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Wed, Jan 5, 2:38 PM (2 w, 4 d)

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Fri, Jan 14

Ron created T162805: Jumping on servers.
Fri, Jan 14, 9:46 PM · DayZ
Ron added a comment to T161216: Kit (fence/shelter/watchtower) placement is way worse.

Yes, it's really terrible. In the absence of a construction system, shelters seemed to be a salvation. But no, their placement is possible only on a flat surface...there are not many places with flat surfaces in the forest, there are mountains and hills all around. How do you propose to put shelters in the middle of an open area, where it is useless. I would like corrections in this direction, as well as the development of the construction system.........Of course, improved construction will lead to a greater workload of the server with buildings, this can be attributed to a decrease in the lifetime of buildings....Look at the official servers for interest, there are large bases that have been destroyed, huge areas are being built up that do not save from a raid......It doesn't make sense to build a base at the moment.......Making caches? OK, to bury the cache, you need a shovel that wears out, but you can't fix it.... axes, saws can be repaired, but a shovel can't - it's great (((...... Make shelters? so where should I place it, in the forest? well, try to find flat surfaces there? All this looks like a misunderstanding in the best case (somewhere you create very realistic mechanics, but somewhere you break the very essence of things), in the worst case it is a mockery of the players (

Fri, Jan 14, 7:41 AM · DayZ

Thu, Jan 13

Ron added a comment to T159871: Climbing through the walls | (RU) Пролаз сквозь стены.

Hey Geez. Share information, is there any work to solve the problem?

Thu, Jan 13, 3:51 PM · DayZ

Wed, Jan 12

Ron added a comment to T162750: WIPE .

I agree with SPOQSI.

Wed, Jan 12, 9:53 PM · DayZ Xbox
Ron added a comment to T146356: Light dissapear at 100m .

Hello Geez. Share information, is there work on solving problems with light sources?
This is a very relevant issue for a night game, players do not want to leave the servers at night, but this behavior of light causes a lot of negative emotions (((
Thank you for your attention.

Wed, Jan 12, 9:25 PM · DayZ