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Ability to place items within enterable buildings.
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It would be a nice additional feature to make it possible for a Mission Editor to place items such as ammo crates, and such inside buildings instead of just stuck placing them outside. This will add a bit of realism to search and destroy missions, such as the popular mission Invade & Annex. This will also allow players to place their ammo boxes inside structures for the purpose of a hold position, or popular known as Defense-based mission, so the player isn't forced to go outside and gather ammo and risk being killed within the cross fire. This'll also aide in the common issues of HQ's being bombarded and the plaers within the area getting wiped out upon spawn.

I thank you very much for giving this possible feature a view, and hope you could implement this into the editor for those players who enjoy making missions.


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The way this could be possible, is if the plaer could double click on an enter-able structure which will show a window with the floor plan of the building for a player to place the items.

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If I understood right, it is possible to place objects like crates and men inside buildings. It isn't handy as all but it works.

Do you know of anyways to place the crates? I know how to station men inside with Modules and pathing, but not ammo boxes and such.

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A little late to the party, but this was the first result on my google search, when I was researching the problem, not sure if my fix was the official one, but...

You can place in buildings by adjusting the elevation of the entity.

For instance, to place an ammo box inside of a "Military Cargo House [Green]", I placed it over the building, and adjusted the elevation to "2" units.

3d editor should solve this when it is available

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Solved with 3DEN.