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description.ext entry "AllowProfileGlasses = 0;" behaves differently between dedicated and non-dedicated multiplayer
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AllowProfileGlasses = 0; seems to behave differently between hosted-multiplayer and dedicated server environments. I tested on both stable and profiling branches without mods. In hosted or editor multiplayer the facewear that I spawn with is from the mission's unit loadout. On my dedicated server I spawn with absolutely no facewear.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Client: Windows 10 Pro - 20H2 | Dedicated Server: Windows Server 2019
Steps To Reproduce

Play the above mission in hosted multiplayer or editor multiplayer and then play it on a dedicated server.
The facewear will be the one set in the unit's loadout in hosted or Eden editor multiplayer.
On the dedicated server the player will spawn in with absolutely no facewear.

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How did you assign balaklava in editor?

@BIS_fnc_KK Right click on unit -> "Edit Loadout"

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It appears to be functioning correctly in development branch. I take it this will be included in the next major update to stable and profiling branches?

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