Feedback Tracker - Arma 3 "How To" Guide
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Before submitting a feedback / bug report, please make sure to do following:

Searching through Feedback Tracker

  • Quickly search through the Recent Tasks on the main page
    • If you experience an issue shortly after update, there is a big chance someone already reported similar issue
    • If you encounter a crash and similar crash was already reported, please report it and do so in your own ticket so we can track the crash and its progress
  • Select Arma 3 and Open
  • Go to the Maniphest page for more thorough search
  • Hit Edit Query to display search options
  • To search for Arma 3 issue, make sure green Arma 3 tag is present
  • Try to use Contains Words to find the issue you are experiencing
  • You can try and use any other search options
    • Remember though, that other users may not always fill in all the info and if your search is too specific, you might end up empty handed

General Rules for reporting Arma 3 issues

How to report Game Crash

How to report In-Game Bug

Please read through and try to follow these rules.

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