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Zombies are invisible and go through doors
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Zombies are not appearing in game and can still go through doors. Even if i keep swinging my melee weapon around in a 360 degree turn, the zombie still cannot be hurt.


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No specific steps to reproduce other than possible server side error, even after re-spawning zombies are still invisible.

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Can confirm. This video is from experimental 0.51 build, however I had the same thing on the current 0.50 build.

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I found a few invisible zombies too, in the following towns (different gameplays on 0.51 experimental 1st person servers):

  • Karmanovka
  • Pogorevka
  • Myshkino
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Actually the zombie character (visible part of zombie) can get stucked not only at obstacles like doors, but also walls even fences. Trouble is the invisible thing, that keeps hitting you follows you everywhere. You have to return and try to find the visible part of the zombie and kill it, otherwise you're doomed (if you won't find it to shoot it, it'll beat you to death in the end).

And of course they keep coming through the doors and walls ...

With the 0.51 update, zombies are starting to warp to me as well. They will be up to 200 yards away and see me then disappear and magically be right next to me a couple of seconds later.

andy added a comment.Dec 11 2014, 1:54 PM

Hi everyone,
we are aware of these problems and they have been reported many times before. Please be patient.