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Mouse controls - Movement
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Hi, I've experienced (since the 0.50 version) odd mouse response, how to describe it - my mouse works/sucks as if in the beginning of the game, when the mouse acceleration was applied. I've checked everything, tried different settings - it's all the same though.

In this version (0.50) it takes me 3x more time to turn to the left/right mainly in exteriors (three sways, instead of one like usually). In interiors it's quite the opposite (one sway only). I turn around always in an instant, like on drugs (180 degrees or more). I've tested it in the large building today far from the walls and it reacted like in the exterior (three long sways to turn to the right o90 degrees). I checked the mouse speed in my inventory menu and it has the same cursor speed as always.

It sucks, can't quickly turn about to hit a zombie, in the interior can't aim properly, because it's too fast and overreacting.


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  • don't have a clue. No changes in other games/applications.
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  • Logitech "something" gaming mouse, but I doubt it's the hardware issue.

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I'm seeing the same thing on my end as the OP. I assumed someone else would've reported it by now so I didn't even think to jump on here and report it.

It seems to affect me the most when I'm in a city setting and performance starts to suffer. It acts like the input/polling rate from the mouse dips along with the framerate.

When I first noticed it, I thought I might've inadvertently turned down my mouse sensitivity while opening doors but I actually hadn't.

I too have a Logitech gaming mouse (g500s), but I can't imagine it's related to that.