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Joystick roll right/left activating about 25-35% of roll capability/speed
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When banking a fixed wing aircraft (rolling left or right) the aircraft rolls at an extremely slow rate when compared to mapping a key or mouse motion to same. i.e. the aircraft takes 10-15 full seconds to barrel roll completely with a joy, but only about 1-2 seconds with keyboard or mouse mapped keys.


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Steps To Reproduce

Step 1: Get in fixed wing aircraft
Step 2: Take off
Step 3: Attempt to roll aircraft to inverted position with joystick
Step 4: Get extremely frustrated when step 3 takes 7 full seconds

Additional Information

This issue was present in earlier builds, but was resolved with the previous DEV build that introduced Altis, but resurfaced in the release version.

I have used 2 different joysticks, and both are affected equally. 1: Saitek X45 2: Logitech Extreme 3d Pro

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I just noticed this issue using an xbox 360 controller to fly

Have the same problem, worked fine until the latest patch, now I have the same problem as you do.

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Same here and it`s consistent over to addon planes also.
Roll is bugged but pitch works fine.
Here`s a video demonstrating how big of a difference we`re talking about:

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dupe of T61125