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Weight impact on stamina calculated wrong
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Product: DayZ Experimental v 1.08.153164 - no mods

Description: As player's weight changes over time by items going in and out of his inventory, the stamina does not decrease and increase correctly - over time stamina remains low even when player carries very little overall weight. One example when this was observed was when I had some backpack and I was using it for some time (~hours in single session), I had it half-full with some items, then I found exactly the same backpack with exactly the same condition - I moved my item to this found backpack and my stamina restored significant bit. It was same backpack, same items, no wetness, no known modifiers to it overall weight. This same was observed when changing trousers inventory or jackets.

This can be certain specific item(s) causing this (I did not identify which one) or there is weight->stamina calculation error that accumulates over time.

Giving this "Major" severity as this seriously impacts gameplay - with stamina calculated wrongly too low (or high) for your weight player has serious disadvantage (or advantage if stamina results high)


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Windows 10 x64 Home 1909
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Take and use container carried on player (backpack, jacket, pants, etc..)
  2. Play normally, move loot in and out of your container over time, observe stamina bar shrinking with weight added, but not reclaiming correctly when weight is removed
  3. Find exactly the same container as you are using - put your loot into new found container, exchange your old and new container on your player - stamina does not stay same.
Additional Information

I'll try to find exact conditions or at least narrow-down possible ones. Please assign this report correct "Category" if current does not fit.