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Patrol Jacket weight increased or the weight effects increasured after latest v1.08 patch on 10 June 2020.
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Logging in after updating today (10 June), I found my character having nearly all it's stamina depleted. Through removing items one by one from the character, I found the problem was the Patrol Jacket the character was wearing. The description for the patrol jacket indicates an item weight of 2 kg, same as the character's MLock-91 with silencer and fully loaded mag. By dropping either the Patrol Jacket or the MLock-91, the stamina recovered slightly when I dropped only the MLock-91, but recovered by close to 2/3 full stamina when I dropped only the Patrol Jacket.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Have Patrol Jacket equipped or in inventory.

Additional Information

My character is logged into the "DayZ Livonia US - NY 3602 (Experimental/Unstable)" server.

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Lex added a subscriber: Lex.Jun 11 2020, 2:14 AM

A few patches back, there was a similar problem and she came back again. BIS, stop walking in a circle!

Qavvik added a subscriber: Qavvik.Jun 11 2020, 2:58 AM

Further to this, I noticed a similar problem with weights of items being similar, but having drastic differences to the amount of stamina they reduce when added to ones inventory. For instance I was wearing a field jacket that weighed (with contents) "about 7kg", it reduced my stamina far more than an assault vest w/buttpack that weighed "about 13kg". Also, I noticed that an empty hunting backpack that weighed "about 1kg" drastically reduced my characters stamina (by well over a 3rd) when I put it on (I will create a separate task for this issue). Lastly, my character on Experimental is carrying approx. 35kg of stuff with only 5% stamina left, my character on 1.07 carrying approx. 36kg has about 50% of their stamina left.

Before the patch change on today (10 June), the patrol jacket weight/stamina loss was what usually see. The new version is when I noticed such a large loss of stamina.

It seems backpacks are effected as well. I switched from a big Field back pack to a smaller combat backpack and there was no difference in stamina.

Weight seems to be an issue now - my main character has zero stamina today after 60% yesterday. I also have a second account and on a new character am down to 20% stamina with just a backpack and a couple of items.

Yeah I’ve just logged in. Nothing on apart from combat backpack with 2 fat, 4 cooked fish and some small items and it removes approx 75% of stamina.

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Geez added a subscriber: Geez.

Hello everyone.
A fix for this issue is currently being worked on internally.

Seems still to be an issue in the released 1.08

Can confirm, from 50% stamina (carrying 3 guns) and I stopped to fill up my water supply. This added 1 canteen and 2 water bottles full of water (approx 1kg each) my stamina went to minimum. That’s heavy water!

lava76 added a subscriber: lava76.Jul 7 2020, 12:17 PM

The recursive weight calculation doesn't seem to work as intended. Fixable by modding:

modded class ItemBase
	override void UpdateWeight( WeightUpdateType updateType = WeightUpdateType.FULL, float weightAdjustment = 0 )
		super.UpdateWeight( WeightUpdateType.FULL );

modded class PlayerBase
	override void UpdateWeight( WeightUpdateType updateType = WeightUpdateType.FULL, float weightAdjustment = 0 )
		EntityAI attachment;

		int attcount = this.GetInventory().AttachmentCount();
		for (int att = 0; att < attcount; att++)
			attachment = GetInventory().GetAttachmentFromIndex(att);
			if( attachment )
				attachment.UpdateWeight( WeightUpdateType.FULL );

		super.UpdateWeight( WeightUpdateType.FULL );