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How to report In-Game Bug
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Please try to provide as much information as possible about the issue

  • Title -> short description of the issue
  • Description -> describe the issue you've encountered. Describe it thoroughly yet briefly
  • Severity -> to state how much this affects the gameplay (Cannot complete task in any way = Block, Cannot go prone = Major, Cannot equip Boonie Hat after diving for 5 minutes = Minor)
  • Reproducibility -> use this to warn us that it might not be easy to come across this issue, you can type the repro rate [e.g. x%, (y/z)] to make sure the value is precise
  • Steps to reproduce -> describe how to reproduce the bug, it is easiest to fix a bug that we can reproduce on our own
  • Additional Information -> any other information about the issue you find relevant yet didn't make it into the Repro Steps or Description, if you have any screenshots or videos you can use to describe or help us reproduce the bug, upload it to this section

Sometimes it can be really hard to get the right conditions for the bug. That's where repro mission comes in handy the most. Simple repro mission with as few units as possible, preferrably in VR (if issue is not related to specific map) is much better then 20 additional repro steps.


EXAMPLE (Please do not take this seriously also)

Title: CSAT tank cannot take off

Description: T100 - Varsuk tank cannot take off unless the whole crew gets out and in before starting the engine

Severity: Major

Reproducibility: Always

Additional Info:
Repro rate: 75% (3/4)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start Arma 3
  2. Go to Editor
  3. Place in T100 - Varsuk > (Units - OPFOR - CSAT - Tanks)
  4. Preview Scenario
  5. Start the engine
  6. Hold L Shift to take off

    Observed: T100 will rotate its turret but won't take off, you will need to get whole crew out and in again if you wish to take off Expected: T100 takes off normally

    OS: Windows 10 OS Version: Professional Category: Advanced Flight Model
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In dayz I cant reload certain guns

Can you please fix the hit registration on xbox its horrible and makes the game unplayable. 2/10 on the devs work.
The only reason I give the the 2 is because the shotgun is op

Geez added a subscriber: Geez.May 23 2019, 3:30 PM
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Hasko_Landers added a subscriber: Hasko_Landers.EditedMay 30 2019, 2:06 PM

Title: Livonia looks square

Description: Livonia's beach have square edges at this coordinates 003073

Severity: Low

Reproducibility: Always

Additional Info:
Repro rate: 100% (1/1)
Place from north side of river, near center of grid. Right on the small field without grass.

Steps to reproduce:

Start Arma 3
Host lan game with zeus gamemode on Livonia
Look at beach on foot or in zeus

Observed: Beach have square edges. They don't interfere but looks not nice.

OS: Windows 10 OS Version: Professional Category: Map

sürekli olarak aynı hataları vermeye başladı çözüm bulamıyorum!!! yardım ederseniz sevinirim

Tony514 added a subscriber: Tony514.Jul 3 2019, 6:27 PM

Not a bug I play inverted and it’s really hard to use the quick select menu as it all invented

Dayz79u added a subscriber: Dayz79u.Jul 8 2019, 7:34 AM

Why we need building base of players can destroy it so easy and and can response inside your base of you building base players can response inside your base from change server and go same place your base and back to you server now boom inside your base wow this make me leaving this game and many player will do same leaving game i am on ps4

Please we need building baes with defending like turrets on ark or rust this make this game so nice

Dayz79u removed a subscriber: Dayz79u.Jul 8 2019, 7:45 AM

La nueva actualización "contact" se descargo tres veces, primero se descargo 21.8 Giga, cuando terminaron de descargar los 21.8 Giga (4 horas), comienza una interminable secuencia de descarga-instalación-validación, durante 5 horas mas.
Puse la descarga en pausa, y quise iniciar el juego, apareció el cuadro de dialogo, con una espera de varios minutos y cuando termino, dice que el archivo de lanzamiento esta corrupto.
reinicio el juego y me dice que tengo que descargar 21.8 Giga nuevamente.
Hice mas espacio en el disco y sucedió lo mismo.
No quiero reinstalar el juego tengo muchos mods, que no son del WORKSHOP, muchísimas misiones que me llevaron horas de trabajo, no quiero tener que mover o copiar estos archivos, ni mucho menos correr riesgos de perderles.
Por otro lado es sumamente engorroso y confuso acudir al soporte, una pagina deriva a otra y luego a otra, no es forma de tratar a los clientes.
Tengo toda la serie ARMA, TAKE ON HELICOPTERS, IRON FRONT, y AHORA TAKE ON MARS, Ademas de una segunda cuente con la serie ARMA 2.

The new update "contact" was downloaded three times, first 21.8 Giga was downloaded, when it finished downloading the 21.8 Giga (4 hours), an endless sequence of download-installation-validation begins, for 5 more hours.
I put the download on pause, and then the game will start, the dialog box will appear, with a wait of several minutes and when finished, it says that the launch file is corrupt.
I restart the game and it tells me that I have to download 21.8 Giga again.
I made more space in the disco and the same thing happened.
I do not want to reinstall the game I have many mods, which are not WORKSHOP, many missions that assure me hours of work, I do not want to have to move or copy these files, much less risk of losing them.
On the other hand, there is no way to treat customers.
I have the whole ARMA series, TAKE HELICOPTERS, FRONT OF IRON, AND NOW TAKE ON MARS, In addition to a second count on the ARMA 2 series.

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