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Roll not working with Saitek X52 Pro as compared to keyboard
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Hello, I have read the issue #: 0008002 also can be viewed at this link:

That is exactly the problem that I have. I see that the issue should be fixed and non existent as of version, but now we're up to 1.36.128579 and I am experiencing this issue.

  • I am not running Saitek profile software
  • I have ONLY Saitek X52 Pro binds set to the helicopter controls
  • Sensitivity is at default, but I turned deadzone all the way to 0 in the customize options under the Joystick in-game
  • Validated game files on Steam everything checked out


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In the Virtual Reality Helicopter basics:

  • When asked to Strafe Left, move joystick left and compare to when the Keyboard button "A" is pressed. There is an obvious difference. The same can be observed when attempting to strafe right.
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I have a feeling this will be deleted as it is a reproduction of 0008002 and I haven't been able to dig up anybody as of late having the same issue. Could be something on my end? Can you guys confirm that this is an issue on my end before I do some drastic changes on my PC end?

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When I turn Auto Hover Off and roll left and right, the helicopter seems to work correctly.

Also have the Track ir 5 and Logitech G27 connected and implemented to be used with Arma 3.

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dupe of T61125