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Unescapable Storage Lag / Dsync
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Anytime you get within network range of a decent amount of items (in storage or on players) it will flood your client and cause lag. This is especially worse now after the new vehicle simulation changes, one second you're driving on the road, next you're in the ditch, all because you loaded in a base or player.

Video reproducing the issue with an item counter on display (tlc count)

I can imagine there's more things that can cause this like just loading in a town for example. This is the most irritating and frustrating thing to deal with in this game as it can cause massive issues like making cars borderline unusable, and ruining encounters with enemies
Here's a prime example:
(I ended up reducing the storage network bubble to minimize the effect on players away from bases)


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Run Side by Side with another player into the network bubble of a lot of items. You will immediately see the dsync the moment you hit it.

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I have also been experiencing a lot more of this with the new vehicle changes. Vehicles in 1.19 in general are much worse than previous patches, they handle way worse but they are also much more desync ish and laggy. Like Designful said, it happens very often when you are just driving in a straight line that the car will suddenly and harshly teleport to the left or right

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" This is the most irritating and frustrating thing " I wouldn't say that, the cheaters are (ofc if you're on private hive that is not your problem), but yea, on the rest I agreed.

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Please prioritize this. It is affecting all servers dramatically and causes huge performance issues around bases.

I should mention this does not just include bases, this includes almost everything, load in a town too quickly and you will dsync. None of the 1.20 debug shows this happening. It is still making this game a nonstop lag fest.

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This needs working on, its been a fact of dayz for too long now, please devs, we need you here

JerryK added a subscriber: JerryK.Feb 25 2023, 4:17 PM

I also have this problem with my „base“ (large tent with around 40 wooden crates full of stuff).
Every time I drive back to the tent there is a big lag, like in the video. Car is suddenly lagging somewhere before or behind.

Happens also on an emty localhost server on the same machine. Guess the engine is just not designed for more than 50 items 😂

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Hello everyone.
This problem has been resolved for the 1.21 update!

Amazing news, cannot wait for 1.21

This is rly great news!

Ohhhh shittttt nice one!