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Better ragdoll
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I'm not entirely sure what i'm expecting from this, but I'm just asking if the ragdolls could be tweaked, as right now they're very flimsy and pathetic. I've seen other games do rag-dolling better such as Half-Life 2, grand theft auto 4 and others. I just feel right now they're not as good as they could be. I realise the engine could be limiting it I just hoped they could be improved slightly, maybe better collision so you don't end up with arms going throw bodies etc.

The ragdolls are too light. The bodies should fall to the ground much quicker, the average man is from 150-200 lbs. Plus the extra 60-100 lbs of gear soldiers wear, if including a rucksack even more. Right now the people in the game fall in almost slow motion, it looks bad and is completely unrealistic. Please address this, and put more weight on the ragdolls. {F17132} {F17133} {F17134} {F17135}


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My primary gripe with the ragdoll as it stands is that they're the slightest bit too light so LMG rounds actually knock back the ragdoll upon death which is pretty... weird.

They need a little more weight added to them, otherwise, it's an amazing sight the few times the ragdolls work as intended.

It's quite jarring isn't it? Too much force from a gun and they go flying backwards. Other times they just freeze and fall over. I've also noticed that sometimes they'll stop to die? You shoot them, and then they stop running, stand still, and just die. It's quite comical watching them switch from the animations to ragdoll!

This is a matter of tweaking a few values - not really worth as many raised issues as it has.
That said, don't expect GTA level of ragdoll, that used the Euphoria engine which combined AI along with a custom ragdoll engine to create that behavior.

Yeah, I do relise that GTA 4 used Euphoria. GTA had my personal favourite ragdolls ever. I just hope really that they can be slightly improved, nothing massive. I just feel that right now it's a bit immersion breaking.

Oh yeah, I totally agree with you that it ruins the world a little, I just want to point out that this has been raised so many times already and that it's not going to change how quickly its going to be adjusted.

My apologises, I shoulda checked first to see if there were any topics already on it, I hadnt seen any after checking a few pages.

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It seems the PhysX stops working at times and old ARMA physics takes over. Was driving and turning hard so i was driving on 2 wheels. Car stopped and still with 2 wheels in the air. All good so far, but then the PhysX seemed to stop and instead of the wheels that are in the air come down hard as they should the car slowly slowly sinks down until all 4 wheels were on the ground.

So it seems PhysX is being cancelled at times indeed be it ragdoll or vehicles.

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As soon as somone is "killed" they seem to go completely limp. This means 90 percent of the people you shoot will just kind of crumple down into themselves.

That's one of the more grating parts, the whole, going limp thing.

Actually, going limp and crumpling into a lifeless heap is precisely what a body does when a human is shot and killed by small arms fire. The A3 ragdolls are particularly realistic in this regard.

Yeah I understand that, but the way it's modeled in game doesn't quite feel right, their arms shouldnt snap to the side like i've seen them do, and they're crumpling into positions that don't make sense as well.

You should be able to implement them changes with your latest PhysX technology.

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I've seen a number of dead soldiers that appear to be folded up in unnatural positions. Bent in half backwards, almost as if they were folded up like a lawn chair.

Added screenshots of examples of what I mean.

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i uploaded 2 pic. also. I tryed a various situations when played with the ragdolls. Here are my thoughts. The ragdoll effects turning on after some millisecond of death. (try this in the editor: put down a car, putting on over it a civilian about 200m. Set the civilian flying and watch what happen) The characters have not set its turning point correctly. Whatch the borken leg picture. It should look correct if that guy fall from the sky, but that poor fellow was killed by a short burst. And the ragdoll effects cannot conctact with any object no box, neighter cars nothing. Maybe with walls.

I've also seen the broken leg thing happen with ragdolls. It seems like a really silly request but for the sake of immersion, I honestly think this needs fixing, they really need better collision detection.

I agree 100% on this issue, I hope it gets way more votes, it needs it! I'm a big physics person and I loved how they switched to ragdoll physics rather than their old death animations, but they definitely need tweaked. In my personal preference, I think they need to be stiffened up so the limbs aren't as flimsy and flailing everywhere and they should have more weight to them so when they fall, they fall hard as if someone would in real life, especially with all that gear on.

They definitely need more weight! The worst is when they fall off a littlebird after being killed, they just sort of glide down. It reminds me of skyrim, the ragdolls in that game are pathetic! I really hope BI notice this and at least tweak them.

Had some funny moments with soldiers just throwing their weapons around upon death, some nice moments.

But indeed, they could move a bit more realistic sometimes.

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JNC added a comment.Mar 8 2013, 10:00 PM shot an unarmed civilian in flippy floppies??!

Indeed, the ragdoll is a bit unreal.
Do not follow the laws of the joints and muscles often remain standing,
The most annoying thing is that a grenade or any kind of blow does fall to the ground the victim to the ground instead of making it react with the right physical.

Despite the ragdoll effects apparently implemented I'm still seeing that animation where prone soldiers standing up to die :P

100% agree!
this ragdoll physics sucks! its like the dead body got no weight at all and all the bones are broken in it.

I like this game and I hope its because its alpha version we see things like this but if A3 will be the same I will be very very very disappointed.

The best looking death animation would be the combined method. Upon being killed, the character can start to play some prepared short death animation. For example, drop his weapon and touch his chest with a hand, or fall to the knees. Such animation can prepare character's body for better ragdoll (bend or step a little forward or aside). After 0,5-1 seconds ragdoll is engaged, so the animation is smoothly continued to its unique state. This is applicable only for a death from bullets. Explosion, vehicle impact or fall damage should switch the ragdoll immedietly.

If its too complex, we still need to tune up the ragdoll as it is now...

The ragdoll physics in Raven Shield was moddable. This allowed for very dramatic John Woo-style air ballet and for "dropped like a sack of potatoes" realism.

I like the idea of making any possible part of the engine modifiable, so Uziyahu's comment really appeals to me.

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Firstly I love the fact they have decided to implement ragdoll ahead of canned animations, thank god for that. However i agree it needs refinement, i'd love to see source engine level ragdoll or better. there is just something really cool about people going down in a cool physics driven way. The ragdoll on this game is shown up heavily when you run someone over in a vehicle.

Need to add ability to drag dead bodyes as in Hitman, this feature be great for stealth missions

The rag doll is pretty spot on, but more gore ..I.E. realistic body damage would be great, plus I'd love to see a head or a chest cavity explode.

P.S. Remember you have ALOT of Iraq, Afghanistan and Gods know what other war Vets playing this game, so please make it as real as you can; And beside this game helps me manage my PTSD.

Better ragdolls are called for, indeed. I propose a half-MoCap animation, half-ragdoll system. Also, allow ragdolls to be moved after death.

For example, if you fall from the sky and hit the water, your arms will be stretched out like jelly.

I've heard that the reason ragdolls don't have collisions is so that the game won't be banned in germany. I have a german friend that can't play SaintsRow 3 with me because the german version is crazily filtered and incompatible with the GB version.

As @Laqueesha and @chechenin said.

To start off. What about taking the canned/static animations from A2 and use these to try out a new system based on what the two suggested.

Start the A2 animation and then at 0,5 sec (or whatever seems to work) engage the physx. Keep physx for explosions, falling etc without a delay.

Would be great to see how this turns out.

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I have problem with the new ragdoll physics sytem. First of all the the ragdoll system activation have a couple of second delay. Second, the actors didnt collide with a lot of things like cars, ammobox, etc. I uploaded a video to demonstrate those issues.
By the way the vehicle physics works pretty good on this demonstration.

As I see it, A3 engine based on A2 engine and because of this reason its can't handle the PhysX right, its seems like PhysX work as addon to the engine and not implemented inside it as it should be...

And I want to say it again: I am very hugely massively disappointed :\

I think all this bugs will be fixed only in ArmA 4 if at all...

Info from duplicated ticket amended to description.

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One simple change that would improve ragdoll deaths would be to give the dropped weapon (some part of) the dying unit's velocity, so that when a running unit dies, the rifle moves forward from point of death rather than falling directly vertical as they currently do.

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What ive noticed is that ragdoll happens until either the player is back on the ground from being blown off it, or after a few seconds once being shot, it seems to set the player.

I know this is due to some ratings which would not allow the game to be sold in certain countries if there was body manipulation, but this doesn't mean the body should just set in place after a few seconds, doesn't make sense for a start.

Voting up

^Even in old OFP dead bodies were still movable via explosions for instance.

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Yep..alittle bit of tweak will be ok. Anyways looks like with the beta are better, did they?

There should also be some sound effects for when they hit the floor like a flood and then a sound of his webbing/equipment so for the Foley FX you could just rustle some karabiners in bags or something just for a more satisfying sound.

Soldiers not dying slowly is intentional and has been talked over more than sufficiently in #3050. Please do not hijack this ticket for a debate over death animations (or lack thereof). If you read the original description, this ticket is about bugs with the ragdoll system.

I agree there might be cases where a soldier wouldn't just fall down dead but lay down wimpering and cringing on the floor in agony, but that's been left out of the game deliberately, since they wanted to leave it a game and didn't feel it was necessary to show this kind of cruelty (even though war in reality is cruel).

It's debatable, but not here in the Feedback Tracker; head over to the forums for that, please. I'll remove all further comments on this subject.

Latest version of the game i cant see ragdoll happening when shooting FFAR or HE from a tank. No AI is being blown to the side and ragdoll to death. They ragdoll in place - i think, but they arent blown a bit from the shockwave like with grenades (at least before i havent tried now).

The impact should make them at least fall away from the blast and not just drop straight down. I think its a code mishap.

Same with trees. They dont fall from damage anymore like they did in all previous titles.

Think the ragdolls need to be stiffened up a bit too, give them a backbone, so when they fall they aren't laying with their feet up by their head, or some other unrealistic odd positions.

Ragdolls seem to vibrate for a couple secs after they die. You can clearly notice that when you die, your camera vibrates then stops after a while.

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Of course this detail is important.
I gave my voice, but the fall of a body on the ground, takes only 1-2 seconds in the game, and dead unrealistic poses of the body player can be seen at the player within one hour. So, is ugliness have a more greater duration!
For this reason, i think the position of the dead bodies require more priority to fix. Who agrees with me, please vote here: