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Dieing "randomly"? without any reasons (sound)
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I'm not sure, if I'm terribly wrong. This happened 3/4 times now:

I'm playing DayZ walking in Villages/City's. Suddenly I'm dead. I do not heard anything (shoes behind my, weappon-sounds).

/edit: also happened in houses AND on the street


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This is really confusing. Of course I'm thinking it's a bug in an alpha. But I'm not sure. Anyone with same experiences or a solution?

/edit: an Idea below this post
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2014-01-05 15:51

-> I know the problem, Took me awhile to resolve it. It is De-Sync causing the problem.

EXAMPLE : Firestation.

  1. Running on second floor facing the window, then turn around to run downstairs.


  1. When you are running towards the window, the server tries to sync your movement, since Health and thirst and hunger are controlled serverside, you are registered "running" out of the wall/window", falling to your death.

1.I did a couple of test with second floor buildings. Most of them show bodies Glitched outside the building on the floor outside. The most unlucky ones glitch into the wall and die.
WALK when inside buildings like this.


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The same with me - fire station, second floor. I was on the second floor, desync follows and "You are dead" message. Last patch is real piece of ... . Did they even tested it before posting?

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And again in the fire station next to the power station at electro. I was on the second floor when I got the dead message. No one near me as far as I could tell no footstep sounds no shots heard. It is starting to make the game unplayable as far as I'm concerned.

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I have had the same happen to me at Zelengorsk just died on the second floor of the bar. As far as I could tell no one was near me and only about 8 people on the server at the time. Thought it might have had something to do with the weather as there was a thunder storm and I died right after the thunder clap. My PC did get a bit laggy during the storm. PC Specs are intel quad core 3.4 hz, 12GB ram, windows 7 64 bit, GeForce gtx 650

I was suffering the general lag problem from 0.34.115106 rearranging my gear when screen went black and you are dead popped on my screen. No gunshots or zombies. I believe there were only 2 other players on the server at the time.

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sniper from long range possibly. been there, done that. no sound heard because of great distance. also bullet velocity is faster than sound - you are dead before you hear the shot (if hearable at all at great range). :P

that's what i thought,too. But how to explain it in houses (office building, house in eletro). shouldn't i hear anything there?

hmm hard to say. maybe sneaky axe to the head? then again, maybe it is really a bug. provide as much info as you can to help figure this out.

hm this confusion could be solved if one would get info on the cause of death (keep it simple, i.e. "cause of death: shot.")

if there is no info it remains a mystery and may be a bug (easier to trace)

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You were killed by player that had removed structures and possible sound files.


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Not a hacker.

For 99% it was player with removed sound files and building files.

@app0815: some kind of debugger might be helpful. would be nice to have some feedback about death.

i can't belied, that it was a cheater in all cases. i died at many different places (electro, village (don't know name) at east coast, upper north/west area.

and are i'm really not able to hear someone who removed HIS sound files?

Yes, this is also happening to me, very frustrating.

@Frosti: that can't be the case, since he didn't delete sounds etc. He would've heard something.

I think 0010203 guest had the most plausible explanation so far.

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same here 3 times for me 1 time for my friend... 1 (for us both) time in the air control tower. 1 time in a larger red builing (2nd floor) and another time around a miniuit after i lootet a jail building (inclouding the 2nd floor)

Every time we found our dead bodys again they were outside of the builing so we obviousy glitched trough the wall.

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i think i know what causes it... if you walk in a building (2nd floor or higher) and you desync the server thinks you walk trough the wall and you drop on the ground. Since Hp is managed server side you die from falling out of the building even if on your screen your still in the building. And if the connection to the server si bad your pc revieves the message that you are dead later so you on your screen your maybe not even in the bouilding anymore. Sry for bad english.

Also i expirience that the server sometimes moves me wihtout me doing anything...

so i think since the last patch the servers got problems with player movment, i think.

@Tupoun: If you read the release files, the answer is no, 0.34.115106 was not tested very well. It was push out of the dev cycle early because of a glitch that resulted in players being stuck in an infinite death loop (See: and

I just had this happen to me. And something similar has happened in past builds where there is a light lag and suddenly I am outside the building i was just in. I have a feeling it was not a player since before the incident I was on the first floor of the building i died in and was suddenly on the street out front on the opposite side of the building. It happened in the past build where i was on the second floor of a building and was suddenly teleported outside and feel one story. Broke my legs. In the last build it seemed corners, if approached at the wrong angle, could reproduce this glitch as it happened twice in the same building (1st floor this time) some time later. The first try was on accident, the second was on purpose.

There is also a different glitch with fire stations where if you try to get up to the top of the towers via outside ladders you will die instantly, I have not tried that in the most recent build.

happen to me too^^
think it was a desync problem.

what happend:
walked arrount and was immediately unconscious forever(waited about 40min). Nobody looted me and there were no sound when i died.

What was remarkable:
There was 1 Zed arround but didnt noticed me.
I had some kinda desync problem, tried to open doors and acccess my inventory but it didnt react.

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It's not hackers. It's happened to me twice on empty servers. I'm just going to try not to go upstairs anywhere unless I really have to. One of the most important problems in the game IMO.