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Jumping on servers
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I observe such a situation and consider it wrong, which gives advantage and changes the attitude to the game, I do not understand how the developers could do this (

There are servers 1st Person Only and 1st\3rd Person.

All servers of 1st Person Only Chegpogissia and 1st Livonia Person Only have one common database of players.

All servers of 1st\3rd Chegpogissia and 1st\3rd Livonia have one common database of players.

Moving through the various servers of 1st Person Only Chegpogissia and 1st Livonia Person Only, you can go to empty servers where there are no players, calmly collect weapons, materials, food and return to your server having an advantage in all this. It is very, very easy to gather resources for a raid on an empty server.

When you return to your server, you will change your position, but this is not critical, since you have collected everything you need and can live in peace, raid the bases without spending time searching for loot on a full server.

The same situation is with the 1st\3rd Person servers.

When there was no change of positions during re-entry, and people raided the base with this, you fixed it, but left the common bases of the din players, how so? Every server should have its own player base!

Each server is a separate world in the realities of which you achieve something, and this BUG breaks it all, why suffer, be careful when there are empty servers where you can do everything without danger, where everything will get easy.

I really hope you fix it.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
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Steps To Reproduce

Switch between servers Only 1st person Chernorussia and Only 1st person Livonia
Switch between servers 1st\3rd Chernorussia and 1st\3rd Livonia

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Ron created this task.Fri, Jan 14, 9:46 PM
SPOQSI added a subscriber: SPOQSI.Sat, Jan 15, 8:42 AM

A very important topic! please remove it! Many times I watched the picture when, along with the revival, a top person appears on the shore and goes to kill new players. it is enough to go north, and in order not to return, wait 60 seconds on one server, then return after waiting 60 seconds and appear on the shore. Make a separate database for each server so that the players play fairly. this reminds me of the Arma 2 Dayz Mod, but you fixed that bug where people could move from one point to another and spawn there, but you didn't fix the ability to mine resources on an empty server and go for kills! urgently!!!!! correct this misunderstanding!!!!!!