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Reload weapon with another mag with "hold r" keybinding problem
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When you have 3 mags and want to reload your weapon with the "hold r" keybinding - this is broken when the char is cycling through all 3 mags.
Even after a relog reloading with "hold r" is not possible anymore till you reload the weapon with "drag and drop" in the inventory.


Operating System
Windows 10
Steps To Reproduce
  • Find a weapon
  • Find 3 mags for the weapon
  • Load the mags with bullets
  • Place mag (2) and mag (3) in player inventory
  • Load one mag (1) in the weapon
  • "Hold r" to load cycle mags

When mag (1) is the weapon again "Hold r" to load a mag is not possible anymore with this weapon.

Additional Information

At this point I was on the UK 03 Exp Server v 1.12.153904.
I could not reload my weapon with the "Hold r" keybinding. So I was doing a relog (and starting to record).

0:45 - Im trying to reload the MP5 with "Hold r". It is not possible.
Im trying to recreate the problem.
3:30 - the bug is present again and it is not possible reload with "Hold r".
Switching the gun and trying to recreate the problem.
4:40 - Same problme with the AKM. Reload with "Hold r" is not possible.

Is related to T153569

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Same issue is on console aswell

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Thank you for the report andro_dawton.
The issue has been confirmed and scheduled for a fix.