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Realistic Wounding System
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You guys should implement a way for bullets to actually hurt you wherever you get shot. For example, a pistol (lower muzzle velocity) should be able to penetrate through all of your skin layers and depending on the caliber, break your bones. For an assault rifle (higher muzzle velocity) should easily penetrate through your skin and straight through bone.

For an interface, you should have a real skeleton with vital organs, bones, and all the blood vessels (I think that's the proper term for the blood going through your body). If you get shot, the interface will tell you where you got shot from, the entry point, the exit point (if a high caliber rifle), and the damage done to your body. The different points in where you get shot will deteriorate your state. If a bullet breaks your hand, you cannot use your hand therefore crippling your aiming. If you have lost a lot of blood (also forgot to mention to have blood loss according to where the bullet entered and/or exited) the world will lose saturation and you will start to feel dizzy and stumbling. After that, you can pass out or die of a medic doesn't heal you in time.

Another suggestion is that you should have dismemberment. If a grenade manages to get close enough to you and explode, you would lose a limb or two. For example, a mortar shell hits 10m away from you. You will be shocked (slowed down), blurriness, and ringing in the ears. Another explosion happens, you are downed and when you regain consciousness, you lost your legs. This should be in the options menu to disable it or on the higher difficulties (veteran, expert).

Thanks, I would love to see this in the game.


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Majority of the community wants realism so it have to be done, it's already in VBS2 2.0 with RV3. It's can be improved with RV4.

For ethics, and with the choices of players who can set it on or off in option menu, and maybe with the problem of different countrys, who wants to set it on has to confirm it with a code give by BY from the forum.

It's a sim for adults, not for kids, and we need to have the choice to set it on, has it was expecteted by many players since Operation Flashpoint. We want realism, and I respect the fact that many doesn't. But let the choice of the player.

Maybe can be more difficult to implement in MP with different settings so differnt option from the server.

It's a shame if not because I love BI since the first game in 2001, we are on 2013, 12 years that many want more realism to really become the ultimate military sim.

Upvoted +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Democraty, Freedom, Peace and War! Like ArmA 3 ( free )

If their afraid of game ratings going up they could do it like add it in free dlc so that the dlc is rated higher but the game is not.

It seems there must have been a sale on rose tinted glasses. Because the concept of being any use to your team besides some nice cover to lay behind after you've lost limbs is laughable.
Its astonishing that this report hasn't been closed. It wont work, VBS is not designed for "playing". Its not a game in the same way ArmA is.

Sim or not, there are very few people willing to sit in the back of an ambulance for the whole game after having limbs blown off. They will either respawn or disconnect. Can you honestly say that if you got shot and severely wounded in the first 5 minutes of an hour long game you'd sit and stare at some ugly-ass medic for the next 55 minutes while they run back and forth gathering up bits of your team mates? Its just not going to happen. Ratings aside its a novelty that will wear off damn quickly.

If you want this level of realism, you're probably better off enlisting.


Im really tired of this crap whats laughable is that people like you hold us back then you have the nerve to criticize COD player calming that COD never changes when you don't want ArmA to grow up and change its humiliating to see this that you are the same thing you hate and have become nothing but an COD player and im sorry if i want ArmA 3 to actually be up to par with other games and not be an unfinished piece of trash like ArmA 2

You CAN'T include dismemberment. The game is designed for international sale; just because America (and other countries) are okay with dismemberment in games, not all are, and it's more important to Bohemia Interactive to please all crowds to the best of their ability than it is to cater to gorefest lovers.

Australia and a lot of Europe won't let the game be sold in their country if you can blow limbs off, or affect ragdolls after they've finished "dying."

Dismemberment isn't really necessary to make the game good. If it's good enough to blow an arm off, it's good enough to simply kill you in ArmA.

Oh really I could swear CODWAW was perfectly legal in all of those country's with the exception of Germany and I really don't need to explain why ether but I did not hear on complaint about the gore what really needs to happen is someone needs to tell Europe and Australia its time to put there big boy pants on

"If you want this level of realism, you're probably better off enlisting."

Well said. Voted down.

Maybe after you get shot you should have to log 3 real months of time in-game recovering at the virtual hospital. As far as dismemberment the only thing I'd like to see is MAYBE a POW being beheaded because his dumbass was staring at the persons head in front of him (hoping it will explode any minute), instead of his sector.

People are boring to always see ONLY the bad side of a realistic wounding system.
Why you care about ? seriously ? why you want it to never be release ?

First dismembering is possible, we have a blood option in game settings, if can do the same for dismembering, for lower setting rather than see the arms or the legs gone, it will just be "disabled" and stay in a simple position along the body like if it is just hurt for the arms and the legs who don't move, this animation can be the same for injury at arms/legs, anyways dismembering by decapitation its not necessary cause in every case we die.

For the "time" damn it stop to don't want it just cause you don't want to wait and think about people who WANT this feature.
I really tired to always explain you it and it is simple :

First : When you hit a bot or a player in a part of the body that MUST make him unable to fight at long range/move easily and with actual settings it make it 100% available to fight until he die, it make a HUGE unbalance issue, it is totally unrealistic and STUPID to get killed by a bot who take 3 bullet in the arms and 1 in the legs and still able to kill us like if the pain the fear and other negative effect don't affect him, when you make an ambush (thing that we do A LOT in a game like Arma if we play with a minimum of strategy) and after shoot people that must be NEUTRALIZED or at least a minor threat at long range but with actual unrealistic system it still operate until he magically die even if the bullet its on the hand, it is stupid and totally ruin any ambush, the goal of an ambush is to kill OR NEUTRALIZE enemy force fast enough for make them unable to kill a single of us, but when rather than be unable to fight they can still kill us easily it is stupid.
Heath point must NEVER existing in game like this, the only value that we must have is a countdown, like the blood quantity, or the time before body fluid from vital organs can kill us, or for some shrapnel to damage our heart, you can shoot how many bullet in the hand of a people, he will cry like a baby cause of the main but he will never die, it is stupid to die from thing like this, for legs ok, we have great chance to hit main blood vessel, same for arms, but not in the hand or other dead part like the butt...(depending of the angle), in Arma we can even get vehicle to explode by shooting on the wheel, it is STUPID.

Second : why are you complaining about the fact that it will make time to recover or cause YOU (you are not the whole community even of you are selfish) don't want to wait for idk what that you will NEVER have to wait for.
And anyway you will be the first to enjoy the fact that people in in front of you, player or bot will get difficulty (in a REALISTIC way) to shoot you when you bullet hit them, cause actually see headshot (even without any helmet) that don't kill it is NOT realistic and people come play to Arma FOR REALISM, not just for the fun, that why Arma is full of SERIOUS team of people that play in real coop.
So what you will have to wait ?
NOTHING, simply you just imagine that you will stay on the ground for an hour without even be able to move, FALSE, first NO ONE prevent you to use the respawn button, NO ONE, except server where their is no respawn and where when you die you die, rather than leave the server you can get a REALISTIC chance to respawn.
First, get hit and have MORE thing that affect your ability even your mobility DON'T mean not able to perform anything, you have just a big difficulty to aim, make it preventing you to still unrealistically able to shoot at long range, you still be able to use grenade/explosive device, laser marker, even vehicle turret AND you gun at short range.
Pass out will never be long, a little like Day Z pass out system wish is nice.
Broken legs i don't see the issue, Arma 2 have it, so you don't like Arma 2 and you have NOTHING to do in Arma 3 wish is just a UPGRADE of Arma 2 or you just come here while never playing to any other Arma game and you also DON'T have your word to say about how YOU WANT the game to be just cause you come from Battlefield 3 and you want the same game with bigger map and more funny tanks or any other thing like this, this game is the ONLY ONE realistic game and if most of people come to play it, IT IS for the realism, you have no clue and you are ridiculously selfish to want the game to be more arcade for you even of the community here from the first Arma ALWAYS wanted realism.
Arma is the game that handle the most accurate ballistic of EVERY game available.

So why people don't understand it :
If you get shoot and unable to fight at long range/run or even walk fast you don't have to wait HOURS but MINUTES for you to respawn and ONLY if you want to wait, if you play in a server with free/unlimited respawn no one force you to wait, so stop to be selfish, mainly when a LOT OF PEOPLE, the REAL community that the game was created FOR, people who want realism.
I don't see ANY boring aspect to this :
Get shoot next to an enemy position, crawl to a cover position, call support and extraction, mark enemy position with smoke, kill enemy that get dangerously close of you (even while get hurt, with a good cover only the grenade can be dangerous for you), when unarmed transport helicopter come to drop your allied including a medic next to you you help them with a suppressing fire to take position without get kill while rescue you, medic come to you, stabilize you with a realistic but not too complex interface that make more challenge and more things do to and improve immersion rather than use a single button to fix the guy, it won't take too long anyway to get stabilized, medic drag you to the helicopter while your allied cover your move out of the cover to get to the helicopter, everyone comeback inside the helicopter or maybe only the medic you and another guy that need an extraction too while other guy that come to help you take back the position, and you RTB, you go to the medic helipad and you get free to respawn while simulating someone that come from the sea to reinforce the troop on the battlefield and even resupply with a boat/helicopter that come and drop a box before go back with a beautiful script like a lot of server do, it mean REALISTIC way to respawn, no issue to wait several day before you can back to the action or anything like this.
And with the stealth black Hawk who have 2 gatling it give you more chance to success, and with the gunship transport it is even more simple to get it to be done.

What you get to doing it ?
It is not longer than 15 minute from the time you get hurt to the time you respawn, and in Arma you can sometime wait 30 minute from your spawn untill your first gun shoot, i don't see the issue with my description, mainly when we know that it provide a lot of action in a realsitic way
It give you one of the best experience that the game can offer you regardless if you are the helicopter pilot/gatling operator/gunner, the medic, the guy that deploy from the helicopter for cover the injured soldier or if you are the injured soldier.
In each case you can probably get more action/fun/COOPERATIVE gameplay/realistic operation and the less boring action you will probably even made than a server with free respawn without injury that give you.

And again, if you play in a server where you can respawn freely i don't see the point to do it.
And people that don't want this feature for sure DON'T play in server where respawn is disabled, it mean for them no need to get second chance while get hurt (cause even actually when you get badly hurt you are happy to have a chance to respawn with a 100% new and operational soldier that simulate reinforcement) and it mean that you ONLY care about the way YOU play.

No one talk about wait 2 hour or even 30 minute for get an extraction and stay several hours/day on the base while be unable to fight, ON ONE have ever talk about it.

My idea can make EVERYONE happy, you don't want to wait, them respawn, if want realistic gameplay experience (what Arma is stand for) you are happy, and even those you don't want to wait, i can't believe you don't understand that thing like this can give you MORE action/less boring experience.

And anyway you can disabled this kind of feature from the difficulty options.
So give me a single GOOD reason to refuse this idea, mainly when it CAN'T affect you in a negative you if your way the play the game permit free respawn when you want.

Dude, once again, it can be made a mod. ARMA 2 had that war mod that introduced that level of gore, and plus ace mod would probably offer that heavy in depth wounding system.

You have to realize,.based on the amount of work, that BI develops for public and has a lot on their hands, i doubt they will make this just because you and the minority really really need this.

But fear not, a mod will be made for it if there's enough interest.

Ps, your wall of texts will go unnoticed, try to keep it short and sweet.

Like i have already said a lot of time :

Mods create issue, the way server handle/authorize mods, the fact that we will never know if the server use it or not, unrealistic value set by the modder, compatibility issue with other mods, leak of features, bugs, thing not possible to do with a mods, unbalance issue and more.
That all we will get with a mods, even from a great modder, and this feature = realism like i have explain it for the ambush example, it is stupid to get killed cause of the the bots/player don't react to our bullet in open field or cause the ambush don't work cause a lot of enemy that must be unable to kill us easily stay 100% operational.
And this feature will force to player with more cooperative gameplay + the fact that it will be hard to find server with this mods cause a lot of people don't play with mods (and still want realistic wounding system), also anyone can tweak his mods for have unrealistic/cheat value that gameprotect can't do anything against.
And if it is a vanilla feature, even a really simplified one that BIS made fast but with a minimum of realism and better than actually, it can permit with way better possibility/effectiveness to mods it, mods than improve thing actually on the game is nice, but mods that add feature is never good, the game have to have it first, even in simplified version.
And it can be great if modders can make a big part of the work and BIS just (with authorization) take modder's work and include it on the game.

And for the wall of text it cause some people need a lot of example with a lot of details (and even they still not understand)...

I know, i would love for so many things to be implemented natively rather than have a mod for it because of limitations like this. In fact maybe BI could release source code for registered modders then we can see mods better implemented?

But comes down to the point that they already have so much to do and release is around the corner. so there are things that must be I'm the game, and some not. Gore and complexity is optional, not a must, so i doubt it will get done unless they have the time for it, or it was part of the development.

Its not that anyone is against per say, some might, but yeah whether you like it or not, not everyone is hard core like you want to be, some really do play for fun. I like semi realism, not hardcore for example, unfortunately battlefield doesn't offer semi realism anymore, because they capitalizing on the CoD community, and regardless of all the team work elements, it still comes down to kill death ratio, and so while CoD players migrate to bf, some bf players are migrating to ARMA, which isn't a bad thing, more sales for BI and that will benefit ARMA community, maybe not just yet, but it will in future.

So, hope that perspective helps. I think though releasing source code to public, or at least registered modding groups, could really help with better mods natively, and maybe fix other issues that the devs don't want/can't focus on for whatever reasons.

In fact i have 2 simple answer to this :
First, i have never expecting this to be release for the final version of Arma 3, maybe between 2 DLC or something like this, but not that's soon, i know its not possible, just know that BIS will do it.

And second, in fact i perfectly understand you and that's why it also can be a great feature, first cause it add thing that you will use for sure and second cause you can use the difficulty options to get the game become semi realistic, like disabled for bot and you critical/injury that can disabled you, you will be able to play perfectly like this and find a bench of server that play with this level of difficulty, and you will still get new feature from this things, more items, more interaction, better medic bot, way to threat that you can like (or disabled) and a lot of things, i love realism but i don't love every aspect of it (mainly cause sadly for most of the game creators realistic mean restriction, wish is false and without restriction/unrealistic/missing thing the game have better balance, less bugs and for both hardcore realism and arcade we get more possibility), with feature like this EVERYONE will be happy in fact.

And i don't think they will release the code to the public, i prefer that they themselves including mods from community to the game and rather than focus only on DLC create more feature for the final game after this release.

DLC is a way to go with this for sure. I will agree on that. But I think they need to see how popular it will be before going for it. Especially the gore factor could work as a DLC with a nice expansion covering something very controversial and horrific lol like vietnam.

Also the theory of more realistic equals less bugs and self balances, yes balancing it does kinda help with that, but for the bugs it is actually the opposite. Software development doesnt work like reality. Everything needs to be fabricated, and with that, there will be issues, and those issues will need to be tested and tested and tested until it is acceptable for production (public release) and even then it may still have issues, and as far as ARMA goes, nothing is ever really perfect, since OFP until today, there are still issues that have been haunting for years and still isnt resolved.

it is a shame if they dont release the code, with the kind of modding community they have, some modders could most likely fix alot of the issues that they dont get around to, for example better mid range textures and also better alternatives to the sinking effect, probably work on that popping effect to create a better smoother transition etc, and we could have better mods =) Can you imagine that?

Don't need a DLC to integrate gore mode, like i have said, options to disabled it, like we can for the blood will be way enough i think.

And yes i agree and also no, cause leak of feature/realism also cause opposite thing to work together, and it create bugs...
You can't make 100% realistic thing work together with 100% arcade thing and expecting everything to work well, i agree that complexity cause bugs, but opposite things also.

And yes i know, it will be really great and i wonder see this, but i think the game is too young yet, even Arma 2 don't have his source code release, it mean that sadly Arma 3 will never have it...
Mainly with "all PBO/Script" that the game use, it almost only use it xD, it mean that community can easily change vanilla feature without need source code, and with source code the possibility are almost unlimited !

"Don't need a DLC to integrate gore mode, like i have said, options to disabled it, like we can for the blood will be way enough i think."

See that is a problem for sales in countries that dont approve of gore. Take the GTA hot coffee mod for example. That was a huge issue since the game wasnt labeled to have interactive sexual content, yet everything was there hidden in the data, and all it took was for a modder to make it available in game.

Before this whole issue, your statement would be no problem, just disable it, but since that hot coffee mod crisis, if the content is distributed, even though it is not usable in game or disabled or whatever the case may be, the fact is the content is there and should be rated acordingly.

Soooo they will have to make two seperate versions, and I also dont see a problem with that, but I imagine it has complications somewhere. So as a DLC it would be perfect because they dont have to release that DLC to those countries, yet those countries will still have ARMA at least, so more sales =)

I have created a shitstorm, what have I done ;_;

I really dont understand the fascination with gore. I mean really, what does it add that people can honestly say will improve the way the game is played? If you're paying attention in battle you shouldn't have time to say "Fuck yeah did you see his head fly off?!"

ArmA is about the combat. its about teamwork, raw fighting on foot, vehicles and in the air. It is NOT a visual spectacular like Crysis, and the moment developers start catering for the people that want to see intestines flying across their screen, the gameplay will suffer.

If you want to see guts, there are a LOT of games that will suit your needs for unrealistic amounts of blood and guts. But then perhaps the money would be better spent on therapy, because there's some pretty screwed up people here if gore is the only way they can be entertained..

First of all PEACE in the community. I play since OFP, and there's improvements during the 12 years. Now we have PhysX and Ragdoll, but it's not enough, BI claims for "THE ULTIMATE MILITARY SIMULATION", ARMA 3 "THIS IS WAR". Now we can have greats improvements in the game, a game but a SIMULATION, and it must stay in this SPIRIT. Another WAR games less realistics got GORE with more realistics wounds, games more ARCADE, so ARMA 3 is less realistic at this point. It's a game, and you can choose your difficulty setting. There's an option for NO BLOOD if you want. At this time your 63 cons. against MORE than 500 pros. So I don't know why a minority wants to CONTROL the whole game and everybody, and keep RESPECT, we are adults, it's a VIRTUAL WORLD which SIMULATE WAR, so no "PSY EFFECT" or "it's can happen in REALITY", "you will stay at hospital". If you don't like to SIMULATE WAR play another games, but don't choose for the others players. We try to recreate REALISTICS FIGHTING, with STRATEGY, no one man in land against all the enemies and medics always away to try to have the better skill, there's another games for this, but we don't want that in ARMA. For ethics, it's easy with STEAM or BI website to CONTROL the ACTIVATION of the Realistic Wounding System in VANILLA version as an extended option, they can know were you are with the web, and with a parental code (a game for adults), it's easy, like that BI can sell everywhere! Germany and others countries against GORE are not alone, there's the rest of the world where it's admited, it's not good arguments. So if your against this option don't take it, but no mod like ACE 2 which is great but buggy. They can do more realistics wounds, they did it with VBS 2 2.0 which is the MILITARY version but again there's another games more realistics visually for wounds than ARMA, REALISM is not simply limited to a MILITARY usage. No WAR SIMULATION without realistics wounds, and again if you are against that, don't use the extended option.

And it's not gore for GORE, it's a SIMULATION, which need to have this feature for REALISM, we aren't crazy people who just want to see horror. It's happen in REALITY and not just in MILITARY WORLD, there's crimes, horror movies, and don't say that it's a game so it's have to be polished because of the player CONTROL in the game, it's not REAL!

Players who come from another WAR games more ARCADE, come to ARMA for the freedom of movement and more REALISM, but don't try to change ARMA which is a SIMULATION, but less realistic than some games visually for wounds, ARMA need to improve on that to enhance the experience.

I suggest 5 levels of wounds:

In the main game:

1- Blood ON or OFF, as it is now; you can set it OFF if you want.
2- Realistic Level of Blood, more accurate system of blood; you can set it OFF if you want.

In the option Realistic Wounding System:

3- Realistics Blood Splatters, visually improved, with Realistic Level of Blood; you can set it OFF if you want.
4- Realistics Wounds, with Realistic Level of Blood, Realistics Blood Splatters, hitpoint detection of vital organs and skeleton (bones break), burns, dismemberment, decapitation and others things like it is in real life, a more accurate medic system; you can set it OFF if you want.
5- Realistic Medic System, all options with a more realistic medic system; you can set it OFF if you want.

And everybody is happy! Set your game as you want, like with the difficulty level.
We are not mad, we just want the best for "THE ULTIMATE MILITARY SIMULATION".

SP: set your Waunding System as you want; don't choose for the others if they want realism, I respect that you are against more realistics woundsor no quiete with gore but respect the others to choose.

MP: choose your server with what you want in content, more ARCADE if you want.
It's possible to do, not like in REALITY but VIRTUALLY, maybe not so complex as it is expected from the ticket, but MUCH more accurate than it is now. And don't say that "BI can't do it", "they don't have enough time", they success with VBS. RESPECT who want that, I respect your choice. Now if you want an ARCADE game where you can do what you want, change of game, don't change the SPIRIT of ARMA which has to stay a SIMULATION, with STRATEGY, where you can play in TEAM, but which has to improve the Wounding System to stay like that, the BEST MILITARY SIMULATION!

PEACE in the community and RESPECT. And BI please, give us the BEST, as it was expected from ARMA since many years, to be really THE ULTIMATE MILITARY SIMULATION.

Ok I have posted a ticket for selecting different level of wounds. I hope that you will read it, thank you

Look at Overgrowth's blood system

Cantaloup3r you're just too stupid!

I would like to see this, as well as symptoms to certain wounds. I wouldn't mind seeing a system, similar to the ArmA 2 mods or to America's Army, where you need to use the right tools for the job. Putting band-aids on every wound doesn't heal it in real life, and I'd rather see something more advanced for a 2013 military simulator.

The dismemberment may be a bit far...

Why far? It's happen in reality. Do you want a game with out wounds? It's more realistic...

My biggest problem is when i get a shot, i dont know where it comes from. Where the bullet penetration is. Always the same animation when I get shot. Its so noob.
Need a little ragdoll effect here.

If somebody shoot my back, the character view should go up, if i get hit from front view should go down or something.

@zorballen offtopic and unrelated. Also made a post about it check it if you want.
Regarding this post. Im upvoting but it wont go higher. This is awsome we need dismebthingy simply for extra realism. No more taking rpg's to the face and getting firstaided and then you are good to go. Also Good job bez on the dismeb system.

Why VISUAL dismembering ? a simple "member disabling" system will be perfect, anyway we can have a member disabled without loose it, both must be implemented, if we took a bullet on the arm, the hard will be hard to use.
Anyway some modders will create a mods for make the dismembering become visual.
But at least a member disabling and dismembering who keep show the arm but wish can't be use.
We don't need the visual and modders can anyway do it :
Realistic wounding system = an interface (like the medic one) available for everyone, medic can do way more stuff, but the regular soldier can still use it for first aid and other small injury that can be done alone and with an interface that show where we are hurt, cause in real life we KNOW where we are hurt or we can see it by try to move a dead member or see the blood in a part of our body, in video game we can't cause we can't move specific member, we can't touch ourselves and see in our hand the blood or feel that a part of our body hurt...
We anyway need an interface...


I think your video is SLX, it´s not good at all, it's why we want it in the main game. If you can choose the level of gore there's no prob.

In fact not really level of gore but realism.

This is a rag roll effect with overwhelming support, so lets go. I was tempted to post a legitimate war gore link, but refrained. When you get shot, your head can come off, or just your face. In one picture, I actually took a minute to figure out what I was looking at, but it was a head and torso ripped apart by .50 cal bullets at a checkpoint in Iraq. When you get hit with a rocket, your body is charred and comes apart. This is not sick or twisted, it is a FACT. To omit this obvious factor of war is to dumb down the game. In fact, it's ridiculous. No one with a realistic expectation is looking for anything more than ragdoll effects akin to what happens. ACE modders can help do more, and include medic related activities, but the injuries we're talking about are mortal wounds that cause death, usually instantaneously. The fact that this has only been "reviewed" despite 500 + voting for it is a slap in the face. At least let us know that you can hear us out here and respond with what issues you (BIS) are facing so we can get some feedback and get pointed in the right direction. Ignoring it or pretending it is not important in not an acceptable response. Obviously it will be a setting, one that can be disabled for sales purposes in socialist countries like Germany, but it's going to take time to develop and it needs to be started now. "reviewed" sounds like "well, not right now" (hopefully you'll forget about it). State your position so we can make informed buying and support decisions. Thanks, I think I speak for more than a few people who are sick of getting dozens of e-mails of comments (daily) with no feedback from you (BIS)

I don't talk about wounding system from mods, i'm the first that hate things that must be in the game and who are only available from mods.
Like i have said, dismembering and others feature of a realistic wounding system must be integrated into the main game but NO visual gore, it will limit the costumer range by needing to increase the minimum age.
Anyway the main issue is that when you shoot someone in the the arms, he have NO difficulty to kill you, member disabled and dismemberment but without visual effect of this (anyway the gameplay result is the same than what we get with disabled member), dismemberment will be just another value that said that your arms/legs can't be fixed cause it is not only broken but gone, people can survive to dismemberment and sometime even still be able to fight, use explosive device, use some gun with a weak recoil or use anything that don't need 2 hands/legs.
But they can't add visual gore effect, that why modding community can be nice for this.

The game really need realistic body damage, a weak body like it is in real life and a realistic protection : Not the value that the guy described cause sometime 10 bullets can't penetrate but some time a single one can and can kill the guy inside.

And also a new modding system that permit for mods that don't change the gameplay (those who add visual effect only or things like this) to be available on every server :

And a system like the prone mobility like i have described, prevent a heavy wounded guy to move but still able to shoot at 180° and more while be unable to move
(cause i see coming the wounding issue that keep us only able to shoot from a single direction + the fact that cause of the injury we become unable to move).

I already see people complain about the fact that they don't want to wait 2 hour without moving.
First :
We don't care about this, if you want you can use the respawn button and don't prevent cause of your selfish attitude for people who want it to have it, cause a huge amount of server play with respawn disabled, and a (fix simulate the fact that we are another soldier) can be easily done, also it is only for SOME MINUTES, and its probably the time that we can get the best action of all the game.
Get shoot next to an enemy base, try to slowly crawl to the closest cover, check for enemy and try to kill them (cause after all we are next to the enemy position), if we don't see any on them try to use a FAK to stabilize ourselves, throw a lightstick or a smoke for cover and identification and ask an immediate back up -> up to 2 minute maximum depending of the enemy next to our position.
Wait the helicopter and try to kill enemy that coming dangerously close but try to stay stealth as possible, wait the helicopter that land in a safe area closer as possible (beyond a little hill or anything that prevent him to take direct enemy shoots) 4 minutes until he do (Arma map is not giant compare to real life or sim like DCS for example, helicopter cross really fast the map).
Crew get out of the helicopter and run to your position with some rifleman and a medic that come to fix you with a correctly implemented medical interface, like the image of this ticket show, they secure the direct area and the medic try to stabilize you much as he can for avoid you to die in the chopper (some people can't be move, the medic in a rescue mission have for goal to do it, stabilize the guy enough for make him movable) up to 2 minutes.
After this is secure everyone get back on the chopper or only you and the medic and the rest of the team finish your initial mission.
Helicopter back to the base and land on the "medic area" of the base that make you able to respawn while simulate a new soldier coming for example from the sea.

Up to 10 minute of gameplay that provide several action and a lot of things to do, in Arma you need more than 10 minute most of the time after land on the LZ for find your first target/see the first enemy...It give you one of the most realistic, immersive, advanced and finally fun/awesome experience of the game and force a real coop for a lot of persons.

Also when enemy take you in ambush and that EACH bullet you shoot count but rather than save your life by prevent a guy who get shoot on the arm to aim with perfect condition (no more than what we get with the ridiculously fast exhaustion of the soldier) or another one to run on a position that give him a good advantage when he i shoot on the legs.

Member injury/disabled and/or dismembering is important of all this aspect, actually the unrealistic and arcade system of the guy that feel ok until he die is a HUGE gameplay unbalance issue, one of the most important, mainly when we know that the god like AI that don't feel any exhaustion, don't care about suppression is also not affected by bullet hit, when you are alone facing 10 enemy.
That why a realistic wounding system is important, and with this a realistic medic system, visual dismembering is only eye candy and can easily without any issue be created by modders, but the value of it need to be here even if it is not visual at all.

It is possible to attach this issue with issue 0011078 ?

Are you ( everybody who upvoted this ticket ) ready to pay for an add on for this Realistic Wounding System?

I submite the idea on the forum.

Would be in-game or in ACE. Do you want to sell something?

It's not possible like at BIS they're late on lot of things, and always probs of rathings and ethics. But with money...

I agree, I would love to see a realistic wounding system, but unfortunately that may be something ACE 3 will have to provide. The idea is what would help launch the game into a higher level of simulator. The US military had a program some years back to make a new "uniform" that would track your vital, and would even restrict blood flow to areas that were wounded. When a medic would come to treat the soldier, they'd get a diagnosis on their patent thus speeding up the process of aid. It is very unlikely this feature will be added to ArmA 3, but maybe mods or future installments will.

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team leader
anti tank
machine gunner
combat medic

medics need a challenge, something a little more that "right click that guy but if you cant do it no problem someone else will do".

As it is now, ACE mod is even too much vanilla to me. List button, perform checkup, already find all symptoms and cure to apply, you dont even need to be a medic in order to heal someone...

A combat medic is a specialist and his competences cannot be replicated by someone without proper specific education. Who says no one would be interested to play such a role is talking about himself and the stone in his pocket. The strategic role of a CM inside a squad is invaluable if his skills are precious and scarce to obtain.

Of course the real role of a combat medic is to stabilize the wounded in order to send them to a hospital ASAP, not patch them so that they can pick their rifle up again and shoot as nothing has happened. As a CM it happened to resuscitate the same player up to 7 times one after the other. But in a mission, in a proper arma environment (= no casuals, no kids, no ramboids) , CM certainly have an important place.

Besides, i always presumed that A3 would have been better than A2 + ACE + ACRE. Even though im sadly adjusting my expectations, i would really hate if something as important as a wounding system like ACE's wouldnt be there from the get go.

Regarding gore, i dont mind, im not that interested. It would be interesting if there would be a hitbox mechanic that would show the interested wounded part (like a arm so that you would see blood splattering from that arm and not anywhere else, with maybe the ragdoll holding his arm fo the pain), but im not too much into flying limbs.

Copy red orchestras wounding system!

I'm waiting for this!

Dayz has openable med-kits and first aid kits which contain various medical items for use. This would be great for Arma and along with blood types and transfusions that the medic could preform on the battlefield, would make VBS players jealous of Arma 3's awesome medical system!

If they do this for DayZ and not for A3 it's really a shame! Because Arma is the flagship of BIS, so now guys you know what you have to do! If you do that for DayZ and not for A3 I'm sure that a lot of people will be angry, I really hope that you will do this...

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WOW so many TLDR;

Anywho, I can see this being possible treatment tool used for medics in the field, The better the player is the better he will be able to heal other players.

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Arma really need such a system.

What I really hate from this game is: I hit an enemy on the torso, not only did not die, but hit me within 0.5 secs with incredible accuracy and eliminates me. It is maddening.

I guess the real issue is not only time to develop it, but the own "professional" competitor inhouse, called "VBS" - which doesn't even have a system as complex as wished for by many of us.

Imagine ArmA3 more realistic than VBS, i guess they would hate that....

doctors are very poor in this simulator, Arma 2 in at least pretended to cure it, drag, lift, Arma 3 seems you are looking for a candy in his pockets,

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Christian_K you'r right but they have this.. on VBS2

I would be happy if they brought back the A2 System, maybe with a touch of the DayZ System.
All that hardcore stuff, leave it to mods, that's what they are there for.
But the A3 System is unacceptable!

I would love for a more complex medical system especially how everyone feels like a bullet sponge in arma 3.

The amount of gunshots people take in Arma 3 is insane.

Has anyone ever heard about "Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising" ?

The gore system is very realistic, especially when you get shot with a high-caliber sniper rifle. (It can take half of your leg off and after such a hit you become unconcious and bleed out/or shocked and instantly die).

Shot soldiers also do not even always just die in that game, they sometimes survive and lie on the ground and/or bleed out if they do not get any medical treatment.

Another thing is that when you get hit in the leg, you start limping and cannot walk very fast.
(in Arma 3 you just walk really slow, but normal, as if you forgot how to run..)

It would be nice to see such a system in Arma 3, besides of the gore part, that would just be too much work.

+1 if this ticket is only about the visual effects and the consequences of the hit. I think it is a nice idea and i would like to see it in the game.
But i don't want an advanced treatment like xMed. With AI it would be pita. Leave that optional with a mod.

I think we need this feature in game.

There is mods for that, ticket can be closed

Well they're working on something at least. From the about the new MP mode in the DLC:

"...goals of this work will be shared in detail along with the aforementioned 'MP mode'; in short, our intention is to experiment with new scripted solutions to common multiplayer needs, such as incapacitation and revival, with a view to building on this work with engine implementation in the long term."

Should be part of the game imo.

At the very least some minor locational damage should be a thing.

Neck shots should cause untreatable bleeding, leg shots should prevent running, arm shots should reduce aim etc.

It doesn't have to be too complicated but atleast do something for it!

It's already at a phase were it's not too complicated, you have diffrent parts of the body that take damage differently, the only way to make it 'better' would be to add major artery detection and have bleed outs and such.

Hopefully the Revive thing from end game is just the initial start of a deep medical system.

If you mean on the scale of ace, probably not going to happen, that kind of thing isn't fun for the average player.

penalties already did exist from a2, damage to arms head and torso reduced aiming capability and increased fatigue heavily, same in a3, in a2 and a3 it seems also if you take enough leg damage you wont be able to run and only walk until you get treated. Anyhow any type of medical system is better than the hilariously simplistic FAK/medkit system we have now.

For me, its good as it is, but if Developers decide to improve this, please make this option switchable like advanced flight model.

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Another thing that isn't going to happen, sadly.

Lets just release Arma 4.... :D

  • PLEASE READ *** I read some mentioning America's Army and one of the best parts of having blood loss is the psychological effect it adds in the game play. This actually makes the game more fun when, at a certain point, you KNOW you are going to die. How does this change the game? Well, imagine a frag going off near you while you are behind cover and you get severely hit but not dead just yet. At this point there is an indicator that you know you are going to die from blood loss and there is nothing you can do. With the final seconds of your life you know it's time to switch to full auto and run out guns blazing causing as much damage as you can before you pass out dead.

This causes a great realistic psychological "shock" effect scenario that usually doesn't happen when your character all of the sudden switches off and looks at the ground like a robot that shut down.

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