How to report Game Crash
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First of all please visit this page, try to locate the error code you get when the game crashes and go through all the suggested steps mentioned for the error.
Arma 3 Common Exit Codes
If any of that helps, do not forget to mention it when creating the ticket.

Probably the most important part of this are the crashdump files

  • Easiest way to get them is through the Launcher
    • Launcher > Options > Prepare Arma 3 Troubleshooting report
    • Wait for the application to gather the files, then hit Save Report
    • Save the ZIP file somewhere where you will be able to find it
    • Upload the file to your ticket (see below: Creating Ticket)
  • You can also look up the files yourself:
  • Files that you are looking for: RPT, MDMP, BIDMP (best case scenario is that you have multiple of these in sets of three files with the same timestamp)
    • Windows: C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\Arma 3\
    • Linux: /home/<name>/.local/share/bohemiainteractive/arma3/AppDataLocal/Arma 3
    • Mac: /Users/<Name>/Library/Application Support/com.vpltd.Arma3/AppDataLocal
  • DxDiag files are also welcome
  • If you are able to reproduce the crash without mods, please try to do so and provide us with the crashdumps generated without the mods (you can check the RPT file to see which one it is)

Creating Ticket:
General Rules

  • Title -> Short description of the issue, you can include some basic info like "only in MP" or the error code
  • Severity -> Crash
  • Description -> Information about when and how crash happens - is it after certain time, in SP, MP or both, is it random or after performing certain action
  • Reproducibility -> use this to warn us that it might not be easy to come across this issue, you can type the repro rate [e.g. x%, (y/z)] to make sure the value is precise
  • Steps to reproduce -> if you are able to reproduce the crash by performing certain action/s please tell us how
  • Additional Information -> Anything that comes in mind and seems relevant, also upload CRASHDUMPS here
    • If you know how to reproduce the crash and you are able to do so, feel free to provide a simple repro mission >
  • ZIP the crashdumps up and prepare them for upload
  • Drag and Drop the zip file into the Additional Information text box
  • Click on the Upload button (little cloud with an up-arrow) and select the prepared crashdump zip in the Additional Information text box
  • Include any other relevant info (DxDiag, etc.)
  • Category -> Game Crash (Please try not to forget about this one)
    • If crash is reproducible by performing a specific action in game, we need to know how to reproduce it.
    • Sometimes it can be really hard to get the right conditions for the crash. That's where repro mission comes in handy the most. Simple repro mission with as few units as possible, preferrably in VR (if issue is not related to specific map) is much better then 20 additional repro steps.
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