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Community servers error on startup related to mod conflicts / limitations?
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Issue occurring following 1.05 update on multiple community servers (Dayz modders discord 'Generic' channel has discussions and further details).

Server fails to start producing a compile error with certain combinations of mods. Unable to isolate down to any specific mods as the cause. Servers with no mod list changes from 1.04 experience compile errors on launch. Removing one or two mods resolves issue.
It does not seem to be a specific mod causing issues, a mod removed to clear the compile error can be re-added successfully if another one is removed to 'make room' for it.
Mods known to contribute to the issue: Base building plus, Sneaky stashes, Op Base Items, Farming Plus, Base Fortifications, Munghards items, Zeroys fishing mod, Code Lock, RPRZ, Mass Many Items, Clouds Military Gear, The Ranch, Virus.
All of the mods work but when used in combination will cause the compile errors.

Two main types of error messages on server start up. Server start then aborts.

"Can't compile "World" script module!

scripts/1_Core/proto\enscript.c(320): Missing 'Count' is linked as member but declared as external/static"

and variations of:

"Can't compile "World" script module!
scripts/1_Core/param.c(121): Variable 'param1' in pseudo-class 'Param4<int,int,int,int> must be static/const"


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
server is running on Windows server 2016
Steps To Reproduce

DayZ server hosted with Cf-Tools Omega Manager (not necessarily relevant)
Launch server with list of mods added - see example below.

Example mod list to trigger issue:
@CF;@ZomBerry Admin Tools;@BuildAnywhere;@BaseBuildingLogs;@DisableBaseDestruction;@MoreGuns;@OP_BaseItems;@BadgerBuildings;@BadgerSigns;@Sneaky Stashes and Stuff;@NewClothes by rob;@Uncuepas Civilian Clothing;@[CrSk] GAZ-3309;@Windstrides Clothing Pack;@[CrSk] VAZ-2107;@Gerphelius Zil-130;@Zeroy-FishingZ;@deceit;@MunghardsItempack;@RPRZ;@Code Lock;@mass'sManyItemOverhaul;@Base Fortifications

Additional Information

I have tried many different combinations of mods, all of them will work but not all together and i have not been able to find any pattern to that at all it just feels that once there is a certain amount or a certain combination it triggers the issue. A number of other people are reporting the same issue, some remove different mods but the issue is the same, they can remove any of the affected mods to make it work or keep them, just not all of them.

It feels like we may be hitting some kind of limitation in term of number of actions or similar? not able to find conclusive evidence of that however.

It would be very helpful if possible to confirm if a design limitation, bug or mod error so we know where to begin.

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saltybob created this task.Sep 4 2019, 10:45 PM

Adding commentary here for additional questions or support. One of my mods has been part of the described issues, and its based on action placement of custom objects. Previous to 1.05, didn't seem to have issues. I can run the mod with others no problem, but in combination with other "action heavy" mods, it can cause the compile error.

Geez changed the task status from New to Assigned.Sep 5 2019, 11:53 AM
saltybob updated the task description. (Show Details)Sep 5 2019, 4:06 PM

I'm part of the BaseBuildingPlus team and I have experienced what appears to be a limit on actions. It could be a deeper issue causing the limitation?

In my case, I was trying to add around 10 new actions in a BBP update, but i started getting the compile error posted above. I found that if I removed any 4 actions, the server would boot. It didn't matter which actions I removed. Even ones I knew were working. I could also remove other mods from the server to make it boot.

KiDJaF added a subscriber: KiDJaF.Sep 7 2019, 12:47 AM
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gofireup added a subscriber: gofireup.EditedSep 8 2019, 11:59 PM

Same problem with conflicting mods here. Also admins of other 8 servers came to me with a question if I know how to resolve the problem. But I don't. The only thing I am sure about is that this problem related to the 1.05 game update. Because before the update we had 48 mods nicely working together on our server and now we have only 19, because others conflicting with each other. Waiting for BI team to fix the problem as soon as possible, please.

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Geez changed the task status from Assigned to Need More Info.Sep 10 2019, 1:03 PM
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Hello saltybob.
Can you please provide us with a launcher preset for the mods you are using, the server configuration file and also the mission you are using?
To be safe that the files do not get shared with public, please create a separate private ticket and tag me in the description.

Dr_J0nes added a subscriber: Dr_J0nes.EditedSep 10 2019, 7:24 PM

To reproduce the Issue:
Create a mod with multiple classes that inherit from ActionContinuousBase (min. 7) in the world module.
start the Server with the created mod and also all these mods: "@CF;@Zeroy-FishingZ;@Breachingcharge;@BaseBuildingLogs;@MunghardsItempack;@MedicalAttention;@GraveCross;@Base Fortifications;@mass'sManyItemOverhaul;@Sneaky Stashes and Stuff"

It will give you the described error. Removing the created or any other mod from the start parameters fixes the problem.

It seems that there are multiple reasons for the issue. Strangely with even 100+ class entrys that inherit from ActionContinuousBase in one mod alone doesnt throw the error. So the problem is tied to multiple mods at once. Becauase you could remove any of the above mods to solve the issue and not every mod uses classes that inherit from ActionContinuousBase, multiple inheritance of that class is only one part of the problem. The amount of used classes that inherit from the described class is still part of the problem.

zeroy added a subscriber: zeroy.Sep 10 2019, 8:11 PM

Another message along the lines...


Can't compile "World" script module!

scripts/1_Core/proto\enscript.c(320): Missing 'Count' is linked as member but declared as external/static.


With Mods:

error message: scripts/1_Core/proto\enscript.c(....): Missing 'Count' is linked as member but declared as external/static.

Since the version 1.05 has been released there is a very big problem.

Community mods with many crafting recipes. cause this error code.
(the mods are thus no longer compatible)

I tested a lot and found to my horror that it has 99.99% with the crafting recipes to do.

I wonder why did you limit the crafting recipes?

It makes more sense if you allow an unlimited number of craft recipes to be added.

Please fix the problem. the 1.05 version is the hell what mod compatibility is concerned.

Have a nice day

Seems to be User Actions and Receipes amount

Mod with multiple classes that inherit from ScriptedEntity may cause the same errors

I've deactivated many crafting recipes in my mod pack.

Now my mod collection is running on my server again.

But that's not the solution to the problem...

sorry for my bad english ^^

Great Job @Dr_J0nes a d @saltybob for the troubleshooting! Since it only happened after the 1.05 update I'd assume some undocumented changes in scripting caused those conflicts. My servers run an extremely limited set of mods now. Player base shrunk a lot sadly.

New private ticket raised as requested with required files uploaded. hope you can find something!

OP added a subscriber: OP.Sep 10 2019, 11:05 PM

Have also made a private ticket with the required files. Hopefully Geez can figure out something with the private tickets.

Geez changed the task status from Need More Info to Assigned.EditedSep 11 2019, 11:12 AM

Thank you for all the information you have provided.
We are investigating the issue internally and we have a possible cause. However, the fix may be complex and therefore it may take some time for the issue to be solved.
Also, any additional information you come across that might be useful is of course welcome and feel free to post it here.

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skizm1 added a subscriber: skizm1.Sep 17 2019, 2:36 AM

These are all mistakes that I get if I have activated too many crafting recipes. I deactivate enough crafting recipes I get no more error message and the server can start.

scripts/1_Core/param.c(181): Variable 'param1' in pseudo-class 'Param6<@PlayerBase,int,int,int,int,int>' must be static/const
scripts/1_Core/param.c(34): Variable 'param1' in pseudo-class 'Param1<@PlayerData>' must be static/const
scripts/1_Core/param.c(121): Variable 'param1' in pseudo-class 'Param4<Widget,int,int,Widget>' must be static/const
scripts/1_Core/proto\enscript.c(320): Missing 'Count' is linked as member but declared as external/static.

the problem exists only since 1.05 and has still not been fixed...

sorry for my bad english

Hi everyone! Is this problem going to be resolved finally? So much time of waiting and the game update that we are getting is not related to the game main problem. BI DayZ team please stop all other work and fix the problem that arrived with your 1.05 update. This is urgent. (Writing on behalf of ower 2k players community.) Thank you in advance!

Liven added a subscriber: Liven.Sep 28 2019, 6:42 PM

Same problem, can't update my mod :(

when will something finally be done in this direction?
half the modifications will not go together!!

Geez closed this task as Resolved.Sep 30 2019, 12:54 PM
Geez claimed this task.

Hello everyone.
A fix has been deployed internally and will appear on Steam in one of the future updates.

Hooty added a subscriber: Hooty.Sep 30 2019, 6:06 PM

@Geez Thank you so much!

Hello everyone.
A fix has been deployed internally and will appear on Steam in one of the future updates.

we waiting!!!

Hello everyone.
A fix has been deployed internally and will appear on Steam in one of the future updates.

when will the update?? update this week or next?

good news, thanks

hly added a subscriber: hly.Oct 1 2019, 2:15 PM

the issues is Closed/resolved, does this indicate that the fix has been released ?

@hly no read what he said

"A fix has been deployed internally and will appear on Steam in one of the future updates."

@Geez I see 1.05 is getting an experimental update... would be brilliant news if this is going to be addressed by hotfix. Are you able to confirm?

Ignore that just seen the patch notes!
“Changed: The memory allocation of the script modules has been increased to help the game supporting more mods
Fixed: An issue when too many script classes were loaded from a single script module. The system has been reworked to support up to 65k classes (was 4k)”

hly added a comment.Oct 1 2019, 3:18 PM

Where do you find hte patch notes ?
Is it for the current expimental version ?

Quoted @Geez

Good work.
Thank you, I'm waiting for the official release

Will you be doing something about disappearing vehicles?

Will you be doing something about disappearing vehicles?

This ticket is directly related to mod restrictions in 1.05. Please keep the comments on topic or find the appropriate ticket.