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May 10 2016

AstroRetro added a comment to T79354: Crashing when attempting to host Internet Mp.

Yes, I too had this issue crop up on version 1.30.127372. I was also running a set of mods that I had been using regularly on previous versions. Through a process of trial and error I founds that of the mods I use, I was able to run all the following without error:

Community Base Addons v1.09, Arma 3 Map Pack v1.4, RDS Arma 2 Island Fixes, LSD Nightvision Goggles, Copy My Stance, Shack Tac HUD, Shack Tac Stamina Bar, VTS Weapon Resting v1.0

I found two mods that would cause a crash when trying to host an internet game:
iniDBI v1.4, KH Low Grass v1.0

Disabling these allows me to host an internet listen server just fine. Note that I can run them in single player and even host LAN games just fine, it only crashes when I try to host an internet game.

I think Bohemia's response is correct. It is up to the mod makers to ensure that their work is compatible with the latest builds, and for many mods that is a tricky task. At least all my most important mods work.

May 10 2016, 9:19 AM · Arma 3
AstroRetro added a comment to T69671: AI bug with pistol.

I (and two others I regularly game with) have had this bug occur in Arma1, Arma2 and OA for many years. Now we are very sad to see it has not been fixed in Arma3 beta. Can't we fix this please. Come on it's been there too long and is a real game-breaker for multi-player.

I always remove pistols from AI in the editor before playing missions to eliminate this bug.

May 10 2016, 4:44 AM · Arma 3