 AM

DayZ realization doesn't look suitable for Arma (at least the animations look strange considering in Arma we usually play as a soldier that is carrying much weight with him).
Take a look at jumping in Red Orchestra 2 (in fact there are many interesting features that can be used as an example of realization of certain arguable things like jumping).

Add delay between jumps and adjust it with the stamina system so that one jump drains most of your stamina and that's it -- we have possibility to jump and no bunnyhoppind and other unrealistic things.

Actually right now we have a situation when something like this ( ) can stop a batallion better than anything else.

If you don't want to jump, don't jump. If you want Arma to continue evolving try to invent some better options than just cancelling some features that might be useful in certain situations. Adding proper jumps doesn't seem dumb to me.

This is not an action movie war game, this is a infantry simulator. Soldiers don't run around vaulting over obstacles.

Dev's please end this jumping stuff already. Do not sell out to this dumb request that will ruin the entire simulator.

That will ruin the entire simulator? I highly doubt that.

Other than that: Fully geared soldiers don't jump. What about civilians? What about a helicopter pilot? What about a guy without backpack, just with rifle and vest? Should those not be able to jump because the average soldier can't jump because his backpack is too heavy?
Just see this scenario: You are running away from whatever. You have to be really fast. Then there is that low fence. Now you have to stop to do that slow paced animation?

Exactly. This is not a Jackie Chan movie. Ever watch tankers getting out of their dieing tanks in WW2 videos? Did they jump over walls to safety. No, they got out and got shot/blown to crap because they are not in a movie.

Take a look at some old hostage rescue missions, if my memory recalls me right,
980: Iranian hostage rescue... Where a squad of seals landed off course across the runway... Did they jump from rock to rock to get teamed up on the other side? No, they hot wired a large dump truck/plow thing and walked behind it avoiding/taking in the small arms fire...

The military is a lot slower than you think I guess.. it doesn't happen. The only jumping going on, is that of out of an aircraft.

Your life expectency when in a bad situation is that of around 4 to 10 seconds... no time for jumping :D

With the current stamina of the pilots, pilots can only do little more than fly. LOL

Yes, maybe a civilian carrying nothing might be able to jump. But as soon as they pickup a rifle, a rifle does add quite a bit of weight preventing most jumping, as well as lengthy running.

I think they thought quite about this internally already and realized adding a jump key just sounded like a useless feature, only rarely utilized.

Think statistically, and what are the chances you'll be able to use jump within dire circumstances, in which you haven't already used your only jump action within the past minute or so!

2013.06.19 16:34 AST - Replaced "stability of the pilot" with "stamina of the pilot"

imagine playing the game of VS mode. (pvp). You're in your enfilade down the west road, while enemy opfor, are coming down that very road, you dial in your sniper rifle only to see a bunch of panzies walking down the road jumping up and down, because they can.. NO THANK YOU

Frag, stop bringing up Bunny hopping, it's been mentioned, even by those who want the option to jump, that we do not want Bunny hopping at all, so stop defending against it when it isn't even the intention. Read the comments, there is hardly anyone that disagrees since we all understand that, there has even been opinions about to overcome the Bunny hopping. So don't be narrow minded and keep bringing up the Bunny hopping, the intention is clear, to get over some obstacles in a quicker fashion than we currently have to. This goes to everyone that down votes this, stop bitching about Bunny hopping. But if you really believe that stepping over a small obstacle the way you currently have to, especially under pressure and fire is totally realistic, then fine, so be it, vote down, but don't drag bunny hopping into it, that's just creating negativity around the subject. Also it should be up to the moderators and/or the poster to update this ticket information based on the suggestions and opinions to clarify the request.

ShotgunSheamuS, I see nothing wrong with fragoutlet's comment.

This is about a feature, not about defamation of one's honest opinion.

See nothing wrong? Well i do see yet another comment about bunny hopping, for no apparent reason since the poster never implied any bunny hopping as the reason to this request, and also since everyone pretty much already mentioned bunny hopping, and voiced their concern about it, and suggestions were made to work around it, and yet this guy still continues to bring up bunny hopping... That is what's wrong with he's/her post. Read the posters description, and then read frags last response, where does everyone bringing up the bunny hopping getting the idea that the poster intended this to be about randomly jumping around? When he specifically mentions to get over obstacles in a more realistic fashion? And yeah he's video example is a shitty example but he did mention it was over exaggerated.

Walking down the road jumping occasionally is not bunny hopping. Look at some very old BF2 videos to see what bunny hopping is, since that's where it originated from....

And please do not tell me to stop talking about my opinion... Jumping would destroy the integrity of this game far beyond your mental capacitiy.

Well, here's a quick note on the history of bunny-hopping.

I think the first origin of the term bunny-hopping used in reference to simulation ground based gaming was within either Novalogic's Delta Force 2 (1999) or Delta Force Land Warrior (2000). (ie, Novalogic Delta Force 2 and Land Warrior Wikipedia)

Think it was the latter, as jumping was used as an exploit to further exploit network lag in an effective effort to avoid enemy or opposing fire, usually within multiplayer. Hopping or jumping also seemingly provided a faster method of moving versus simply running.

Although I personally dislike bunny-hopping, I'll admit I was likely amongst the first to notice and exploit this bug due. Hopping atop of very tall buildings with a large caliber machine gun was another exploit, commonly seen also within the Battlefield series. So, you can see the evil of jumping and how one thing easily leads to another.

One of the very first missing features of the ARMA game any newcomer will notice, is the ability of jumping. But after playing the game for awhile, one can easily statistically think or deduce why jumping hasn't been implemented! ;-)

Battlefied 1942 (ie. Battlefield #1) was likely the next game after Novalogic's Deltaforce displaying such bunny-hopping. (I never had time or money to invest into the Battlefield 2 series.)

Battlefield 2 came up with a great answer for bunny hopping, once the player jumps their stamina is depleted by half, allowing a max of two repeating jumps during which your gun is automaticly lowered, making the player incapable of being able to fire and thus forcing jumping to ONLY be used for navigation.

that is not true at all.

Bunny hopping did not first appear in delta force, it started back I'm the day of arena shooters, like quake etc. where bunny hopping actually propels you forward at a faster pace and was an evasive manoeuvre that made it hard to be hit. This is where bunny hopping originated from and with that stuck in many peoples minds, that is why it's exploited. But seriously you guys would really believe BIS would implement bunny hopping?

Besides, once again, read the description of the post, it isn't implying bunny hopping, it's about getting over obstacles, and if you read all the comments following this request, you would likely notice nobody wants bunny hopping and most give suggestions of how to overcome it to make this work. This is a sorely needed feature voted by majority, if you are fine with taking your time to get over an obstacle with the simple step over.

So yeah you can have your shitty narrow minded opinion that is completely irrelevant to the subject at hand, and so can i have my own opinion about your short sighted view on the subject, and everyone else who failed to properly read the description and countless comments, and yet still think that this is all about bunny hopping. I'm just saying, stop being so damn negative about something that is so needed, and yes, so damn realistic. people jump, even soldiers with loads of gear on their backs, even if it is severely limited, but under the conditions of being shot at especially, soldiers can quickly get over an obstacle a lot faster than the current stepping over. That is what most people here are going for, and there other options for jumping too, but really, the bunny hopping argument is getting old, because we all know, and we all work together to suggest ways of over coming that. Now why don't you give any other reason other than bunny hopping why you don't want to see thisfeature in game, then you can have avalid argument.

ShotgunSheamuS: You're talking about sci-fi games, and I was talking about reality simulation ground based simulation games. When I wrote about this within my previous post, I already had this in mind concerning the sci-fi based games tactics of hopping around. However, Delta Force was likely one of the first ground based reality simulations displaying this. Feel free to keep arguing. :-/

If you would have taken the time to read my previous comments, you might also find that I do agree about climbing over fences. I honestly and completely disagree with your style of going after people's opinions and including your distasteful grammar tactics. But again, feel free to disagree with me. You really have a method of turning people against yourself ShotgunSheamuS.

Roger, my comments aren't directed strictly towards you, so don't flatter yourself. My argument isn't against you specifically,.just the general down voters with no good reason beyond bunny hopping. Also you were discussing the origins of bunny hopping, you weren't specific on the genre, so forgive me for not being a mind reader.

My argument against bunny hopping is most recently directed at frag, not you, though you can also defend he's bunny hopping argument if it pleases you. The real problem here is not that I'm an asshole alone, from browsing these tickets i find most of the community are ass holes, you get the ass holes who think the game should be a carbon copy of ARMA 2 and no new features are required, you get the ass holes who debate what really is realistic, and that ARMA is in no way a game, and should not have things such as UI etc,.there are those assholes who think the world revolves around them and that the game should be made in their image and i can really go on about this, but me, I'm the asshole who wants to see ARMA 3 be an improvement, I've played the previous games, i know what i feel lacks and what i want to see come to life in ARMA 3 .and judging by votes, I'm not far off from what majority wants. So its natural that an asshole like me would ask asshole like frag to provide a proper argument on the subject,.which is not what he is arguing about now is it? I see this as sabotage, down voting something useful because of something that isn't even part of the request, and while bunny hopping may be a result of making jumping possible, take note of all the comments and suggestions that work around this fear of b bunny hopping... Now you tell me, if frag read the comments and the description, why is he being so anal about bunny hopping?

To me, the asshole didn't read through it all, thus he is down voting a potentially good feature that has pretty much been resolved theoretically. Hence why this asshole is making a fuss to defend something i believe in. And that asshole needs to read through the ticket,.and if he still disagrees, then provide a reason other than one that has been discussed and some pretty good solutions provided. The problem is, and i bet this is what happened, that frag person read the title of the ticket, not the description, not the comments, and thus he brought up the same arguments many others have, and that many others have also suggested as a means to over come.

So,.I'm not here to get people to like me, I'm here to give input, and just as you don't give a moot about my opinion, i don't give a moot about anyone else, i only care about suggestions and solutions.its nothing personal.

And lastly don't bother commenting about my grammar,.firstly eng is not my mother language, and secondly I'm typing with my phone, and this particular site isn't completely mobile friendly to proof read and fix typos, so while i may be aware of some grammatical issues,.I'm not bothered to frustrate myself to fix something that you can still understand.

Shrugs. Actually you're pretty on the ball here with your comment. Similar to the idea, everybody steals or is a thief.

But this gets into the psychology of a tired cop and getting so sick of everything, the cop just tends to shoot first and ask questions later. This is a basic symptom of being exhausted. Best to just relax and realize everybody is entitled to think and say what they want. And vote what they want.

I completely agree here because I have another bug displaying similar activity, of similar or higher importance. But thing is, you can't force people to choose the right path. No matter how better it makes the game, if the people vote it down, not much you can do as long as you advised people the righteous path. Can't fight the whole world. ;-)

Some drink beer. As for me, I grab a cup a tea at my age. :-/

And think of this way, 103:93 votes? That's still more than 50%, compared to an bug I'm dealing with.

Yeah the righteous path.. That's what I'm doing in my owntwisted way, telling this frag person to just read the description and the comments, and then rethink he's vote, if he still disagrees, and provides other input no one else has actually mentioned, then by all means i will be totally cool with that, but honestly, people are suppose to give suggestions and solutions, not crucify anything potentially good, and you are right,getting that into peoples heads, much harder than one thinks.

Oh well, I'm sure I've made my point, will see how this frag person responds, maybe something stuck, maybe not and he's still himself... Either way, I'm done now.

Apologies for upsetting some of the guys and girls

Most certainly add jumping. I mean come on, this is supposed to be a realistic game. What human can't jump (except for white men :) sorry, I couldn't resist a good movie pun, but honestly. Like someone else said, make it use a good amount of stamina to avoid people from hopping around like rabbits.

I don't understand why jumping is hated by realism fans. First of all, all video-games who use jump in their video-games get it wrong. In most games, you are always able to jump immediately right after you land on your feet. This is impossible in real life, when you land, you require your muscles to press off the ground again to jump. Especially when running, you would have to take a step or a few steps again along with momentum in order to commit to a second jump after doing your 1st jump. This would force a slight delay between jumps, maybe 1 or 2 seconds before you are able to jump again. And your speed would slow down every time you land a jump, even all star track runners have their speed slowed down on jumps.

Not only that, most video-games also allow you to steer yourself in a direction of your choice while jumping or in the air, this is ridiculous.

Look at this video, how ridiculous is it that a player cannot get into this tower because there is no jump or hop feature in Arma.

This is just one example, many other times, there have been obstacles that the step over feature cannot handle and my character remains stuck on something I know he could jump over.

007.SirBond: There have been a lot of problems with how jumping was implemented within the past, for which players exploited to effectively dodge incoming rounds and other hazards.

It would be alright if jumping were implemented correctly, as incoming rounds are not easily mitigated simply by jumping alone. ;-)

In the past, I think the developers realized that there were far more important issues. I suspect sooner or later they will implement jumping, and there'll be a huge party once jumping is implemented. You just have to rationalize what's more important, and realizing any benefits resulted after the implementation.

I think once you see jumping or climbing over implemented, the results will be minimal. Granted, it's a great immersive feature but with little benefits.

I'd be okay with vaulting, as that worked great in ACE. But straight jumping? No, I think that's highly unnecessary.

007.SirBond, to get onto that ladder would not require a jump, it's far too big for that, with that gear, jumping to waist height is quite hard and would waste a lot of energy...
More likely you'd climb up it, which should be possible.
I think a jump should be implemented though, but not a jump that takes you vertically, more a small leap to get across small gaps. A small leap that requires a bit of stamina to achieve.

Yeah you can not bunny hop like a rabbit like you can in Call of Duty, but even in Battlefield they are pretty close on the jumping then ARMA 3. The fact is BiS has yet to come up with a better solution then this "V" key. If they just did what Battlefield 3 does for climing, and vaulting over small objects and do away with this "V" crap they would solve one of the biggest issues for most people that played ARMA games.

You think thats not okay, or unrealistic? You need to get your head checked because it is very much real, and it is not that hard to do.

  • Vaulting = a "YES" vote (from me)
  • Jumping = a "NO" vote (from me)
  1. When running, the "Step Over" Key-binding should automatically vault over a wall or low fence.
  1. The "Step Over" Key-binding should be renamed to "Step Over/Vault".

I voted "yes", but it should be limited. For example: Only one jump every two minutes. The stamina should be like after a long sprint.

Eh, jumping itself isn't too bad but most games exagerate just how much you can jump...there is no distinction between a vaulting jump and a full on vertical jump which is maybe a foot at most whereas in games it's three if not more.

i76 added a subscriber: i76.May 7 2016, 12:47 PM
i76 added a comment.Aug 22 2013, 2:40 PM

No jump 'n fag thanks.

anybody who served any army in the world can tell you that we have jumps in basic movement training.But you must have on your mind that you have minimum 20 kg of equipment on your back. You can jump up left or up right in getting cover.Jump over small crossings like up to 1-2 meter.

ushiri added a subscriber: ushiri.May 7 2016, 12:47 PM

If it would drain 100% of your stamina it would be okey.

That would kill you..... :p
If it's going to kill you then I don't think it should be implemented. Otherwise we still need a simple jump or a vault... I think the Stamina system needs to be a tad improved too :p

Ok, decided to throw in my 2c. I read about 30 posts in an decided to stop, sorry, I don't have that much time.

Jump NEEDS to be in the game, this is a simulator, people can jump. Jumping DOES NOT need to exhaust stamina, it should hardly touch it. Go jump, and tell me how exhausted it makes you.

Jump CAN NOT be an instant action. An instant jump is what makes bunny hopping possible.

A jump should consist of two parts, the wind up, and the launch. To set you hold the [Step Over] button, depending on how long(to a maximum) you hold the key, the more strength is given to the jump. The jump uses a minuscule amount of stamina, just to insure it is not possible to jump while exhausted, although the maximum power and build up rate of your jump is determined by your remaining stamina. Having low stamina will result in a smaller jump that takes longer to wind up. Jump hight should peak around 18 inches, on an unloaded soldier, and about 10 inches on a fully loaded soldier. The maximum jump length should range from 3 to 1 meters depending on pack load.

While jumping, aiming should be impossible.

Valkenr. First off, soldiers dont jump. It would be idiotic to do so and it is physically very difficult.

80lbs of gear really makes jumping very hard. Go ahead, go to the gym store and buy 80-100lb workout vest and then hold an 8lb M4 and go jumping around.

As I said, it is also VERY stupid to try to jump in combat. Movies and video games have warped your sense of reality. It is very easy to trip or land wrong when jumping with that much extra weight. If you fall while trying to jump over something (which you probably will) you could hurt yourself, you become a stationary target, you slow yourself and your unit.

Thankfully BIS has better sense than some of you and I dont think they would ever add this ridiculously unnecessary component. Go mod it yourself.

Ataraxic, if you actually read my post, 'jumping around' would be impossible. You would hardly hop. You would be doing nothing more than helping your enemy by compensating for their muzzle rise.

Yes, If I were to go to the gym and grab 100 lbs of additional weight, I would struggle like hell and hardly be able to move.

But now, let me use my brain, and not spew out the the cod/battlefield hater mantra.

When you wear 100 pounds of gear for an extended period, your body gets used to it and compensates by building muscle. That's the great thing about the human body, it adapts, if it couldn't, we wouldn't be here today. A HUGE part of PT is wearing this gear and being effective. A soldier can clear small gaps, a soldier can vault.

FML.... no jump key please. V is fine enough to move through / over things. ADDING A JUMP KEY HAS ALWAYS BEEN A RUNNING JOKE WITHIN THE (FORUM) COMMUNITY. Because it isn't needed in Arma.

Valkenr added a subscriber: David.May 7 2016, 12:47 PM

@David, I beg to differ. Go to the castle, and you will find 3 or more 'collapsed' areas that should be obvious entry points, but the "step over" does not "step up" and only works on low objects. You should be able to climb up rocks, and up onto waist high ledges.

The main purpose I have found for 'V' is to glitch your self through walls, and into raised buildings.

@ Valkenr - Arma doesn't need a jump key. Period. It never has.But I suppose people will push for it anyways since they're new and think just because they can jump around their living room IRL that their should be a jump key in Arma. As a machinegunner kitted to the teeth should be able to NOT ONLY jump but AIM while doing so? LMAO.

Also, Arma is not a simulator. The only thing that comes close is the infantry combat.

@David, I love these discussions, you always have one side providing rational responses, and another half reading, and spewing out the same response over and over.

"While jumping, aiming should be impossible."

I find it funny how violently against jumping people are, but there doesn't seem to be a push for removing the 3rd person camera. I find the ability to look over walls, and around corners, and at the guy sneaking up to your vehicle to attach explosives 100x more game-breaking than the ability to jump.

oggoeg added a subscriber: oggoeg.May 7 2016, 12:47 PM

If jumping doensn't have a seperate key and you cannot perform jump without obstacle and it's connected to fatigue then absolutely yes.

If sprinting towards knee high object = jump.
If fatigued and reduced to jog = no jump.
Jumping drains a lot of stamina.

Vaulting by using V stays the same.

And bam, no bunnyhopping problem. Carrying heavy gear basically would automatically hinder your ability to jump as heavy gear drain your stamina so fast you barely manage to sprint at all.

I have never ran towards a fence that I didn't want to get over. Therefore automatic jump when character isn't fatigued is a good to have.

+1 simply because ARMA3 is closer to a real simulator than it is to a BF/COD and if you can do it in real life (never mind why) you should be able to do it in "game" too.

Ever tried to jump off a rock into water? You slip and slide down the face of the rock instead, taking damage.

The current step over is so slow that i thought i could actually shoot while doing it!

rogerx added a comment.Nov 2 2013, 1:18 AM

Not as bad as switching weapons, or being forced to switch weapons due to glitches, with a cancel action! ;-)

At least when I'm stepping over something, I'm usually not being fired upon.

Are you guys blind? Has everybody failed to see that YOU CAN'T AIM/SHOOT while vaulting obstacles with ShackTac mod?

Here is a jumping mod for those who would like to use it:

Koala added a subscriber: Koala.May 7 2016, 12:47 PM

Anyone play the Breaking Point mod? It has a jump as works well. There's no real bunny hopping and BS like that. Seems legit.

I like how they currently have walking around objects implemented. Basically if the obstacle isn't too large, the simulated person just walks over the object implying the small jump. But if the object is large, then the player needs to step over the object. Personally, I don't see a need at all for jumping at this point. Just another command making things further confusing. (Sure, some of you have plenty of free time for realism and enjoy the 20 minute flights.)

The only real problem now, players constantly get stuck in the rocks as the player falls through rocks likely then glitching inside the GL world. Likely basically getting stuck, requiring using a repetitive step-over to get out of. Also if players are rolling on the ground onto a rock(s), the player automatically returns from prone to crouch/standing position which also gets really irritating and seemingly happening always at the wrong time!

Anyone voting against the ability to vault over higher than knee high objects or jump short distances (scaled according to the weight being carried) has truly lost the plot. Arma3 aims to be as realistic as possible - i.e. to emulate real life movement and world interaction.

Ask yourself in real life can soldiers jump short distances, can they vault over objects? Yes Of course they can, if they aren't too tired or carrying vast amounts of heavy equipment. Of course the dynamics need to managed well so that it doesn't become an exploit - but don't just down vote an issue because you think you are somehow in charge of protecting Arma's sacred milsim honour - when in reality you are doing just the opposite by restricting it's development. Try and credit BIS and the rest of the community with at least some intelligence!

I agree... My main usage would be just like in breaking point. Usually a 2 foot gap to move from one spot to another, usually like on 2nd story, to get on roofs and the likes.

In real life, a soldier can navigate a small gap like that, but in Arma III, one cannot. One can in breaking point and I think it's fantastic.

V = step over
Shift + V = small forward jump, which fits right when you are sprinting.

Note: Jumping in Breaking Point to avoid being shot works as well as climbing ladders to avoid being shot. It doesnt.

Bunny hopping wouldn't work, even if we could jump. Just one 7.62 mm FMJ to the legs and that fucker will never jump again.

What's even funnier, I'm likely the very first bunny hopper exploiting the feature within Delta Force Landwarrior to evade the low ping glitchers. ;-)

I now only play the co-op multiplayer missions.

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It's just a super task, the ability to overcome obstacles soldier.
Even fewer know how brothers ))))

Koala added a comment.Apr 6 2015, 10:25 AM

Related to #0023535

Lex added a comment.Jun 28 2017, 9:37 AM
Thanks to the author mods, for its implementation. A great performance that works great.

Lex removed a subscriber: Lex.Jun 28 2017, 9:37 AM