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Animating vehicle doors
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So something interesting that just came up which probably hasn't been on anyones mind for a while was the ability to slide open/slide doors such as the Blackhawks, or even just to open the doors of a HMMWV for cover.

Some of you may wonder why such a thing would even be necessary at all. For one, if you could slide open a door coupled with the possibility to fire from the vehicle it would allow you to give fire support from within a blackhawk via overhead to your team.

If you're in a HMMWV & you had to dismount due to contact you could use the doors of a HMMWV to engage contact without taking too much fire (Or in the case of ArmA 3 at current a Hunter/Efreet)


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Sounds good, and maybe since the door is already open, would the animation be shorter and therefore entering vehicle faster?

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If it ever gets implemented I expect you to make a ticket for that.

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Such an good idea, would add some kind of open world feeling.

Its will be nice for game realism.

I voted this up. Doors should open when embarking, disembarking, and they should be allowed to be opened at will.

There was a mod for ARMA 2, that added Humvees with openable doors. You could take cover behind them, and they were awesome. I think you had to open the door before getting out in that mod as well.

Opening the door first would be an interesting thing to do, though I wouldn't be suprised to see a mob of people whining about opening a door before being able to go through it.

Americas Army was all about door warfare. We didn't open them half the time, we'd shoot through them or crack them & listen for people opening em.

Up voted, but this is a repeat of an already submitted ticket.

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Upvoted, you should be able to use doors as limited cover.

Just a fast and short animation when disembarking so the game doesn't feel too locked. And having doors as actual objects that you tale cover behind. Maybe make it so that by ejecting the doors would stay open and by selecting "get out" the doors would close afterwards (no player animation for opening or closing doors, just the Quick animation of the player leaving the vehicle.)

Open/close doors its great and it will looks preaty good with walkeable vehicle inreriors

Look at gta ;)

And yes, for cars its can be used as coverage

Upvoted, great idea, would make ambushes more realistic at least!

Maybe you should try checking the time stamps Keragon.

This would quite onviously be needed for simulating reality! Lets get this some up-votes. I was pretty dissappointed when i didn't see a door animation when i first started playing this game.

I was disappointed when people discussed it so heavily at the start of A2 and it was never implemented.

  • You must cant seat in vehicles if doors closed!

Open door, seat, close door all must ne avaliable by actions

If devs dont want t oimplement this, just make a correct models(with animated and openable doors) and mod makers can do that!

VBS have it already

SGTIce added a comment.Apr 9 2013, 6:44 AM

Not sure what the hell you just said. But I don't want mods to fix everything that should be in the game by default or things that could really enhance gameplay.

Leaving features that enhance gameplay out to dump it off on modders is just lazy.

SGTIce, TA-DA! :D thats i mean, but if bis dont want to do that, just make models with openable doors...

Humlan added a subscriber: Humlan.May 7 2016, 12:25 PM

Would be great, opens the versatility of land vehicles and make them even more useable. For the choppers a open door would also give us multiple opportunities, yes the gunner aspect is big but dont forget about the recon support a big kh-60 could give a squad down in the AO circling 250m above with a spotter haning out the door and calling out targets to the ground!

Spotter hanging out the door is a bit far fetched compared to having an HQ/Intel helo circling with a cam in it, radar, etc.

It should play out like this:
"Get out" Action triggers door opening, character remains still for about a second (during opening door animation), gets out, door closes.

Separate actions for "Open door", "Get out", "Close door" would be to annoying.

As someone else said, "Eject" would leave the door opened. But it should close (hello physX?) if the car reaches high enough speed.

You could just have hold-shift while looking at a vehicle - would give extra interaction options, that otherwise arent visable. Just like when commanding lines change when you hold alt.

Would be nice to have something like this and entering animations. The way you enter Mh-9, if youre the pilot or the passenger is incredibly awesome to look at. Would give the game tons of charm.

Something so simple, and we get animations for different stances but no proper open/close door animations =/ we can already open doors on buildings, this shouldn't be any pain to do.

Have an option to open door, then option to climb in and then close door, sounds like a pain, but if commands are based on priority of order, you would simply need to just hit space bar 3 times to complete that.. If you want to get out quickly just eject, hit space to open door, and getting out would be the next priority, except when still moving, then ejecting will be priority, ejecting should be getting out the vehicle in prone position as if jumping into a roll (physix ragdoll will be nice here) to minimize injury. If you get out without ejecting it would be optional to close door or not.

Besides for a more complex realistic approach and eye candy, it will benefit mainly for one thing. Cover when exiting a vehicle, but it would be useless if vehicles still blow up from a few rounds in engine block. because cars are already one of the worst places to seek cover in a fire fight as the explosion will kill you. Also will be useful for flexibility if shooting from within the vehicle, but once again, relies on another ticket. So if these other tickets don't get done, then this request would become utter useless, and be just for looks and show and serve no purpose other than keeping the devs from doing other important stuff.

I think a moderator should add relationship to the other tickets that would compliment this suggestion and make it worth while.

Or robban it should play out like this

Open door > Get in/Out > !?!??!?! profit

It's not that hard to comprehend and it is not going to interfere too much with your gameplay if the door is set up to block bullets. It's 1 tiny step towards realism.

You're not playing call of duty or any other game that just holds your hand.

Put your big boy pants on.

Link said other tickets which are somehow related to this ticket.

It wouldn't just be eye candy if a door was able to keep me from taking a bullet in the face as i'm exiting the vehicle from a sniper or small arms fire.

Takes quite a few bullets to blow up a vehicle unless you're using .50 or above.

as SGTIce proposed but with better logical way:


  1. GetIn actions: Open door -> get in+close door (door will be closed automatically)
  1. GetOut actions: Open door -> Get OUT, door still opened because if you get out from vehicles that is means "you have sense to do that" and opened rood after getOut can be as cover/ejected (you still have action "Close door")
  1. And while you seating inside car, you have action to Open/Close door (last in scroll actions list with low priority)
  1. If door opened (check animation state from door selection) -> play getIn anim, else Open door -> getIn

!Resolved :)

Damn please share some simple model with openable doors we can show how it perfectly looks and works :D ;)

oldy41 added a subscriber: oldy41.May 7 2016, 12:25 PM

Besides the tactical options functional doors would provide it is simply an important aspect of immersion. Watching soldiers pop from vehicles with no animations of doors and hatches is very annoying and an immersion breaker.

As much as it be nice for immersion and eye candy, i won't see the devs tackling the request without good enough reason other than that, besides, having it animated you might end up with people taking too long to get in and out if vehicles due to the animation and that would follow an angry mob most likely. So of course it needs to be balanced, and therefore it needs to have a purpose. Using doors as cover is as great a trade off you can get, and that's what everyone voting this ticket wants, but it will obviously face other issues. Personally i feel doors as cover is almost pointless as a player can still kill you by blowing up the vehicle, even with small arms. even heavy arms are unlikely to blow up a vehicle, just shred it to bits unless you using explosives. So they will need to sort that out, then doors as cover will be practical as much as it is eye candy for the immersion aspect, other wise, as it stands, its fine the way it is because its quick and easy to escape when shit goes down.

Personally I feel people should close the door on their own while getting in/out.

Whether the door is open should also have an affect on how fast you can get in/out.

Getting out of a vehicle in reality takes longer than it does in game Sheamus.

Debatable really, i can get out almost just as fast in reality, because i have much more control over my body and actions, for example i can do things faster when under pressure rather than relaxed and consistent like what game animations are. In games you either do things very relaxed, which is awkward in stressful situations (like done games when you take your sweet time reloading when being pinned down) and then if animations are made speedy, then it's awkward during times when things are calm. How do you balance that?

Well honestly it's better to be speedy during calm moments, then to be relaxed during stressful situations which will have you curse at the game for being so slow.

As for getting in f faster with door already open, character gets in the car quick enough as it is,

My point being as it is now, it's fine, though i would like for animated door s, it isn't a necessity unless it has a greater purpose other than looking nice. I would like for doors to serve as cover, but then it shouldn't unrealistically blow up while I'm standing next to the damn car.

They could have done what AA3 did with Combat & Tactical mode for moments such as that.

Getting in quicker with the door open was meant to outline if we had this implemented, it'd be faster to enter a vehicle when the door is open compared to when it's closed.

If doors were animated on vehicles/vehicles were better modelled and working in tandem we'd be in business.

And make it work something like this maybe?

get out => open door > get out > close door.
eject => open door > get out > leave door open.

Sethenor +1, as other sayd :)
Animated getIn/getOut must have as in FC3 and GTA!

It'd be a lot easier to me if they just did it the way way AA use to do things for moving tactically/moving faster which also changed your interactions all with the click of a button, namely Alt.

Would be easier than tying up the already archaic action menu.

Wasn't this already done on dev branch and then retracted/removed?

runekn added a subscriber: runekn.May 7 2016, 12:25 PM

@Chortles - Yes, BI would return to it post-release.

What about getIn/getOut without BlackFade stupid effect?!

You mean seamlessly getting in and out of a vehicle? That would be nice...

I dont expect the position to be accurate in terms of transitioning from outside of the vehicle to the interior, but it would be nice if for example in a truck, the player climbs in and walks to the seat (to some extent) and sits down, and walks to the exit and jumps out.

yes it was Chortles

and it was f* awesome, even with the few bugs

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Peter added a comment.Apr 13 2014, 9:06 PM

In alpha was possible to open helicopters doors, then the action was deleted, anybody know why?

Koala added a subscriber: Koala.May 7 2016, 12:25 PM

Video examples are amazing! But all open doors of all vehicles also should will break if this vehicle gets missile launcher hit!

Peter added a comment.Oct 23 2014, 6:53 AM

In the Helicopters Dlc preview on Development branch you have control of the ramp doors on all 3 heavy helicopters, they even add this action to the Mohawk. Thats a first step.

At this time, animateDoor function works for all IFRIT, unarmed HUNTER and unarmed STRIDER as far as cars are concerned.
It seems there is no time or will to improve these models.
If i had any idea to work for that, i could take time on it.