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Bandits / Campers
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Im sure you guys have heard this many times before but thought I would put some of my thoughts down about bandits/looters in the game.

In my opinion bandits are becoming a serious issue in the game, which to be honest after being killed now 7 times in two days is going beyond the joke. I fully appreciate the game is designed to be a realistic survival situation which it definitely is, and I don't doubt one of the biggest dangers in the games situation would be other humans. However the fact that you can so easily be killed by other players who usually seem to do so without hesitation in my opinion seriously ruining the gameplay for many.

The biggest problem seems to be people simply camping in high/advanced loot areas such as the military encampments, hospitals etc, knowing less equipped players will try to loot these areas, they simply repeatedly kill and steal your items. I have no problem being killed by another player that is the reality of the game, but what is fully frustrating is that you now once again have to start from scratch often loosing hours of time spend searching and traveling essentially because somebody else cant be bothered.

A problem seems to be emerging that players don't even make any attempt to see if another player is friendly and generally speaking attack on sight. The bandit problem seems to be leaving other players who prefer a friendly attitude in the position where they have to kill others to protect themselves.
From personal experience I have now been shot from distances, followed and attacked from behind, spawned and been unfortunate to spawn in somebodies view, killed by campers of certain areas, even punched to death by a unarmed player just after spawning, its just far too easy to take somebodies items...

I have been trying to think of some suggestions that could help resolve the problems, ultimately people only kill others to loot their items. The problem is there would be no fair solution. So these are a few ideas that I thought about that could help:
Had you considered possibilities of:

*Ability to keep certain items on respawn only if killed by another player only?
*Ability to loot from dead zombies? In specific military loot, helmets, chest rigs, magazines, canteens etc, and also further increasing military zombies health?
*Further damage/complete destruction of carried items when shot?
*Possibly even some kind of profile log of people/zombies killed?

Enough said I do honestly believe the situation needs further looking at, in my opinion the game will suffer because of it, when players often get bored of being repeatedly killed and loosing everything again and again, I hope you are at least taking this into consideration. thanks.

Keep up the good work!


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Be spotted by almost any other player

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I don't understand why is this rant posted in the bug section and not on the forum part of the web?

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When you do not survive it´s your fault. Be careful, play more and get better. You can play this game the way you want it, thats the important aspect which makes it different. This hopefully will never change.

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I don't think there is a way to fix this I think its up to the player but you are right I have been killed a lot and I have now adopted the shoot on sight if the person is armed unless I have the drop on them then I will attempted to capture them.