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May 11 2016

Tupoun added a comment to T108044: my character always resets.

I'd add a little bit of specification - my character also always resets, but it happens only:

  • if I'm logged in the server during the restart!
  • if I log out before the server restart and later log in, my character stays intact.

I was able to replicate this many times, always the same - you stay logged in during server restart=character wipe.

Game version: 0.53.126384
Server IP(I always play on this one): - Public

May 11 2016, 3:56 AM · DayZ
Tupoun added a comment to T105752: Zombies are invisible and go through doors.

Actually the zombie character (visible part of zombie) can get stucked not only at obstacles like doors, but also walls even fences. Trouble is the invisible thing, that keeps hitting you follows you everywhere. You have to return and try to find the visible part of the zombie and kill it, otherwise you're doomed (if you won't find it to shoot it, it'll beat you to death in the end).

And of course they keep coming through the doors and walls ...

May 11 2016, 2:33 AM · DayZ
Tupoun edited Steps To Reproduce on T104551: Mouse controls - Movement.
May 11 2016, 1:45 AM · DayZ

May 10 2016

Tupoun added a comment to T95088: Bandits / Campers.

I don't understand why is this rant posted in the bug section and not on the forum part of the web?

May 10 2016, 8:18 PM · DayZ
Tupoun added a comment to T95083: Server restarts every 5-10 min.

It's definitely server restart, not client side only thingy, because all the loot and zombies are respawned as well.

May 10 2016, 8:18 PM · DayZ
Tupoun edited Steps To Reproduce on T94831: Battle Eye - perpetual updates.
May 10 2016, 8:09 PM · DayZ
Tupoun added a comment to T94531: Random static when the Mosin chambers a bullet..

I have to confirm this for both Mosin and Magnum revolver. Kills my ears.

May 10 2016, 7:57 PM · DayZ
Tupoun added a comment to T92008: Dieing "randomly"? without any reasons (sound).

The same with me - fire station, second floor. I was on the second floor, desync follows and "You are dead" message. Last patch is real piece of ... . Did they even tested it before posting?

May 10 2016, 6:25 PM · DayZ