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Items still getting stuck in storage
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Items will often still become stuck inside the container the player has placed them in. The player cannot drop, move, add to hands, add to inventory, or in any way interact with the item. The only way to drop or pick the item up is by having the container in hand and moving or dropping the item from your hands, however the item becomes unusable and buggy. After re-logging, the item is no longer in your inventory/on the ground, it will be returned to the container and will remain stuck or frozen. This happens to all items in all types of storage. Essential items needed for player survival can suddenly become unusable, leaving the player without the things they have worked hard to gather at the times when they are needed.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Add any items to any container.
  1. Play the game. (allow time to pass, leave area and return, etc.)
  1. Certain items become unusable as you can't remove them from the container. (guns, meds, food, car parts, ammo, every type of item can get stuck)
Additional Information

Server restart rarely fixes this problem, please do us all a favor and put these item glitches as your top priority, they are by far the most disappointing and game breaking bugs. Try to understand that we work hard to find these guns and items and when they get taken away for NO REASON it's incredibly frustrating as a player.

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Thank you for the report sheriffm00nbear.
This is a known issue and it is scheduled for a fix.

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a way to temporarily stop this from happening with most storage, would be to disable the ability to put something into your hands if you're already holding something, because the item that was in your hands will usually get stuck in storage

I found I mostly avoid this problem, if I never putting things into your hands from Storage, always press X to inventory, or hold x and drop it on the ground, and then pick it up, this is of course a preventative method, after the item is stuck in storage, this method has no effect

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Thank you for the report sheriffm00nbear.
This is a known issue and it is scheduled for a fix.

1 year 2 months later, any updated ETA on this "scheduled" fix? Must have been accidentally deleted from the schedule?

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Resolved for 1.20 update.