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Glitches items out of hidden stash
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Items have been no longer usable/possibly stolen but still show up in my storage, take up space, but are in no other way interactable. Items include an SK rifle, metal wire, Xmas lights, netting, and a hammer.


Operating System
Windows 7
Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce

Chop down a tree. Saw felled tree for planks and use those planks in combination with nails to create wooden crate. Stored specified items into wooden crate and carried the crate to desired burial spot near industrial building south of Kamavorro under a bush. Leave for ~ a day. Return to same burial site with pile of dirt. Dig up the items until the wooden crate is available and contents are visible. Attempt to remove/use items but they will not enter hands, drop on floor, or successfully combine with available items.

Additional Information

While I have found that items are sometimes duplicated when looted by other players making the cloned item oddly unusable, when that happens logging off of the server And back on will fix the items glitch or cause it to despawn, signifying it was not really there to begin with. For my items however, only the wire despawned, the SK remains but cannot Be used or reloaded (or even put in my hands), the Xmas lights also cannot be picked up or used, and the hammer and netting are behaving completely normally. The glitched items now sit in a wooden crate and can only be removed by picking up the crate and dropping the item out of it (still not able to be picked up).

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