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Does not detect changes to audio device
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4th generation of Real Virtuality, and it still does not support changing audio device. Most other games support this, even console ports.

It is quite frankly annoying having to restart the game every time you have to switch between speakers and headset.


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Windows 7
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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Right click Speaker icon in system tray.
  2. Click Playback devices.
  3. Right click another audio device than the current and select "Set as Default Device".
  4. Switch back to the game.

Audio still coming through previous device.

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Yeah it's annoying :-\

Extremely annoying! Cannot switch to headset in game, have to restart the entire game. The audio will also go silent while loading if using a wireless bluetooth headset.

Please fix this!

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So sick of having to exit arma just to switch to my headset. Please resolve this.

Since my ticket was closed down due to being a duplicate of this I'll vote it up fo' real! :D Also it seems the ppls here get the point I was trying to make easier. It's plainly annoying that in 2013/14 an application/game won't recognize an USB HS, while this is a common standard on Apple machines and even for some shitty console ports. Anyway, UPVOTE!

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Upvote! Happens quite often that I have to switch from speakers to headset during gameplay and it is very frustrating.

Agreed im really hoping this will be addressed in Arma 3 it is a MUCH needed and basic feature

Still an issue in latest dev build. Come on, guys. This could be the first Real Virtuality game release with this very standard PC game feature.

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This happens every time I start the game. I play most games with speakers, but with arma one really needs to use headphones to be combat effective. So I start the game with speakers as the default sound device. Notice immediately that I have the wrong sound device. But still have to wait 30 seconds for the game to start and get me to the menu, so I can exit and start the game again.

Not exactly game breaking, but annoying none the less.

Okay. Seems like you need a pointer...

HKEY key;
while (true)
RegOpenKeyEx(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, "SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\MMDevices\\Audio\\Render", 0, KEY_READ | KEY_NOTIFY | KEY_WOW64_64KEY, &key);

There. Now I've done most of the work for ya.

ThaNeo added a comment.Nov 5 2013, 6:37 PM

signed and up voted!

this would be a very nice "feature" to Arma 3.
I also have to switch from speakers to headset (USB) very often and it's realy annoying to restart the whole game everytime...

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This is indeed a problem. My headset also sometimes resets the connection between itself and the system once, leading to the sound dying completely until the game is restarted even after the connection with the headset is reestablished. This is particularly annoying when you're in a larger multiplayer OP or something like Wasteland when restarting your game is simply not an option.

Issue 16720 is related.


I hope they could do something with this. The most common scenario is when i start the game without the headphone is plugged in. If i plug it in late there is no sound in the game. Neither when i unplug it. I have to restart the game.

Guys, this really should have higher priority.

I agree this should be high priority and reclassified as a major bug rather than a feature request. Because of this if I so much as touch my headset's usb plug I lose sound until I restart the game and Arma is unplayable without sound.

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+1 Many times restart of a game, with this question. It is good if setup of the device of a sound in a launcher is built in.

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I use Bluetooth headset. I start the game, after game loads, I hear ambient sounds. Ass soon is I connect to the server and see Global Channel message. The sound disappears. Please fix it asap

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Possibly the same as

I'm no coder so I don't know how difficult it is to implement but the fix for this is obviously a drop-down menu in audio settings to select your audio device you want to use at the time and it switches.

However, a half-solution that might be easier/quicker to implement that would be incredibly useful is to be able to set the default audio device on game launch. For example, my default for my computer, music, etc, is speakers but Arma is set to headphones-only and sound comes only from them.

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Still doesn't work 8 years later.

Interesting that you should choose now to complain about it, right after BI releases an RC branch adding the ability to choose the audio device in the game settings.

You should test on the 2.04 RC branch and see if it resolves your issue.

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