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Foregrip not an attachment
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The ability to attach and remove the foregrips from a weapon would very useful. For example, when you entering the town - you can switch to CQB mode from GL to foregrip.


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but please with an handling effect from with or without grip

Issues #3597, #2825 and #3599 could all be consolidated into one "under barrel attachment" slot, with grenade launchers, foregrips and bipods as options

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to BIS Arma devs: PLEASE!!! look at Ghost Recon Future soldier!

Damn please LEARN :) how make games! Make pleasure for your funs! :)

And I wanna attach taser or shotgun for my weapon

You know that the GR armory was a pre-mission armory? So youre still unable to switch weapon parts in the fight. So it has the same efect like a BiS pre-defined gun. Even the good old Rainbow Six Vegas 2 was better than GR in this way because you could (dis)mount a silencer while playing...

/facepalm :)

Im talking about how much a lot modules and variations for tweaking have weapon...

+1 With significant effect on handling.

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agreed not enough thought went in to this by BIS regarding the attachments, you could have so much fun with this regarding the pros and cons of attachments, which would add a lot more variety to the game.

This includes BiPods, underslung grenade launchers and barrels (RO2 beating Arma on realism regarding barrel changes :/)

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I agree that foregrips should be an attachment, but not with the ability to swap an under-barrel grenade launcher with a foregrip. Under-barrel grenade launchers do not use picatinny rails, but are often complete modifications of the handguard. Removing them would require to have a separate handguard with rail system, something which just isn't done in the military.

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p00d73, the US mil M320 is designed to be removed and used as a standalone IF needed and fits on the same rail as the foregrip on many M4 etc sub types.

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This isn't battlefield. forward grips have nothing to do with "cqc", depending on your grip they improve overall control of muzzle rise and movement. Your hand placement aka grip, will change in your environment. Not your weapon attachments.

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I highly doubt BI has given weapons with fore-grips better stability attributes over one without... so I doubt they'll make it an attachment.

Would be cool!

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