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Steering/ helicopter roll using a controller/joystick is weaker than with keyboard
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When trying to steer a vehicle or roll the helicopter with a controller or flight stick, the cap kicks in notably sooner that trying to do the same with a button on the keyboard.
It happens no matter which axis is assigned to steering.


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Connect controller or flight stick.
Map an axis to steer/roll left/right.
Try to steer/roll with the flight stick/gamepad.
Release and compare with pressing the keyboard-assigned button.

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Steering left with controller/flight stick:
Steering left with keyboard:

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I've noticed this as well using a CH Fighterstick. Roll and Pitch seem a bit 'soft' compared to the Keyboard controls.

Same here with, with latest DEV branch. Even though ingame settings for controllers show the axis maxed out at 100, when using the controller axis for steering, the wheels turn only 2/3 as much as with A/D keys on keyboard. Mapped the axis to Car Left / Car Right. Doesn't matter which joystick I use, happens on both a Logitech joystick and a console controller.

Issue has been resolved.

Yep, issue is still valid. Stick input is far less than with keyboard even on highest "sensitivity".

Soft for helo and hard roll for all Unsung jets! Iknow, it's a mod... but popular. I asked for 2 possible settings if possible...

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please, fix this, after more than 7 years
helicopter/jet roll left/right (A/D) using a controller/joystick is much much weaker than with keyboard
it's not a wish for useless stuff and not low priority, since it's not working correctly and makes using joysticks/controllers a pain in the ass (vs. keyboard), partially defeating the support of joysticks/controllers

dedmen added a subscriber: dedmen.Jun 14 2021, 5:33 PM

First of all, this was a bug and it`s been fixed a long time ago.

Thank you for the not useful video that brings more confusion to this ticket.

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Yes, it's the contrary!
It's easy to notice that keyboard action (up/down nose, any binding) has not the same efficiency than joystick.
Perhaps the rolling actions garble the demonstration, on the video, for a same displacement climb/dive of the simulated stick (display: I know it's just a proof that player is actuating the command), the joystick is far more efficient (climb dive rate)
And I can add that's also true for the poor efficiency of the mouse (again for pitch/roll).... At the point I bound a key for immediate "pitch up full simulated stick", avoiding crash in recovery maneuver.