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AI bug with pistol
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Sometimes when i play with AI´s the unit pulls his pistol and crashs. The unit stops moving and ignores any orders. If you swap to the AI you have to change your weapon several times in order to be able to move again.


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Happens rarely with any AI

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Saw this bug already in ARMA 2

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Just try to give an ai a pistol in the editor and try having him move or better yet, lead, and watch him wait around not even looking around

I (and two others I regularly game with) have had this bug occur in Arma1, Arma2 and OA for many years. Now we are very sad to see it has not been fixed in Arma3 beta. Can't we fix this please. Come on it's been there too long and is a real game-breaker for multi-player.

I always remove pistols from AI in the editor before playing missions to eliminate this bug.

Can't agree more.
I m stumbling EVERY day upon this problem.
As @AstroRetro said this problem exists for long time ago.
Please fix it guys :/