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Grenade launcher not an attachment.
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The ability to remove the grenade launcher from a weapon would very useful, also it would mean even fewer weapon models.


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Would be nice, but they might not have time for it, which is unfortunate really, would love to be able to put a launcher on a appropriate weapon.

UGL attachment are not like scope attachment that can be attach/detach at will on the field. They usually attached at base in the armory or maybe at the factory.

Maybe there are quick detach UGL around, but my experience is only with M16/M203 combo.

Does that include bipod and hand grip type attachments as well? just curious, because some people are arguing for interchanging attachments like that, but if they can't be changed on the fly then doesn't seem like a big deal then, :o

The issue in this ticket only for grenade launcher, so for bipod/foregrip maybe they can, but we are talking about GL here

I'm more just curious for other tickets and such, :)

I know, XDD, I mean I wanted to know for a opinion on other GLs should be taken off tickets, after all, the only reason to have GLs taken off is to put something else on, like a bipod, foregrip, or that special under-slung shot gun.

Issues #3597, #2825 and #3599 could all be consolidated into one "under barrel attachment" slot, with grenade launchers, foregrips and bipods as options

As I know, these attachs is hard to change, as it needs special equips and tools. As centipe told, that change don`t happens on the field

Centipede is right in that many under-barrel weapons (Master-key, m203) Are not easily removed from certain weapons. But there are some that are designed to easily be replaced on the field using a standard rail mount. The HK 416 is an example of this. I cannot remember the name of the launcher that is paired with it but i'd imagine that in 20 years, most if not all weapons would have easily detachable under-barrel mounted weapons.
And as other's have commented, this would open up the field even more for forward grips even maybe second rail attatchments (IR laser and flashlight)?

Rail attachments don't need special tools (grenade launchers in game appear to be rail mounted to me), and are done in the field all the time. Almost everything these days is on a QD mount. Modern weapon designs now even allow you to remove a barrel and BCG and do full caliber changes in the field with no tools, in less than 20 seconds. This is 2035 after all, I'm sure even more improvements will have been made to modularity.

It's future, there may be easily detachable GL's. So why not ? This feature is MUST! This means fewer weapons!

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would make perfect sense hence they have gone the way of attachments anyway, doesn't really make sense then to multiply the weapon number by making UGLs not an attachment

they could have made attachment classes where an engineer is needed to change them, but making them hard-fixed as in arma 2 is extra work on the long run

not all weapons can attach and detach grenade launchers on the go. it would be equivalent to replacing the barrel of the entire weapon to fit a higher caliber and that needs specific tools etc.

it is very rare to find a gun that allows a grenade launcher to be removed and added without use of tools.

I think the AN-94 if one of those very rare few

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I down voted because removing a grenade launcher from a weapon isn't as easy as loosening some wing nuts and off she goes. It really is more than that. Then the hand guards have to go back on. Realistically, it would take much longer than the second it would take to remove it in game.

@Scorpion, you free to make a simple script and add item "Weapons toolkit" :)

But, again, look at Ghost Recon Future Soldier: Weapon customization on YouTube :)

Agreed. Grenade launcher should be a separate attachment.

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Related to #3597

This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Please keep the issue monitored to see when it is fixed.

But, again, look at Ghost Recon Future Soldier: Weapon customization on YouTube :)

+1, regardless of the quality of the game itself (matter of taste), the weapon customization there is the best of current FPS games.

I have experience with G36A2 in German Army and you cant simply attach AG36 on the underrail! Same on M16/M4.

I do agree grenade launchers and forward handgrips need to be independant attachements just like optics. Moreover it would pave the way for modders to easily offer new attachements such as under barrel shotguns ect..

The problem not come from the grenade launcher but from 2 missing rail.
We actually have a SINGLE side rail, weapon have for most of them 2 lateral rail that can handle laser AND flashlight (in fact the default IR laser of Arma is terribly wrong, the real one have IR but also visible laser, flashlight in 2 color + IR Flashlight)
But the lower rail is one of the most important one, it provide bipod, handgrip, mix between handgrip and bipod (the one who split in 2 and the other who have a bipod that can be deploy), grenade launcher, shotgun, rail cover (that give better handling of the weapon) and the angled fore grip.

The possibility to change INTERNAL part of the weapon is missing and i think will never be created but at least we must have more attachment possibility and real use of bipod and resting with resting affected by lower attachment.

@Mr_Centipede It is the year 2035 you should at least be able to easily detach and attach a grenade launcher.

I like this idea. Upvoted

It would be great to make this feature from scripting standpoint. I don't care if it is possible or not to attach/detach it in the game, but I don't understand, why I can't do it via scripting, why there is still separate models for the same weapon? If BIS goes "attachment-way", then it should be 1 weapon model and everything else as attachments (addPrimaryWeaponItem). Don't understand why it is "half-way" implementation right now.

would be cool!

This is a real thing, so it should be included in this "military simulator" For an example of an ingame GL attached by rails. If you don't see it, it's at the bottom of the products section.

Pretty much you could just give us bottom rail attachments... Grips, bipods, GL's..

When the bi-pods were announced. I expected the grenade launchers were to be using the bi-pod attachment slot.

I think forward hand position is a problem for the proposed feature. The forward hand stays the same with bipods, scopes etc, but with modular GL or Grip the hand should change which is currently not possible.

Of course a system can be built that takes hand pos into account, but maybe it needs a lot of changes.