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Random static when the Mosin chambers a bullet.
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This is something annoying that has been going on with my hardcore character ever since the recent patch. With the new sound asset for the Mosin, sometimes when I logging a server, a loud static appears followed by three stacked Mosin reload sounds. This also happens on the main menu when the Mosin is chambering another bullet.

I haven't tried to shoot my Mosin a whole lot to see if the static appears when my character chambers a bullet, but it definitely happens when joining a server, and on the main menu.


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You must have a Mosin. (I had a Mosin and the revolver. Maybe the new sound assets going off together causes the static?)

Join a server, any.

That, or go to the main menu a number of times.

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I had the Mosin together with a revolver. And as far as I know, or I may be wrong, the revolver has new sounds that could also trigger the static.

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I have to confirm this for both Mosin and Magnum revolver. Kills my ears.

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I concur that it's the Magnum revolver, I have a shotgun and Magnum in a Hardcore server, reloading with a speedloader or rounds always causes the VERY loud static to go off (my ears hurt, even when logging in due to the reloading sounds upon spawn).

-Windows 7 64-bit
-hardcore character, not tested in regular because that one doesn't have a revolver.

Same thing here. It happens both when entering a server and when at the main menu. Its whenever the loading action is called (ie whenever a character with a previous loaded gun is loaded onto the screen or the gun is reloaded in game.) It is a very annoying white noise sound that might be coming from a corrupted sound file or in complete sound file. I have both a Mosin and Magnum on my person but the Mosin is the one i have really noticed. Re-spraying the Mosin green changed nothing.

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Happens with the revolver as well when you are closing the cylinder.

This happened for me several times when spawning in with a Mosin. The first instance of the glitch game when I first switched back from experimental and joined a regular stable DAYZSA server. The Mosin would also make the loading and action noise almost a minute or two later that would scare the living shit out of me (haha)

These issues stopped when I started carrying an SKS.

My Mosin did have an M44 compensator on it, and was loaded. I did not try unloading and removing compenstator in relogs. Unpainted.

Happens to me as well. Not sure how to reproduce but I can get a loud static when joining a server. Will also hear what I can only assume is proximity chat which is being broadcast on some 'global' channel.

This seems to only happen if I have a loaded Magnum in my inventory.