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Reload weapon with another mag with "hold r" keybinding problem
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When you have 3 mags and want to reload your weapon with the "hold r" keybinding - this is broken when the char is cycling through all 3 mags.
Even after a relog reloading with "hold r" is not possible anymore till you reload the weapon with "drag and drop" in the inventory.


Operating System
Windows 10
Steps To Reproduce
  • Find a weapon
  • Find 3 mags for the weapon
  • Load the mags with bullets
  • Place mag (2) and mag (3) in player inventory
  • Load one mag (1) in the weapon
  • "Hold r" to load cycle mags

When mag (1) is the weapon again "Hold r" to load a mag is not possible anymore with this weapon.

Additional Information

At this point I was on the UK 03 Exp Server v 1.12.153904.
I could not reload my weapon with the "Hold r" keybinding. So I was doing a relog (and starting to record).

0:45 - Im trying to reload the MP5 with "Hold r". It is not possible.
Im trying to recreate the problem.
3:30 - the bug is present again and it is not possible reload with "Hold r".
Switching the gun and trying to recreate the problem.
4:40 - Same problme with the AKM. Reload with "Hold r" is not possible.

Is related to T153569

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Same issue is on console aswell

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Thank you for the report andro_dawton.
The issue has been confirmed and scheduled for a fix.

andro_dawton added a comment.EditedJun 23 2021, 4:04 PM

Cant reproduce now in 1.13 exp. But there is no entry in the changelog. Does this mean it is still reproducable in 1.13? @Geez

Maybe it fixed itself 😂 but i played yesterday had no issues with it anymore aswell on (PS4) SEEMS TO BE FIXED

andro_dawton added a comment.EditedJun 23 2021, 5:24 PM

Is 1.13 experimental on PS4?

No but as far as i got told there was a smaller update and since then it didnt happened to me anymore.

@Geez Hi, the issue is still present on todays experimental version. It appears that the bug affects the magazine, that is attached to the gun when logging in.

  1. As long as that magazine is in the gun, the holding "R" to reload keybinding is NOT functional.
  2. The gun CAN however be reloaded by manually dragging another magazine onto the COMBINE section.
  3. The gun can then be reloaded by holding "R" UNTIL the "cursed magazine" has been cycled back into the gun. At that point Step 2. has to be repeated.

Hope I could clarify things
Best regards

this issue still persist in 1.13

Still persist in 1.14 but i found a way to fix atleast the mag when it happens.

Fix: Drop the "cursed mag" on the ground, look at it and reload with R2 on PS4 or left mousbutton on PC. For me that fixed the mag and i could reload normally again. Will do this in the future.. To avoid this bug from happening

@KingSize Will try that, thx for the tip :)

I can confirm that the workaround works, thanks again @KingSize! And I can thus confirm that the bug also still exists @Geez

@Geez The issue is present as of 1.17.154657.

I want to suggest setting the severity to major, as this issue can easily get you killed in a firefight and thus lead to the loss of your character.

Geez added a comment.Mar 28 2022, 2:45 PM

@Geez The issue is present as of 1.17.154657.

I want to suggest setting the severity to major, as this issue can easily get you killed in a firefight and thus lead to the loss of your character.

Hello freerider3434.
The severity column on the bugtracker does not reflect our internal priority system.

Hey @Geez thanks for taking the time to let me know.

In 1.18 this bug happened again. No matter wich gun.. It is happening to me always when i have excactly 3 mags.. 2 in my inventory 1 in the gun.

Slivo added a comment.Aug 2 2022, 12:50 PM

I don't know if I'm getting unlucky but this is getting out of hands lately
Any chance to have someone looking at this ?

@Geez This bug is still present as of stable game version 1.19.155390, meaning that the core mechanic of gunplay has now been suffering from the same bug for 7 patches straight (since 1.12). There is a workaround as has been described in this ticket, but every DayZ player who doesn't know it, is at a severe disadvantage. To reiterate, this bug prevents you from reloading via the R-key.

You said that the severity column does not reflect your internal priority system, but given how long this bug has been present now, I'm sure it's safe to say it isn't "major", which is what I was suggesting.

This bug leads to losing gunfights due to bugged gameplay mechanics and thus to losing characters, so I don't think I am wrong in my assesment.

Best regards

Slivo added a comment.Feb 7 2023, 6:44 PM

Hi. It's been almost two years and this bug is as critical as ADS bug
Please fix!

Slivo added a comment.EditedFri, Mar 24, 4:19 PM

If you need some context to see how terrible this issue is, check out this vanilla deatchmatch server
Players are geared at spawn and (almost?) systematically cannot perform their first reload holding the R key.

Could we have bit of an update on the topic ? (@Geez or whoever is around handling the reports in 2023)