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May 10 2016

Valkenr added a comment to T66375: Ability to place items within enterable buildings..

A little late to the party, but this was the first result on my google search, when I was researching the problem, not sure if my fix was the official one, but...

You can place in buildings by adjusting the elevation of the entity.

For instance, to place an ammo box inside of a "Military Cargo House [Green]", I placed it over the building, and adjusted the elevation to "2" units.

May 10 2016, 2:39 AM · Arma 3
Valkenr updated subscribers of T63607: Jump/Jumping command.

@David, I beg to differ. Go to the castle, and you will find 3 or more 'collapsed' areas that should be obvious entry points, but the "step over" does not "step up" and only works on low objects. You should be able to climb up rocks, and up onto waist high ledges.

The main purpose I have found for 'V' is to glitch your self through walls, and into raised buildings.

May 10 2016, 12:48 AM · Arma 3
Valkenr added a comment to T63607: Jump/Jumping command.

@David, I love these discussions, you always have one side providing rational responses, and another half reading, and spewing out the same response over and over.

"While jumping, aiming should be impossible."

I find it funny how violently against jumping people are, but there doesn't seem to be a push for removing the 3rd person camera. I find the ability to look over walls, and around corners, and at the guy sneaking up to your vehicle to attach explosives 100x more game-breaking than the ability to jump.

May 10 2016, 12:48 AM · Arma 3
Valkenr added a comment to T63607: Jump/Jumping command.

Ok, decided to throw in my 2c. I read about 30 posts in an decided to stop, sorry, I don't have that much time.

Jump NEEDS to be in the game, this is a simulator, people can jump. Jumping DOES NOT need to exhaust stamina, it should hardly touch it. Go jump, and tell me how exhausted it makes you.

Jump CAN NOT be an instant action. An instant jump is what makes bunny hopping possible.

A jump should consist of two parts, the wind up, and the launch. To set you hold the [Step Over] button, depending on how long(to a maximum) you hold the key, the more strength is given to the jump. The jump uses a minuscule amount of stamina, just to insure it is not possible to jump while exhausted, although the maximum power and build up rate of your jump is determined by your remaining stamina. Having low stamina will result in a smaller jump that takes longer to wind up. Jump hight should peak around 18 inches, on an unloaded soldier, and about 10 inches on a fully loaded soldier. The maximum jump length should range from 3 to 1 meters depending on pack load.

While jumping, aiming should be impossible.

May 10 2016, 12:48 AM · Arma 3
Valkenr added a comment to T63607: Jump/Jumping command.

Ataraxic, if you actually read my post, 'jumping around' would be impossible. You would hardly hop. You would be doing nothing more than helping your enemy by compensating for their muzzle rise.

Yes, If I were to go to the gym and grab 100 lbs of additional weight, I would struggle like hell and hardly be able to move.

But now, let me use my brain, and not spew out the the cod/battlefield hater mantra.

When you wear 100 pounds of gear for an extended period, your body gets used to it and compensates by building muscle. That's the great thing about the human body, it adapts, if it couldn't, we wouldn't be here today. A HUGE part of PT is wearing this gear and being effective. A soldier can clear small gaps, a soldier can vault.

May 10 2016, 12:48 AM · Arma 3