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Player-Glasses overwriting loadout
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The glasses a player can set in the "Player-Profile-Options" in the main menu are overwriting given loadouts.

That means, when building a multiplayer scenario, everyone will get their own glasses set in their own profile, instead of the ones chosen for their loadout.
This also applies if the player has NONE selected. The glasses from the loadout will just be removed and the player will not have any glasses.

A feature to disable this option for specific units would be great. Removing it is not making much sense, as the possibility to customize your character is wanted.

Would just be neat if it's possible to disable it if needed, as it looks horrible when you're making a fitting loadout and then there's this one guy with his yellow hipster-glasses 😉 😆


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Eden Editor
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open player-editor in main menu (top right profile name)
  2. Choose glasses for yourself
  3. Open Eden Editor and edit a scenario (multiplayer)
  4. Place any unit and choose any glasses for the given unit
  5. Play scenario
  6. Glasses will be changed to the ones selected in the main menu

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Duplicate of T156414

dedmen added a subscriber: dedmen.Wed, Feb 17, 9:39 PM

@R3vo but this ticket is newer. Yours is a duplicate of this one ;)

set description.ext property AllowProfileGlasses = 0; to disallow. from ver 2.03.147281

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